--> Curly Hair Routine For Your Best Curls Ever!

Curly Hair Routine For Your Best Curls Ever!

Step by step natural wavy hair routine, tips, DIY remedies and products.

Are you dealing with unruly hair?

Even with the different challenges, you can still find the right curly hair routine to bring the best out of your mane.

It’s all about embracing and mastering your natural texture. Once you do this, you should not have a problem making your curls soft and healthy. 

curly hair routine

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Daily Curly Hair Routine | How to Take Care of Curls Daily

We know that not all curls are created equal. My sister, for instance, has small tight curls, but I have a friend with very loose curls. If you are not sure what type of curl you have, read this article from Ouidad.com.

Regardless of the type of curls you have, this daily routine will make your hair more manageable.


1. To wash your hair use a sulfate-free shampoo. Check out Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner at Amazon. Amazing stuff that doesn’t weigh down hair.

2. Start with shampooing your scalp and working up a lather. Use very little shampoo for the rest of the hair to prevent it from getting dry.

Some people only shampoo their hair once, this will depend on how oily your scalp is.

4. Apply conditioner to wet hair and run your fingers through the length of your hair to untangle it.

Start with the end of your hair and work your way up to the scalp.

If you have lots of hair divide it into sections to make this step easier.

Let the conditioner work for a few minutes.

5. If your hair is especially dry use an intensive moisturizing hair mask.

  • Wash your hair.
  • Apply a generous amount of mask on really wet hair.
  • Cover it with a shower cap and leave it alone until you finish your shower.
  • Rinse your hair, making sure you use cold water as the last rinse to seal the hair cuticles. Lean your head forward if the water is too cold.

Do I apply a mask on wet or dry hair?

A mask’s nourishing ingredients absorb better when applied to wet hair. For best results, cleanse your curls first. “Make sure you get everything off the hair to start with a clean canvas. Because oil breaks down oil, use an oil-based cleanser to remove buildup (especially if you use coconut oil in your hair, which can be hard to wash out),” Vivas says. Rinse, then follow with a clarifying shampoo. Once your hair is clean, apply your mask. Source

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Curly hair tips and tricks

Time to Apply Styling Products

Curly hair routine after a shower – Whatever your styling products there is a way to apply them to you keep the definition of your curls and add volume.

1. Chose a product that doesn’t weigh down curls and apply evenly.

2. Apply the hair product directly to wet hair or to the palms of your hands (rubbing it).

3. Now flip your head over and start scrunching your hair with your hands. Hold for a few seconds and release.

4. Keep repeating after you have scrunched all sections of your hair, including the scalp.  

Drying your Hair

You have two ways to dry hair: with the hairdryer or naturally.

If you chose to dry your curly hair naturally you could use the Plopping method. Click here to watch the video below and learn how Penny does it.

curly hair youtube video

But if you rather use the hairdryer follow the steps below:

1. Set the blowdryer to a medium setting.

2. Dry your hair upside down using a diffuser attachment.

3. Use the diffuser to scrunch your hair in an upwards motion.

4. If you want more curl definition, wrap small sections of hair around your fingers and apply just a bit of hairspray.

5. Apply an anti-frizz serum. Rub it between your hands and apply it to the ends of your hair and in areas where the hair is drier.

✅ What is the best hair dryer for curly hair? Pick a hair dryer that dries your hair fast, reduces frizzy hair, is easy to handle, is lightweight, and produces low noise. This blow dryer is very similar to the ones my sister uses at her salon. To define your curls add a diffuser like this one from Amazon.

✅ For those who want to have a hairdryer for curly hair that comes with a diffuser and a comb check out the top-rated Revlon Infrared Hair Drier also from Amazon.

# If you have a special event or want more definition on your curls, use a curling wand or tong.

5 Tips to Take Care of Curls at Home

How to transform curly hair with effective tips.

There are steps you can follow to reduce or prevent damage to your hair. Be kind to your hair and it will look the way you want: healthy and vibrant.

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How to take care of curly hair naturally with tips that work and natural remedies that get rid of frizzy hair.
How to take care of curly hair with tips that work and natural remedies that get rid of frizzy hair

1. Reduce the Use of Hot Tools

Curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers do more harm than good to curly hair. In most cases, they cause breakage.

So, if you are always using these hot tools, you may want to reduce the regularity or avoid them altogether.

A good option would be to air dry your hair at night or on weekends.  

2. Comb the Right Way

It’s important to be very careful when combing curly hair. Investing in a quality comb is a good place to start. A seamless, snag-free comb is the best one to use.

When combing the hair, avoid pulling or raking it. If you want to untangle it after shampooing, make sure you use a wide-tooth comb. Also, avoid brushing on dry hair because this only breaks up your hair strands and makes it frizzy.  

3. Choose the Best Shampoo

Harsh shampoos only strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture.

An ideal shampoo should refresh both the hair and scalp and leave its natural oils and moisture unaffected. That’s why it’s always ga ood to use a mild shampoo. 

4. Have a Pre-Shampoo Routine

This is the best way to soften, condition, and untangle your hair before you shampoo it.

Pre-shampooing will ensure that any roughness and damages are addressed before actual shampooing begins. The best way to do this is to use conditioning oil or a conditioner.

5. Always Use Deep Hair Conditioning

Applying deep hair conditioning after shampooing will go a long way toward keeping your curly hair healthy.

When choosing your deep conditioner, pick one that has humectants such as glycerin and glycol in abundance. If your hair is weak, find a conditioner that contains keratin or silk amino acids.  

