Easy DIY Shimmer Lotion Bar Recipe With Shea Butter

Add some shimmer and soothe your skin with this easy DIY shimmer lotion bar recipe.

These bars have a huge number of benefits for your skin, are easy to make, and make lovely personalized gifts.

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DIY shimmmer lotion bar recipe>

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Below the recipe, you are going to find some ideas so you can get creative and have some fun.


How To Make Shimmer Lotion Bar At Home

This is a simple recipe that produces cute moisturizing body lotion bars with a hint of glitter.



Note: if you want to make the lotion bars harder, add one or two tablespoons of beeswax.

Shea butter and cocoa butter have protective, healing, and moisturizing properties. These work together to really soften the skin for a healthy, vivacious look.

Gold mica is something like the cherry on top. With beautiful reflective qualities, the mica brings the shimmer to the party!


DIY Shimmer Lotion Bar Directions

It’s time to have a meltdown! (Just kidding, this part’s actually quite simple).

Take your double boiler (or equivalent workaround) and melt the cocoa butter and Shea butter.

Remove from heat, add one tsp of ground oatmeal and stir.

Throw in your chosen essential oils.

Add one tsp of mica powder and stir until all the ingredients are well incorporated.

Pour the mixture into the containers of your choice. This is the mold I’m using.

Let it harden for about 20 minutes and unmold.


How To Use Them

Using these bars is really easy. Let the heat from your hand warm up the lotion and apply it to dry skin for a beautiful moisturizing and shimmering effect.

What better way to feel beautiful and relax than to shine in the aroma of your own homemade shimmer lotion bars.



Customize The Recipe

Butters and Oils

Change the butters or oils to suit your taste. Some people like to use coconut oil, but I find it overpowering and too greasy to make lotion bars.

You could also add beeswax, but again, I find that it leaves the skin with a greasy feeling.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are what we add to really customize the skin benefits and fragrance. Some people like to add frankincense and myrrh for a Christmas themed bar, but you could
try playing with green tea, argan oil, peppermint, geranium, maybe some lavender?

You could also add fragrance oils with Christmas scents. This winter set includes fragrances such as cinnamon, gingerbread, Sugar Cookies, Harvest Spice, peppermint, and Christmas Wreath.

This is where you get to truly make the bars your own or personalize them as gifts. There are a vast array of essential oils with equally varied benefits to your skin, so have some fun with it and make the perfect blend for yourself or your
friends and family!


Gold Mica Powder

Aside from gold mica, there are many other colors to choose from. Some of the colors that will add a touch of shimmer include bronze age, pearl gold, sterling silver, rose gold, copper sparkle, etc.


Other Ideas

  • If using molds to make bars, try brushing mica powder onto the mould first, for more colour.
  • For a layered candle effect, you could try dividing the batch up and using different colours in a clear container. Let each colour set before pouring in the next for a beautiful decoration as well as a soothing gift.
  • Add some vitamin E for more healthy skin benefits.
  • Mess around! Try different combinations and colours, just make sure you have fun with it!

Storing Lotion Bars

If the bars are too soft, the best option is to keep them in the fridge.

For gifts:

Wrap them in tissue paper or parchment paper and place them in tins or boxes, a small plastic bag, or a gift bag. Add some festive stickers, ribbons, or/and gift tags to the package.


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