17 Christmas Color Palettes | Color Schemes & Trends (2020)

What are the colors for Christmas? If you are wondering what color combinations to pick for your Christmas decorations this year, I have selected 17 color palettes that I love and think go great together.

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Christmas color palette
Awesome Christmas color palettes to give you ideas for your home decor

If you want to go beyond green and red, these color combinations will give you ideas that you might not have thought about before.

I really hope you find color inspiration to decorate your home this festive season.

1. Purple

Use purple and green for a beautiful and luxurious look.

2. Green

Shades of green mixed with gold and white signify elegance for your Christmas dining table.

3. Pink

Pink is a happy color and mixes particularly well with green at Christmas.

4. Blue

Mix different shades of blue for a cool and relaxing Christmas look.

5. Gold

Use shades of gold with white to brighten up any room.

6. Red & Green

Keep it traditional with red, berry, and green colors.

7. Pale Pink & Gold

Try a combination of gold, pink, and brown for a metallic look.

8. Black

Make a bold statement by incorporating black into your Christmas decor.

Christmas color scheme ideas

9. Brown

Create a warm atmosphere by incorporating decorations in green and brown.

10. Purple & Silver

If you are after a sophisticated look go for purple and silver.

11. Deep Reed & Green

For a popular attention-grabbing look pick deep reds and greens with a touch of brown.

12. Warm & Cool

Mix earthy colors like brown and green with a cool undertone in light blue.

13. Red & Berry

Make your room inviting by adding rich warm colors in red, berry, and brown tones.

14. Gold & Silver

Go for elegance with gold and silver ornaments.

15. Blue & Brown

Choose shades of blue, gold, and brown for a beautiful and luxurious Christmas dining table set.

16. Brown & Green

Explore unique color combinations for a distinctive look.

17. Blue & Red

Great color inspiration for your Christmas outdoor decor.

Christmas color palettes
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Christmas color palette with hex

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