Discover beautiful and cute Christmas mantel decor ideas from these images.

Decorating for Christmas is the peak of winter and its cold temperatures. All the brightly lit trees and warm colors make staying indoors more than enjoyable. There is nothing more cozy than spending a cold winter night indoors with a mug of a favorite beverage at hand.

One of the most exciting places in a home to decorate is the mantelpiece. It is the gathering point for conversations by the fire, spending time with loved ones, and even Santa enjoys the mantelpiece’s coziness.

Of course the entire house can be decorated for Christmas (and should be!) but the focal point should be the mantelpiece!

Christmas mantel decor ideas
Christmas mantel decor ideas

12 Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas


Some people may enjoy sticking to tried and true decor that is stuffed in a box from the attic. However, others will enjoy freshening up the mantelpiece every year. With this in mind, there are various ideas to help spread the Christmas joy!

One of the first things to consider is the color scheme. Setting a proper color scheme sets forth the entire look of the decor. It keeps the flow of everything placed upon the mantelpiece, looking its sharpest and more chic.

Some of the best color combinations for the holiday season that really compliment each other are: red and gold, silver and white, blue and silver, green and white, green and gold and red and white. For more color combinations check these 17 Christmas color palettes.


1. Garland or Greenery

With a solid color scheme set, picking accessories is the next step. Choosing accessories that compliment the color scheme is best. For example, garland really looks stunning draped along the front of any mantelpiece and adorned with colorful Christmas balls like in the image below.

Image via goodhouskeeping

The simplicity of this asymmetrical garland adds an elegant twist to the mantelpiece.

Christmas mantel decor ideas
Image from francoisetmoi

Garland with lights, lots of greenery adorned with golden Christmas balls.

Image from craftberrybush

✅ I love this selection of Christmas garland for a beautiful decorated mantel.


2. Add Lovely Figurines

There are lots of Christmas figurines that can be tucked along the back or front of the garland. I love golden reindeers, Santa, snowmen, elves and cute animal figurines. Reindeers typically come in solid golds or silvers and sometimes with a rustic look. Gold reindeers compliment red and green garland very well.

Image from lakegirlliving
Image via decoist

The rustic Santa’s complement this farmhouse look giving a country like vibe in the style of decor. These look great paired with white and green garlands. The fur on their coats provides a striking setting behind the garland.


3. Must Have Stockings

Another popular decor item for a mantelpiece are stockings. These little gems have a rich history in Christmas tales dating back centuries. They are typically nailed or hung by hooks from the front of the mantelpiece, hanging just above the glow of a winter’s fire.

Image from 11magnolialane

Stockings can be purchased in so many styles, colors and patterns that they are limitless! Another option is to make the stockings if someone has that crafty hand at their disposal! Nothing says Christmas like a perfectly hung stocking. They add to the ambience of the whole decor and Santa will appreciate stuffing them as well!

Image from myblessedlife

Plaid stockings give a touch of color to a rather neutral Christmas mantel decor.

TIP – If you don’t want to use nails on your mantel or shelves to hang your stockings try these lightweight but sturdy mantelpiece stocking holders.

Image from midwestliving

Beautiful Rustic Christmas Stockings


4. Ornaments In Clear Vases

While those are the most common ways to decorate a mantelpiece, there are more modern approaches as well. Once again, keeping the color scheme in mind, another fun idea are clear vases that can be bought from the dollar store or craft stores. These vases can be filled with ornaments of any shape, size, color or pattern. This eliminates the need of hanging the ornaments (although hanging them from the garland isn’t a bad idea!) and really creates a modern twist on the Christmas season.

Elegant Christmas mantel decor ideas
Image via purewow
Image via decoist
Christmas mantel decor ideas | Image via Pinterest

5. Decorate with Bows & Ribbons

Another way to dress up a mantelpiece for Christmas is with bows and ribbons. Christmas bows/ribbons are delicate and classic pieces that really add a bit of jazz to the mantelpiece. They can be staggered in various positions along the front of the mantelpiece or even on the back splash wall behind the top of it. Either way, ribbons and bows really tie things together and can be used in conjunction with traditional garland, mixed with other ornaments or on their own.

Image via Pinterest
Image from everydayhomeblog
Rustic Christmas decor ideas
Via Pinterest

Love this big Christmas BOW!


6. Gift Boxes

Another really popular option for Christmas decor upon a mantelpiece are gift boxes. They can be purchase, but making them can be more fun. Using generic cardboard boxes as a base for the gift boxes, get wrapping paper from previous years to wrap the empty boxes. These can be placed among the mantelpiece in tiers or streamlined across the top. The fun comes from setting a Christmas vibe with the gifts and dressing up the empty boxes with the wrapping paper. The addition of a ribbon really sparks up the boxes as well.

Image via Pinterest

Check these super cute Christmas gift boxes


7. Mantelpiece Christmas Lights Decor

An easy way to lit up your mantel for Christmas is by placing lights across the garland and wreath, similar to the image below. It will look stunning in the night with the lights off and the fireplace on. I like to buy garland that incorporates lights to make this task easier. If you are in need of garland check this great selection of mantelpiece Christmas garland with lights.

Image via lovethispic

8. Rustic Mantel Decor

What do you do when you don’t have a mantel to decorate for Christmas? Make the top of the piano your mantelpiece and your focal point. No piano? No problem. Any shelf, box or trunk will do.

I love the big rustic sign on top of the piano and the frosted pinecones. The red berries add a pop of color to the whole scene and the mini Christmas tree look super cute. The white stockings are pretty and make a nice contrast against the black piano.


9. DIY Fireplace Decor

Loving this mantel decor and the rustic “Let it Snow” sign. If you want to recreate the Christmas decor add greenery, lanterns, candles and a little white village with some pops of red color. So cute!


10. Elegant Mantelpiece Decor

This fireplace is transformed into an elegant focal point with a luxurious display of Christmas ornaments in gold and silver.

Image via Pinterest

Elegant Christmas Candle Holders


11. Simple Mantel Decor

If you like minimalist decor, this Christmas mantel couldn’t be more simple. Green garland, vintage candlesticks and a beautiful feather wreath complete the look of this minimalist but beautiful mantel decor.

Minimalist Christmas mantel  decor ideas
Image from ellepetersdesign

12. Farmhouse Mantelpiece Decor

I love all the details on this farmhouse style decorated mantelpiece. The frosted wreath is divine as it is the white little village and trees. And what can I say about the cute wooden horse and Peace cushion set over the rustic trunk? Adorable!

Farmhouse Christmas mantel decor ideas
Image from lizmarieblog

Cute farmhouse mantel decorations


Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas Bottom Line


No matter the decor path you chose, the important thing is to have fun with it. There is no limit to the possibilities of combinations. Keeping a color scheme and choosing accessories to compliment is key and the rest is just pure excitement! No Christmas should be spent with a mantelpiece being bland!