7 Country Kitchen Canister Sets | Get The Rustic Farmhouse Look!

Country kitchen canister sets are perfect to add a touch of a rustic look to any home.

I’m thinking of buying a few accessories to make my kitchen look more like a farmhouse kitchen. Even on a budget, we can still find things to give a rustic touch to any home.

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Rustic country kitchen canister sets
Rustic country kitchen canister sets

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Think about country-style kitchen canister sets and picture how your kitchen will look with your preferred canisters sitting on your countertops or shelves.

Let’s start with one of my favorites.

7 Country Kitchen Canister Sets | Perfect Addition for a Farmhouse & Vintage Look

These country kitchen canister sets are all so pretty. Put some country accessories in the “heart” of the home and make it even more welcoming.

1. Mason Jar Canister Set

I love the look of this ceramic canister set of four. It will add country charm to any kitchen. They look great on countertops, in a display cabinet, or even as a decorative element on top of the kitchen table.

If you want to know how much they hold here you have the sizes: big canister:100oz, second size 76oz, third size: 64oz, and finally the small canister size: 54oz.

Ceramic Country Canister Set

2. White Barnyard Designs Decorative Nesting Kitchen Canister Jars with Lids

Don’t you just love the vintage farmhouse look of these canisters?

The canisters are made of stainless steel and are safe to store dry foods. There is a sealing gasket on the neck of each canister, making it airtight to keep coffee, sugar, flour, and tea fresh.

The canisters are fairly large so you can use them for their intended purpose. The sizes are: the canister for flour holds 14.5 cups, the one for sugar holds 10.25 cups, the coffee one will hold 7.75 cups, and the tea canister holds around 4 cups.

White Metal Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Container 

3. Decorative Farmhouse Style Tin Canister Set

I love the look of these decorative canisters as they add a pop of color to your kitchen. They get the country style right and scream quality.

This country kitchen canister set is a good size and the food remains fresh for longer because of the tight seal. Unlike many other vintage canisters, you find online you can actually safely store food on these ones.

Perfect to keep sugar, coffee, flour, and tea fresher for longer.

Set of 4 Red Rooster Canisters

4. Old Dutch Hammered Canister (Set of 4)

These beautiful Old Dutch hammered canisters won’t go unnoticed in your Kitchen. Made in stainless steel with a vintage antique copper finish to give any kitchen a rustic farmhouse style.

They are not labeled so you can keep anything you want: flour, sugar, tea, coffee, cookies, rice, pasta, etc. The lids fit tightly to keep the food fresh and free from pests. Easy to clean with soap and a damp cloth.

The exact dimensions are:

4Qt: 6.75″” x 6.75″” x 8.5″”

2Qt: 5.75″” x 5.75″” x 7.5″”

1½Qt: 4.75″” x 4.75″” x 6.5″”

1Qt: 4″” x 4″” x 5.5″”

Set of 4 Old Dutch Canisters

5. 3-Piece Multicolor Country Canister Set

I just love these colors! This set of 3 ceramic canisters will brighten up any kitchen.

The ceramic canisters are hand-painted individually.

The lids feature a rubber seal to keep the contents airtight and fresh. The size graduates from large to small.

  • The large canister measures 7″ diameter x 9.25″ H; 104 oz. capacity
  • The medium canister measures 6.5″ diameter x 8.25″ H; 72 oz. capacity
  • The small container size is 5.75″ diameter x 7.5″ H; 54 oz. capacity

Farmhouse Canister Set

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6. Set of 4 Large Vintage Antique Style Round Metal Nesting Kitchen Canisters

This set of 4 canisters has a rustic retro look, making them perfect for a vintage country-style kitchen.

The vintage retro style labels add to the rustic style. The canisters including the lids are made of 100% galvanized iron and are food-safe. Serve also as a decorative element.

Dimensions: Sugar 8″ x 6.5″ / Tea 7″ x 5.5″ / Flour 6″ x 5″ / Coffee 5″ x 4.5″. They will look perfect in your kitchen cabinets, countertops, or display pantry shelves.

Vintage Metal Nesting Kitchen Canisters

7. Set of Three Decorative Canisters with Vintage- Inspired Labels

This set of canisters screams “farmhouse”. They have that classic rustic barn look that will make your kitchen look “oh-so vintage”.

The vintage-inspired labels will make anyone think that these are made to store food, but not, they are just for decorative purposes, although some people use them to store food, but always inside a ziplock bag or in their original container.

Dimensions: The flour canister is approx. 7″, the sugar container is about 8″, and the coffee canister is 5.5 inches approx.

Classic Country Canister Set

These are my kind of canisters to give a touch of rustic farmhouse style to your kitchen.

Over to you! What type of canisters do you like best for your kitchen?


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