--> DIY Lavender Clay Mask Recipe To Detox & Soothe The Skin

DIY Lavender Clay Mask Recipe To Detox & Soothe The Skin

This DIY lavender clay mask is easy to make and is excellent to cleanse and detoxify the skin.

If you love homemade skincare, using facial masks is one of the best ways to renew and improve the skin.

You don’t need to use any kind of chemicals to leave your skin naturally beautiful.

The stars of this facial mask are kaolin clay and lavender.

Kaolin clay is effective in eliminating impurities without drying the skin.

Lavender has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

You can find more lavender skin benefits after the recipe.

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DIY lavender clay mask

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Homemade Lavender Clay Mask


*Add more or less clay/water to change the consistency of the mask.

*I have made the lavender powder by grinding dried lavender flower buds.

Lavender clay mask ingredients

How to make it

Combine kaolin clay powder and ground lavender seeds with purple mica powder. Stir well.

Clay powder, ground lavender seeds, and purple mica
Mixed clay powder, ground lavender seeds, and purple mica

Add distilled water little by little until you acquire the desired consistency.

Next, incorporate honey and lavender essential oil.

Adding lavender essential oil to the clay mask  mixture
Ready lavender clay mask
Homemade lavender clay face mask recipe

Transfer to a container with a lid and keep it in a cool, dry place (I keep mine refrigerated).

DIY lavender clay mask in a container and lavender seeds

Since this lavender clay mask doesn’t have a preservative is best to make a small amount, and use it within 3 days.

To make it last longer you need to add a broad-spectrum preservative.

To use a preservative, mix it with the distilled water before adding it to the clay.

What preservative should you use?

Use a broad-spectrum preservative such as liquid Germall plus or Optiphen.

How much preservative?

It depends on the amount you make. To be on the safe side, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Also, since clay masks are difficult to preserve even when using a preservative, try to make a small amount.

How to store it

Is best to keep it in an airtight container and in the refrigerator.

Labeled lavender clay mask in a container

How To Use It

Take the amount you are going to use with a clean spatula. Now, using your fingers, apply a layer of the lavender clay mask all over the face, avoiding the eye and mouth area.

Leave it on until it dries, and remove it with tepid water.

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DIY Lavender Clay Face Mask Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of using a face mask with lavender is its soothing qualities. Especially in winter, dry, itchy skin is a common issue.

1. Skin Soothing

Lavender has been shown to reduce redness and irritation making it a great addition to any spa night routine.

For anyone with a naturally red complexion, or for those who are prone to dry skin, reaching for that lavender face mask is a great way to pamper yourself!

2. Good for Acne

It may seem counter-intuitive, but fighting acne with oil is quickly becoming the norm. One of the causes of acne is dry skin.

Our body produces more oil to compensate, which leads to acne.

Lavender has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits making it a great addition to any mask, especially for those who are still dealing with those little red bumps.

For an added boost, make sure you choose a lavender clay mask. The clay helps absorb the excess oil and sebum your skin produces.

Combined with the natural soothing powers of lavender, your skin is in for a real treat.

3. Anti-wrinkle Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of using lavender in your skincare routine is its anti-wrinkle properties.

Chock full of antioxidants, lavender can help delay the signs of aging.

Studies show that lavender can also reduce damage caused by environmental factors like UV rays.

So, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, and then treat your skin to a spa night with a lavender mask.

4. Other Skin Benefits

The next time you’re sitting around the campfire in the summer and hear those bugs start swarming, remember this: lavender is a natural bug repellent.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help soothe your skin after a bug bite occurs (as we all know it will).

Now, this may sound silly, but it’s just one more plus to picking up anything lavender scented when you’re choosing your skincare routine.

5. Beyond Skin Care

Not only will lavender leave your skin feeling soothed, refreshed, and rejuvenated, but its benefits reach far beyond physical health.

Lavender has been used as far back as Ancient Egypt for mummy-making.

We may no longer use it to petrify our political leaders, but we’ve obviously kept it around since then.

Lavender has helped reduce anxiety, is helpful in fighting insomnia, and can even be used as natural headache relief!

So, if you’re having a rough week, can’t sleep, or have a headache, mix up a lavender clay face mask and pamper your body and spirit!

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