Easy DIY Scented Wax Tablets Recipe With Dry Flowers

How to make DIY scented wax tablets

Scented with natural fragrances and oils and adorned with anything from dry fruits and flowers to colorful shreds of paper or beads, scented wax tablets and bars are as useful as they are pretty.

Their growing popularity is largely due to their versatility.

The wax tablets and bars can refresh a space with a pleasant scent, and can be used in many places candles cannot be used.

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DIY scented wax tablets

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Below the recipe you can find how to use scented wax tablets.


How To Make Scented Wax Tablets Sachets

Ingredients to make two scented bars

*I have used a mold like this one

scented wax tablets ingredients
scented wax tablets dried flowers

Place beeswax in a container inside another container with water. Simmer until all the beeswax is melted.

Pour the beeswax into the molds, add the essential oil and stir.

Last, place a few dry rose petals on top of the liquid beeswax. You can use a toothpick to partially submerge the flowers.

scented wax tablets mold

Ingredients for 3 tablets

*Increase or decrease the drops of essential oils used as per your personal taste. You can also substitute essential oils for fragrance oils.

These 3 aroma wax bars are made with soy wax.

To melt the wax follow the same steps as above.

Then, pour the melted soy wax into the molds and mix in the essential oils.

Place the dry flowers on top of the wax. On this occasion, I have used lavender, rosebuds, and chamomile.

scented wax tablets mold setting

If you want to hang the tablets, make a hole with a pen, or something similar, at the top of the bars. Make sure you do this step before the wax is completely set.

There are also molds that come with a top hole design (like these ones).

Once the wax is set, unmold with care. The aromatherapy bars are ready to use.

diy scented wax bars
homemade scented wax bars

What Are Scented Bars Used For?

Pleasing to both the eye and nose, the uses for DIY scented wax tablets and bars are endless. Don’t wait to give them as gifts though, make some for yourself today.

When using wax tablets always consider the temperature. If is too hot the wax could melt and stain your clothes. Don’t place them in direct contact with clothes, instead wrap them in tissue paper or put them inside a breathable bag.


Placing one inside a drawer, on a shelf or hanging it in a closet is a great way to keep clothes smelling fresh. Opening closet doors and smelling the fresh scent is also a very pleasant way to start the day.

Wax tablets and bars can also freshen up clothes that need to be laundered.

Placing one at the bottom of a hamper or inside a stinky gym bag can help to mask the odor of sweaty workout clothes or dirty school clothes.

When placing one in a gym bag, be sure to first put it inside a small but breathable pouch or laundry bag to make sure the wax does not leave a residue on the items it directly touches.

Also, be wary if the gym bag will be in a hot car for a prolonged amount of time as the wax will melt.

Boost Mood & Aid With Sleep

But scented tablets and bars are for more than just freshening up clothing. They can do double duty by prettying up space both visually and fragrantly. In addition, when used strategically, they can improve moods and aid with sleep.

Conversely, keep bars scented with spearmint or lemon wherever you spend your first waking moments every day to help wake you up and lift your spirits for a great start to the day.

The lemon scent can also help as a mental stimulus, so keep it with you throughout the day.

Concentration & De-stress

A classroom is another great place for lemon-scented tablets or bars. Consider using them as teacher’s gifts.

More scents useful for concentration include peppermint and ylang-ylang.

You can also add some bars perfumed with rosemary or vetiver to really get the discussion going.

School exams, work demands, and the weather can often bring on headaches. Bars or tablets aromatized with eucalyptus or peppermint oil essential oils can relieve the stress and help with the headache.

Give one to your teens and college students for their study area as well.

Try placing bars scented with lavender or chamomile on your bedside table to help you fall asleep.

Home yoga studios and gyms can benefit from tablets or bars perfumed with sweet orange and spearmint. If you own or manage a commercial studio or gym, consider placing some at the front counter.


Small bars grouped together in bowls are nice for decorating your home or office.

Set out displays of bars scented with rose or another inviting scent such as bergamot or citrus in a common area of your home.

Another way to display these aromatic bars on your home is to hang them from door knobs, window handles, closet handles, bed frames, handrails, hooks, or picture frame corners. Your imagination is the limit!

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  1. Marina Howlett

    Please can you tell me, can this be made by using fragrance oil rather than essential oil. If so how much fragrance oil can you add to the wax please?

    1. Hi Marina,

      Yes you can use fragrance instead of essential oils to make the wax tablets. I have not tried myself but I will use the same amount or even more depending on how strong you want the fragrance to be.
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