3 Common Questions About Curly Hair

You need all the help you can get if your unruly hair is proving difficult to manage.  

1. How Do I Untangle My Curly Hair?

Wash days are the best days to untangle your hair. How you untangle will depend on your hair type and texture.

If you are dealing with tight curls and coils or dry and coarse hair, the hair should not only be wet but also full of slippery conditioner.

If the tangling is more severe, you may want to untangle it with your fingers before you untangle it with conditioner.

And as already mentioned, always use a wide-tooth comb. 

2. How Do I Get Rid of Frizzy Hair?

The first thing you need to know is that drier hair is more likely to get frizzy.

That’s why you should apply enough hydrating ingredients when you go to the shower.

Products with coconut, almond, camellia, or avocado oil can be very helpful in this regard.

Washing your hair is also important but it should be done in moderation.

Since split ends significantly contribute to frizz you may also want to cut your hair as frequently as every two months.

Do you have split ends?

Read the article on how to eliminate split ends without cutting your hair

3. How do I Keep My Curls While Sleeping?

1. Braids

How you prepare curly hair before you sleep determines how long it stays looking good.

If your pillowcase is a hard one, start by upgrading it to silk or satin.

Braids are very effective in keeping your hair together while you sleep.

If you want to keep your curl pattern natural, have a single braid, and keep it loose. 

2. Loose bun

Keeping it in a loose bun will maintain the curls and also protect them from getting frizzy.

Make sure the bun is twisted and tucked very loosely to avoid waking up with a dent. If you can apply a leave-in conditioner, that can also help.

Best flat iron for curly hair? If you want to change your look and go from curly hair to straight and vice versa check out this one from Amazon.

3 Natural Home Remedies for Curly and Frizzy Hair

new disclaimer 2

How do you take care of curly hair naturally?

I love home remedies but most of the time I’m so busy that I hardly have any time to make them.

My solution is to have one day a week where I prepare all my DIY skincare and hair care recipes for the week. In my case is Sundays.

I have 3 wonderful DIY recipes that are easy to incorporate into your curly hair routine. I hope you like them as much as my sister does.  

DIY Curl Cream With Coconut Oil

Homemade curl-enhancing cream – Keep your curls defined and bounce with this DIY cream you can make at home.

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Diy curl cream recipe


You can find the ingredients at Amazon.com

  • cocoa butter in chunks or pieces (20 gr). If you need some for your recipe I like this one.
  • coconut oil (one tbsp)
  • almond oil (one tbsp)
  • castor oil (one tbsp)
  • vitamin E oil (one teaspoon)
  • flaxseed gel (3 tbsp)
  • emulsifying wax (3 gr)
  • a few drops of essential oil such as lavender, rosemary, or tea tree (optional).
  • broad-spectrum preservative
curl cream ingredients

Since the recipe uses water, you need to add a broad-spectrum preservative, unless you make a small batch and keep it refrigerated for no longer than one week.

First, you need to make the flaxseed gel. If you need a recipe check out how to make flaxseed gel. Once you have the gel ready follow the directions below.

How to Make It:

Melt raw cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, and coconut oil using the water bath method.

curl cream wax melt

Before they are totally melted add one tablespoon of almond oil and one of castor oil.

add oils to curl cream

Add the flaxseed gel to the oils while using a hand mixer. Whip it until you get the consistency you like.

mixx as you add flaxseed curl cream

Lastly add vitamin E, essential oils, and the preservative. Mix well and transfer to a sterilized container.

Diy curl cream for defined curls

✅ It is easier to use a handheld milk frother to mix the ingredients for the DIY recipes. Perfect for small batches. If you need one I recommend this one from Amazon.

How to Use It:

  • For best results apply to wet hair. Start from the middle of the head all the way down to the ends.
  • To enhance curls twist the hair around your fingers.
  • Leave to air dry for a natural look. Or if you are after volume, use a hair drier with a diffuser.


Treatment (deep conditioner) for Curly Hair at Home

A homemade deep conditioner for your curly hair is an effective way of injecting moisture.

This honey and coconut milk conditioner will leave your hair with a silk-like texture.

All you need is:

  • one cup of coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil

Once you thoroughly mix these three ingredients, shampoo your hair then apply the mixture throughout.

Leave it on for 10 minutes and use warm water to wash it off.

The coconut milk will restore damaged hair while the honey and olive oil will soften and moisturize it. 

Make only the amount you will need for one application because without preservatives it will quickly go off.

If you would like to try more masks for curly hair have a look at these DIY hair masks and conditioners for curly hair.

DIY Leave-in Conditioner to Untangle Curly Hair

Elaborate your own hair detangler at home (to use over dry hair).

Make a mixture with 4 tablespoons of conditioner, one cup of water, and one tablespoon of Jojoba oil from Amazon.

Shake the bottle well and spray sparingly throughout the hair.

It makes untangling curly hair so much easier. 

*Pregnant or nursing women consult your doctor if you are unsure. The same goes for anyone taking medications.

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Natural curly hair routine

Other Homemade Hair Masks, Recipes, and Tips

Last Thoughts About Curly Hair Routine

Incorporating all these tips into your curly hair routine will become easier to manage. Your curls will have more definition and frizzy hair will be a thing of the past.

Your hair will be smooth, shiny, and bouncy. Just the way you always wanted!

And talking about shiny and smooth hair, If you are interested I wrote a post about home remedies to get soft hair overnight.

Do you follow a curly hair routine? What makes a difference to your hair? Please share your tips with us in the comments below.

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