Easy DIY Tiered Tray And Decoration Tips

I have always been a fan of tiered stands, so I thought it was time to create my own DIY tiered tray. Below is an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial in case you want to recreate the same tray or something similar.

It’s a great idea to build your own decorated multi-tiered tray to give any room in your home a personalized touch.

I like to decorate the tray according to the seasons of the year or special dates. You will find below ideas on how to decorate a tiered tray for the 4th of July, Easter, coffee station, spring/summer, fall, and St. Valentine’s day.

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How to make an easy DIY tiered tray

Kitchen counter tray decor ideas

How to Build a Farmhouse Style Tiered Tray

To build your own three-tier tray, you will need the following materials:

  • 3 or 4 metal trays (I have used cake pans)
  • Three salt/pepper shakers (see image), candles, or wooden candle holders
  • White paint spray
  • Glue suitable for metal/wood
  • You could also use sandpaper or varnish to give it a rustic or distressed look

IMPORTANT: If the spray paint you are using is not food safe, make sure that the food doesn’t come in direct contact with the paint in the tray, instead place all food items in containers. Alternatively, you could place cardboard or something similar between the tray and the food.


  1. Start by spraying all your cake pans and whatever you are using as holders to link the trays with white paint. In this case, I’m using 2 salt shakers and one thick candle to join the trays. I know is a estrange choice, but it works!

2. Then, add glue to the middle of the pan and glue the salt shaker.

3. Now, add glue to the top of the salt shaker and place the next tray on top.

4. Keep doing the same until you have stuck all the trays and holders.

5. This is how it looks once you have finished gluing your DIY tiered tray. I have done it with 4 trays, but you can do only 2 or 3, depending on your particular taste.

It is worth noting that I have used a candle to add the top tray as I couldn’t find the same salt shaker. Be creative and use what you have on hand.

Now is time to decorate the tray. This is the fun part, in my opinion.

Again, be creative and have some fun. I have used mostly items from a thrift store to decorate the tray, so you can say it was pretty inexpensive.


DIY Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

I often update this post when I add new themed decorations to give you ideas about styling your own tiered tray throughout the year. I hope you like them.


4th Of July Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

4th of July tiered tray decor

DIY Tiered Tray Easter Decor

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How to make a DIY tiered tray
How to decorate a tiered tray for Easter
Tiered tray Easter decorations
Spring tier tray decor
Easter tiered tray DIY
How to decorate a tiered tray for Easter

Coffee Tiered Tray Decor

DIY tiered tray decor ideas

San Valentine’s Day Tray Decor

DIY tiered tray San Valentine's decorations

Tiered Tray Summer Decor

Fall Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

Fall tiered tray decor
How to decorate a tiered tray for fall
Decorating a DIY tiered tray
Autumn tired tray decor ideas
DIY white tiered tray fall decor

Other Ways To Make Your DIY Tiered Tray

When choosing the trays, you can use things you have at home like box lids or other items that you have left. If you are going to buy it in the store, you can choose the ones that best suit you.

They do not have to be the same between the three, they can have different patterns, different colors, and textures or all be the same in size and design.

Before mounting the three-tier tray, you can file and varnish the wood. You can also paint or decorate it with glitter or other decorative elements.

Also, on the sides, you can use the hot silicone to create raised patterns and then paint or varnish on top to make it look like part of the tray.

You can place the metal discs on the bottom of the widest tray (the one you will use as the base). This way it will be elevated, although this is optional, you can leave it directly resting on the surface of the tray. Use the candle holders as a log to link the trays together.


Tips to Decorate The 3/4 Tier Tray or Kitchen Stand

Whether you build your own tray from scratch or buy one to decorate at home, you can use the hot silicone to decorate the trays. You can draw relief patterns with the silicone and paint them with glitter or Christmas motifs.

If you make stars you can use gold colors and if you make snowflakes you can paint them in white, for example.

When you go to choose the decoration, choose a unique theme. Even if you know that you want to do it for Christmas, you can do it with flowers, jars, sweets, tree decorations, and lights or wooden figures, among many other ideas. Choose among all a central element to highlight it.

You can decide to use the three levels to tell a story, you can use it to organize the levels or for each member of the family to put their personal stamp on the decoration of each level. For example, parents use the bottom one and children decorate the top ones. It will give a very familiar style to the room.

Use the conical composition to place Christmas tree branches, balls, or typical tree decorations for the most Christmas look. And take advantage of the empty spaces to put frames or cards with messages for the family to read each morning when they wake up.



There are a thousand ways to customize a 3 or 4 DIY tiered tray. Taking advantage of the pyramidal shape of the structure will allow it to resemble a tree, but you can always opt for the traditional functionality: it keeps chocolates or cookies in jars, it is elegant as well as useful. Have a fun time with this beautiful craft!


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