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Create a tidy, beautiful, functional home that you love living inAbout theblogstuff.com

Hi, my name is Blanca and I’m the founder of The Blog Stuff.

I specialize in home cleaning and organization, DIY beauty recipes, and DIY home decor crafts.

I have an Organic Skincare Business Diploma accredited by CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and I’m also an organizational expert with extensive experience in commercial cleaning and organization. 

My holistic approach to home and beauty has been featured in StyleCaster, HomeTalk, Closer, and TheList.

I’m passionate about sharing my expertise with my followers. 

When I’m not creating content or formulating new skincare products, you can find me sipping coffee with friends or taking long walks with my dog in the UK. 

Before The Blog Stuff, I was a housekeeper in some great hotels, so I have an extensive arsenal of home cleaning tips, decluttering, and organization hacks to share with you, as well as natural DIY cleaning recipes that will make your house sparkle.

It’s my goal to help you create the tidy, beautiful home you’ve always wanted without the stress and overwhelm.

When our homes become cluttered and messy, it’s a huge drain on our mental health.

And once you’re overwhelmed by the seemingly endless mess, it can be tough knowing how to start getting things back on track. 

Suppose you’ve already searched for ways to declutter and clean your home. In that case, you’ve probably gone down a rabbit hole of cleaning videos and decluttering tutorials, only to end up feeling even less motivated than before. 

That’s why I started The Blog Stuff.

I share simple, practical tips and tricks to help you create a beautiful home using natural ingredients. 

Whether you want to make your home smell incredible or decorate your home on a budget, you’ll find easy-to-follow guides here on the blog.


I am passionate about all things natural.

Since I don’t like applying chemicals to my skin, I’ve been making my own products for years, and I’ve learned much about what works and what doesn’t.

Over the years, I’ve perfected recipes such as this face moisturizer with roses or this DIY facial coffee, sugar, and honey scrub cubes that people rave about.

My easy-to-make massage soap bars helped a friend with circulation problems, and it’s one of my most popular natural DIY remedies).

So now, I share my latest DIY skin care recipes on my blog for anyone interested in learning more about natural skin and hair care.


And if you love home decor, you’ll find plenty of DIY decorations, farmhouse designs, and fun decor crafts and projects (like the popular Mason jar sconce and key holder) to try for yourself here on the blog. 

Thanks for visiting!

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