How To Make An Easy DIY Flower Wreath For Spring Summer

I love wreaths made with fresh flowers, but because they are short-lived, I have decided to make a DIY flower wreath using fake flowers and fake greenery.

It is easy to make, with step-by-step instructions, and budget-friendly. I bought all the items from a bargain store and I think the cost came close to $10.00. Not bad, considering that I have seen similar flower wreaths selling for quite a lot more.

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How to make a DIY flower wreath for summer with yellow and orange flowers

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So, if you want to make your own DIY spring summer wreath for your front door, to hang it indoors or from your garden, check the easy directions below.


Easy Fake DIY Flower Wreath

These are the items I have chosen to make my DIY floral wreath. I have chosen vivid colors and things like butterflies, apples, and lemons because they remain me of spring-summer.

Make the wreath your own by picking supplies that best represent your spring or summer time.

Supplies to make a summer floral wreath

If you need to buy supplies click the links below to check the price on Amazon.

Orange yellow summer wreath diy


Below you will find the step-by-step tutorial to make this artificial floral wreath. I have chosen colors that I like and represent summer. You can, of course, pick your favorite colors and ornaments to make it your own.

The first step is to paint the metal hoop with a green spray so you can hide the real hoop color if any part remains uncovered.

Floral hoop wreath diy

The next step is to begin wrapping the greenery around the metal hoop. The greenery I bought came with wire so it was easy for me to roll it around the hoop.

Easy DIY spring wreath

If yours doesn’t have a wire, use a separate green wire similar to the one in the image.

Keep attaching the rest of the greenery to the back of the wreath using a green wire if necessary.

This is how the wreath looks after I have added all the artificial greenery. Add as much or as little greenery as you want. On this occasion, I went for a fuller look.

This is how the back of the wreath looks after I have finished wrapping all greenery around the circle.

After you finish affixing all the greenery, it is time to start adding the flowers.

DIY fake flower wreath

Secure the flowers to the back of the wreath with a wire. Wrapped it around each stem and wound it around the wire wreath. Add as many flowers as you like.

Dried flower wreath diy

And when you are done with the flowers, start adding all your chosen ornaments. If your ornaments don’t come with a wire, you can stick them using glue or even a strong piece of thread.

I decided to add a wooden sign to make it more fun. I found this small wooden cutting board at a bargain store and thought it was perfect for what I wanted to use it.

I also bought a bag of small assorted glitter letters that you can easily peel and stick on the wooden board.

First, I painted the wooden cutting board with green spray, so the words would stand out more. I picked yellow and green letters to match the colors of the wreath.

And below is the finished board with the “Summer Time” words and a color-matching heart sticker in the middle.

I placed the wooden board in the center of the wreath, using a piece of green wire to secure it at the top.

This is how the DIY flower wreath looks after it is finished. Very colorful and appropriate for summertime.

Floral wreath diy

I love it and plan to hang it on my garden’s wall once the good weather arrives.

Other places that will look awesome with this summer wreath will be your front door, staircase, hang from an indoor door, or any suitable wall.

DIY summer flower wreath

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How to make an easy DIY spring summer wreath
DIY summer floral wreath

Have you made your own DIY flower wreath? I would love it if you share tips and even images of your beautiful wreaths.

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