--> 10 Tips To Declutter Before Christmas For A Stress-Free Noel

10 Tips To Declutter Before Christmas For A Stress-Free Noel

List of things to declutter before Christmas

Ahhh! It’s finally that time of year!

The leaves have fallen, the Thanksgiving turkeys are at least mostly digested, and you can already hear those jingle bells a-ringing!

Christmas is most certainly in the air!

But, wait!

You just remembered that Christmas is also in those bins and boxes stacked up in your holiday closet, just waiting to fall out!

And your house is still full of, well, clutter!

There’s no way you can even decorate before getting rid of the stuff that’s clogging up all your tables, shelves, and drawers.

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Things to declutter before Christmas

So, before you start feeling that pre-Christmas stress, have a look at these 10 decluttering tips! They’re sure to make your Noel no-stress!

List of Things To Declutter Before Christmas

Below are a few ideas of things to declutter before you start pulling out the mistletoe and holly.

List of 10 things to declutter before Christmas (messy kitchen image)

1. Declutter The Kitchen Before Christmas

If you’re looking to declutter before Christmas, chances are you’re expecting guests in the coming weeks.

And with guests comes the need for food. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be in that kitchen for a long time preparing the best entrees, sides, and desserts for your friends and family.

So, wouldn’t you rather have clean, clutter-free countertops when you finally put on that apron? Of course, you would!

So go on into your kitchen, open your cabinets and drawers, and see what you simply don’t use anymore.

If you don’t want it, get it out of your kitchen.

And with all the free space you just made, you can store appliances and other kitchen items you actually use, keeping your counters open for the inevitable storing of cookie sheets and Christmas treats.

Once you’ve finished decluttering your kitchen, you might want to give it a nice bath!

Wipe down surfaces, scrape off that pasta sauce stuck to your wall, and allow your appliances to run in self-clean mode.

2. The Refrigerator

Organizing fridge before Christmas

We have all been there. You come home from your 19th trip to the grocery store and NOTHING will fit in your refrigerator.

Go through your fridge and pull out all your expired goods.

That expired mayonnaise from two years ago?


Those old sauce packets from a Chinese restaurant that closed God only knows when?


Now organize the refrigerator so you know where everything should go when you come home with all your holiday groceries.

3. Your Pantry

Organize your pantry before Christmas

While we are in the kitchen, go ahead and clear out your pantry as well.

You will be amazed at how much space you have when you just organize it.

I recommend sorting things by type of food: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.

This makes everything so much easier to find when you are entertaining your family and friends.

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4. Your Entertaining Space

Organized living room for Christmas

No matter where you prefer to entertain in your home.

Doing a thorough cleaning of that space before Christmas will pay off.

You know you will be doing a lot of entertaining, and we still need a spot for that tree, remember?

Keeping your main entertaining areas clear of clutter will make it so much easier to prepare for your parties and family gatherings in the midst of the holiday bustle.

5. Declutter Toys

Pile of toys to declutter before Christmas

If every toy box is bursting at the seams, can you imagine after Christmas?

Go ahead and go through the toys.

I usually prefer to do this without the kids around, but at Christmas time there are some fun ways to involve them.

Depending on their ages, here is a really nice way to include them in this job and get them in the spirit of Christmas.

If you’re a new parent, and your baby’s toys are all over the rug when your little bundle of joy is down for a nap, take a few minutes to pick up those toys and put them in their rightful spots.

If toys are cluttering your space, read how to declutter and organize your kid’s toys.

6. Your Kids’ Rooms

Declutter kids bedroom before Christmas

Whether you decorate your children’s rooms for Christmas or not, this is a good idea for the same reason you needed to go through your closet.

This will also help you create a Christmas list for them once you see exactly what clothes they have and what they need.

7. Paper

10 Tips to declutter before Christmas with a messy desk

Perhaps you’ve got a paperwork-heavy job or there are bills all over your dining room table.

Gather them up and place them into an accordion folder for easy finding.

If paper clutter is your problem read how to declutter and organize paper at home.

8. Linen Closet

Organized linen closet

When the whole family comes to stay for a week, you will be glad you organized this so well.

You may not have to purge much in here, but you will want to know exactly how many pillows, towels, and sheets you have and their exact location.

This way you can stock up on anything you are low on and maybe replace a few of the older, worn items.

✅ If you don’t have a linen closet check out how to organize linens without a closet.

9. Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space or porch organized for Christmas

Yes, it’s too cold to be outside.

But it will be so much easier to create your winter wonderland outdoors if everything on your porch is in its place.

This is also a great time to bring your firewood up on the porch so it doesn’t get soaked through in the first snow.

It is also a good idea to get a new outdoor rug before it gets too cold and wet.

It’s something easy to forget until you realize all your guests are tracking mud through your house.

10. Declutter Christmas Decorations

Declutter ornaments before Christmas

Now that everything is done and you have pulled out your decorations, go through them BEFORE you start to decorate.

]You will find things you forgot you had and some things you no longer need.

By the time Christmas is over, you will be so ready to put everything away that you will skip this step.

So get everything out and sorted before you start so it makes the clean-up that much easier.

It will also help you see if you need new storage solutions for any of your items to make it easier and more efficient to decorate and clean up in the future.

And when the time comes to put your decorations away, check out how to declutter and organize Christmas decorations.

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TIP – If you have amassed some gifts, why not wrap them up now?

It’ll save you from rushing around on Christmas Day in your apron, cutting paper with one hand, and basting ham with the other.

Plus, you might be able to finish off more wrapping rolls while also getting in the holiday spirit early!


Take a walk around your house and admire your awesome work! Check out all of your rooms, drawers, cabinets, and former clutter hideouts. Don’t just give yourself a pat on the back; give yourself a great big hug! You deserve it! You have successfully decluttered your house in time for Christmas! Now all you’ve got to do is enjoy all the space and peace of mind you’ve created!

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How do you declutter before Christmas? Share your tips below!


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Decluttering before Christmas

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