7 DIY Scented Sachets Bags Recipes For Drawers And Closets

Diy scented sachets to give closets and drawers a nice fragrance.

If you love all those sweet-smelling sachets that make your closets and storage drawers exceedingly aromatic you can learn how to make your own using the recipes below.

You can make your own fragrance sachets for little money and with items you might already have at home. You don’t have to know how to sew, cook, or be an herb expert. These recipes are that easy!

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how to make scented sachets

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Homemade Scented Sachets Bags

These DIY recipes for sachets and bags will make your drawers smell awesome and your closets repel moths. Besides, they are soothing and relaxing.

If you don’t want to buy fabric bags you can make them yourself from scratch. Check the directions below the recipes.


1. Envelop Sachets

You will need:


Unfold the envelope and flatten. This will be your template to make your craft paper envelope.

Place the unfolded envelope on top of the reverse side of the craft paper and trace around the envelope.

Cut out the traced pattern.

Fold the “cut out” to make an envelop and glue the edges together. Leave the top flap open. Let the glue dry before continuing.

DIY scented sachet for closets and drawers

Fill the craft paper envelope with the dried flowers. I have used dried lavender and dried rose petals.

Fill 1/3 full so the envelope remains flat.

Glue the top flap closed.

diy fragrance sachets

Punch tiny holes with a needle for the smell to come through.

This sachet fits nicely in a drawer tucked under sweaters or lingerie because it lays flat and doesn’t disturb your neatly folded clothes.

diy scented envelop sachet

2. Moth Repellant Closet Sachets


  1. Small or large organza or cotton drawstring bag (can purchase bags here).
  2. Small bowl.
  3. Cinnamon stick.
  4. Dried herbs or flowers such as lavender, thyme, cloves, rosemary, bay leaves, ginger, black pepper, or cedar chips (you can purchase cedar chips in the pet department).
diy scented bag

How to make it

For a small bag: Combine a tablespoon of mixed herbs and cedar chips in a bowl. Add 1 cinnamon stick.

For a large bag: Mix 2 tablespoons of mixed herbs and cedar chips in a bowl. Add 1 or 2 cinnamon sticks.

Place the mixed herbs into the bag and tie at the top.

diy scented bag with herbs

These sachets are so versatile. The small bags can be tucked in drawers or put them in the pockets of coats or other fabric items during off-season storage.

The large sachets can be hung in a closet, attic, garage, basement, or another large storage area. The ingredients have been found to repel moths, but with a pleasant fragrance.


3. Aromatic Rice Bags

You will need:

How to make them

Place 1/4 cup of rice into the bowl. Mix 4-6 drops of the essential oil of your choice or 1-2 drops of each type of oil onto the rice and mix.

Let the rice dry. Pour the rice into the bag.

diy scented rice bag

This is a colorful sachet with a delightful aroma. It is economical because rice and bags are inexpensive.

It can be placed in drawers, hung in a closet, hung on a hanger under dresses or shirts, and on a shelf with linens to keep your sheets smelling dreamy.


4. Hanky Sachets


  • cloth handkerchiefs or fabric cut into a square
  • cotton balls (approx. 1 cup)
  • small bowl
  • essential oils: peppermint, citrus, chamomile, lavender or clary sage
diy scented bag essential oils


This one is super easy to make.

  1. First, place the handkerchief on a flat surface upside down.
  2. Put the cotton balls into a bowl and saturate them with the essential oil.
  3. Place the cotton balls in the center of the handkerchief.
  4. Gather all the edges and tie with a cord or ribbon.
diy scented bags for drawers

Place the bag in a bedside table or in your closet. The design makes it easy to replace the cotton balls when the scent dissipates.


5. Soothing Salt Sachet

This one is one of my favorite diy scented sachets.


  • organza or cotton bag
  • small bowl
  • Epsom salt 1/4 cup
  • essential oil (optional)
  • dried herbs or fruits like lemon balm, citrus peels, lavender, calendula or rose petals
how to make diy freshener sachets


Mix the herbs/fruits and Epsom salt in a bowl

Add few drops of essential oil (I’m using lemon).

diy scented bag citrus peel

These sachets have a relaxing scent, perfect for closets with linens or clothes.

homemade scented bag lemon peel

6. Muffin Case or Coffee Filter Scented Sachets


  • muffin paper cases or paper coffee filters
  • baking soda
  • ribbon or cord
  • dried lavender and dried lemon peels
  • lavender or lemon essential oil


Fill the coffee filter with 1/4 cup (depending on the size of the filter/case) of baking soda.

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the baking soda and stir.

Put the lavender and lemon peels on top of the baking soda.

diy scented sachet baking soda

Fold the edges of the case/filter together and twist at the top.

Tie the ribbon around the twisted section of the filter to secure.

esy diy scented sachets

To hang this sachet, tie the two ribbon pieces together, leaving a loop.

This is a great scented sachet for a bathroom closet and to place in shoes. The baking soda absorbs odors and the herbs give out a wonderful scent.


7. No Bag Orange Freshener


  • 1 whole fresh orange
  • whole cloves
  • ribbon


  1. Stick the whole cloves into the orange until it’s covered.
  2. Attach the ribbon at the top of the orange with a clove.
diy air freshener

Hang the orange in a kitchen closet/pantry or bathroom closet for a fresh scent.


How to Make No-Sew Sachet Bags

Measure and cut a scrap of fabric leaving some room for the seam.

Place the back or non-patterned sides of the fabric together.

Place a small amount of fabric glue along the inside of the fabric on two sides along the edges. Glue with a 1/4 seam. Press the glued edges together for a few minutes until sealed and dry.

If you don’t want to glue the bags you could use no-sew adhesive tape to join the sides of the bags.

No sew diy scented sachets

Fill the bag before gluing the final side together.

non sew potpourri scented bag
how to make scented pillow bag

I hope you enjoy these diy scented sachets.

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If you have questions about these DIY scented sachets, leave a comment below.

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