How can I make my living room decor for Christmas?

With Christmas fast approaching now is a good time to be thinking about creating a wonderful festive environment for you and your family. Make the most of your living room this Christmas with enchanting, cosy and beautiful decorations by incorporating some of these ideas into your festive decor.

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Christmas decor ideas living room
Great Christmas decor ideas for your living room

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How to Decorate A Living Room for Christmas


Here you have some insightful tips and ideas that I hope will help you create a lovely and magical ambience this season.


1. Christmas Tree

The universal sign of Christmas is a Christmas tree, so it’s important to pick out the right tree for your living room. Make sure is not too tall or too small for the space you are using.

If the space is small consider buying a mini Christmas tree, or if you want something different place several smaller trees around the living room.

Via https://ideasnuevas.net
Via decorevista.com
Image credit: Roger Kirby

And if you are wondering what type of tree is better, a real one or a fake one, keep reading. I have had both types of Christmas trees for different reasons.

Fake trees are more convenient because they come ready in a box, with its stand and some models with lights and even decorations. Artificial trees are also less messy, but in my opinion, they don’t have the same impact as a real tree does. And while real trees take more space and shed pine needles, they are traditional and provide a much more authentic look. In addition, who doesn’t love the smell of a real Christmas tree?

I kept reusing the fake Christmas tree for few years until it broke, and then make some ornaments with it. Is a way to keep using your artificial Christmas tree instead of throwing it away, which is not friendly for the environment. If you are using a fake tree and want to know what to do with it once Christmas is over, read ways to recycle a fake tree.

Beautiful artificial Christmas Trees for your living room:

On the other hand, if you are using a real Christmas tree, there are several ways to recycle it. Read this article to find out how to do it.

And if you don’t want to decorate with a fake or a real Christmas tree, just create your own version using ornaments you have at home, like in the image below. Perfect!

Via euroresidentes

2. Color Coordination

If you are looking for color co-ordination make sure your chosen colours have shades that complement each other.

To go for safer colours try mixing red, white and grey. Or if you feel that might be to basic, try going with rose gold combined with a bit of bronze or gold. Or what about burgundy or red wine with cream? If you prefer traditional Christmas colors go for red, green and white.

There are many color combinations you could try this season and if you are not sure what colors to pick check these Christmas color palettes and trends for 2019.


3. Lighten Up!

Alongside a Christmas tree, Christmas lights are another typical ornament. There are many ways to add lights to your living room so don’t feel like they only belong on the tree.

Place the Christmas lights all over the house, run them in and out the pillars, place them going up and down the stairs, have them attached to the borders of the walls, or across picture frames.

Add some twinkle lights in between some of your ornaments or inside glass jars and vases. The mantelpiece is usually a good place for lights too.

Think outside the box in order to make your Christmas decor, the best creative yet!

Need Christmas lights? Check this selection:


4. Dress Up the Mantelpiece

During Christmas, the mantelpiece typically has more attention than any other time of year. How can you add a touch of charm to your mantelpiece this Christmas?

Image from greenwithdecor

Beside the popular Christmas tradition of hanging stockings up on the mantelpiece there are plenty of other ways you can use to decorate it. Here are few ideas:

  • aromatic candles and books
  • family pictures in several sizes
  • pine cones in different colors; silver and gold are on trend!
  • tree branches or tinsel garland
  • green or colorful wreaths
  • bells, mirrors or stars in different sizes or colors
  • ribbons, crystal bottles or transparent vases
  • use just one color or color palette
  • use handmade, vintage or rustic decorations
  • or go minimalist by adding just one or two ornaments

Beautiful ornaments for your mantelpiece:


5. To Tinsel or Not?

Tinsel is another traditional Christmas decoration. The most popular places you can find tinsel is around the tree, windows, banisters, pictures and mirrors.

I grow up in a household where tinsel was the star of the decorations and I guess I got used to it. But now, I’m not a fan of tinsel and no longer use it. So, if like me, you don’t want to decorate with tinsel, what can you use instead?

You could try:

  • long strips of colored beads
  • artificial leaf garlands
  • artificial flower garlands
  • cranberry or/and popcorn garland
  • colored paper chains
  • Chinese lanterns
  • cotton or paper snowflakes

Alternatives to tinsel:


6. Christmas Decals Stickers

Festive decals stickers are a good focal point that will stand out on your living room or any other place in the house. You can choose to decorate a wall, the stairs, windows, floor or door. Festive decals are also ideal to decorate children bedrooms. There are many decals with beautiful Christmas designs, just make sure they are easily removable.

These ones are cute:


7. Try Homemade Decorations

Having homemade decor filling your house gives you a great feeling of satisfaction, especially on Christmas. There are plenty of decor projects you and your kids could try. I really like these DIY decor ornaments:


8. Scented Candles

One of the ornaments I have on my living room every Christmas is beautiful scented candles. I have one that smells like cinnamon and orange which reminds me of the smell of Christmas itself. If you are looking for gorgeous decorations that will propagate a nice fragrance throughout your home, think about incorporating some candles into your home decorations this festive season. Please, remember that candles can be dangerous if left unattended, to be on the safe side opt for flameless candles.


9. Festive Throw Pillows & Blankets

Adding some decorative pillows and blankets with festive designs will make your living room have a Christmas look and feel. Make sure they are in line with the rest of your decorations; a good idea when picking up throw pillows is to go for a spectrum of shades of a specific color.


10. Add Beautiful Wreaths

Wreaths is another popular Christmas decoration. On the living room you can place them on top of the mantelpiece, on a wall , on windows, doors, chandelier, top of the table, on a mirror, around a clock or hang from a chair.

Click here to find a great selection of Christmas wreaths


11. Make It Sparkle

Have you thought of adding metallic accents to your living room decor this Christmas? I think one of the tricks to avoid going over the top, is to mix them throughout the room and place them strategically. I like these gold and silver decorations:

Images via sortra.


12. Stockings

If your living room doesn’t have a mantel to hang your Christmas stockings, don’t worry. There are other ways you can use them as part of your decor. You can use any shelf you have on your living room. Hang them from a wall, door, mirror, picture, ladder, bookcase, coat rack, balustrade, tree branch, door or window knob, homemade rack or even a chair. Let’s get creative!

Images from Themerrythought | Mypoppet | Npdodge

Check these selection of top rated Christmas stockings from Amazon.


13. Dress the Table

Whatever table you have on your living room, it will look the part with a festive table runner, elegant tableware and beautiful centerpieces.

Images from the white company | Femina.Dk

Have a look at these beautiful Christmas decorations for your table:


14. Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are beautiful, so instead of piling them up, display them. I think these are great ideas:


15. Keep It Simple!

Lastly, as much as we like to decorate the living room or the entire house for Christmas, going over the top can make the room appear cluttered. If you don’t like this style, go for minimalist decor. Create more space by placing few key ornaments around the living room. This will make them stand out more. Remember that, sometimes, less is more.

Image via euroresidentes

There are many ways to decorate your living room for Christmas, there is not a right or wrong way, is just a matter of personal preference. I would like to think that these images have given you plenty of ideas to transform your living room into a magical place this special time of the year.

If, like me, you love the rustic style check these 7 farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas.