Brilliant 12 DIY Wood Craft Ideas for Your Kids Bedroom

Do your kids love their room?

Or do they think their room is just plain and boring?

If so, maybe it is time to spice things up with these 12 DIY wood craft ideas and infuse some creativity and personal charm into their sleeping space.

Then, maybe they will love spending time and playing in their room more than ever!

As parents, we want to give them the best space possible and an environment where they can dream, go on adventures, and have their imaginations run wild.

What can be a better way to nurture that creativity than by introducing handmade wooden crafts into their room?

They are Natural, eco-friendly, and completely safe to use!

Wooden crafts and toys are fun,  and they also inspire kids to use their imaginations and create a lifelong love for crafting.

Don’t want to wait to get started? Here is a list of the top twelve DIY wood crafts that come with the ultimate power to transform your child’s room into a true wonderland:

1. Rustic Wooden Bookshelf

Is your child into books? Or do they love reading and writing more than anything? If so, creating a rustic wooden bookshelf will make all the difference!

Homemade wood bookshelf for kids bedroom

Your kids will love seeing their things displayed on a special shelf. Crafting for the kid’s room can also show that you care for them and support them.

Adding a rustic wooden bookshelf will add some character to the room. You can rest assured that they will love it,  so get your materials ready for the ultimate DIY project.

Make sure you take the proper measurements so that your shelf will fit in the space required. It can also be fun to include your little one in the project, whether it be picking paint colors, sketching the design, or acting as your assistant during building.

If you’re painting your projects and make a mistake, don’t worry! You can fix those mess-ups by learning about acrylic paint removal from wood. It is pretty easy to remove and will take some easy and quick steps to get your desired result.

2. Wooden Clothing Racks

Making a wooden clothing rack is another way to add a different aesthetic to the room.

Homemade kids cloth wood rack

Clothing racks come in handy and can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, you can use them to store baby clothes, shoes, and toys – the list goes on and on!

Another good thing about having a wooden clothing rack in the room is that it will encourage your children to keep their room neat and tidy.

They will begin to discover the need for organizing things and develop the habit of tidying up starting at a very early age.

Ultimately, building these clothing racks will end up helping them in the long run.

3. Wooden Beds

Wooden beds?

Isn’t that super hard to do?

DIY wooden kids bed with decorative elements

Well, not necessarily, if you’ve got a few tools and some basic building know-how. 

There are loads of plans and ideas for wooden beds out there, so choose one that suits your fancy and get building.

The rustic beauty that a wooden bed offers to a room is certainly unique and awe-inspiring.

The options are endless, so you have all kinds of freedom to explore and create things just the way your child likes them.

In case you want to keep things minimal, a single row of pallets with a mattress will also offer a special environment that’s hard to match! Find the instructions at Emys amazing DIY todler bed tutorial.

diy pallet kids bed jpg

Just make sure to use safe and sturdy materials while going ahead with the project.

4. