EASY DIY Tinted Lip Balm Recipe With Coconut Oil (3 shades)

Do you want to make a DIY tinted lip balm with a slight hint of color? I have a recipe in 3 different shades made from beetroot powder and mica powder. These lip balms are really easy to make and you only need a few ingredients.

I have done the recipe in different shades to have more variety, but to be honest, it doesn’t give much color to the lips. If you like some color try increasing the amount of beetroot and mica powder.

Of course, I have used only natural ingredients such as soy wax and coconut oil, which are great to heal cracked, chapped, and peeling lips. These balms will protect the lips from external factors and keep them soft and moisturized.

Time to make your own lip balm? Yes, if you want to know for sure what kind of ingredients you are applying to your lips.

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Easy DIY lip balm recipe with coconut oil

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Coconut oil (15 gr)
Soy wax (20 gr)
Almond oil (10 gr)
Vitamin E (1 teaspoon, optional)
Beetroot powder or mica powder (1 teaspoon)

These are the base ingredients for the lip balm recipe. Increase or decrease the quantity according to the amount you want to make. With this amount, I filled two containers of 1.6-inch x 1.0-inch (4.0 cm x 2.5 cm).



Place soy wax and coconut oil in a heat resistant container inside another container with water. Simmer until it melts.

Remove from heat and add the sweet almond oil.

Add vitamin E oil and stir.

Next, add beetroot powder and keep stirring until it is well incorporated. I have added about a teaspoon, but as you can see in the image below, the color is not what I was expecting. I thought the result was going to be a kind of reddish but instead is purple. Although I was surprised, I don’t mind the purple tone.

In this image, before it dried, the color was dark red.

But after it had dried, the resulting color is a purple tone.

In the image below I have increased the amount of beetroot powder and the color is now a shade of dark pink.

This shade incorporates pink mica powder.

And as you can see the result is a pink lip balm.

And the last one is made with red mica powder.

DIY lip balm recipe

Once the lip balm is set, the color is more like dark pink than red.

I have used these tinplate containers because I want to offer them as gifts. I think they look really cute!

Homemade natural lip balm

The tinplate containers I have used are similar to these ones.

Diy lip balm with coconut oil no beeswax

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How to make lip balm

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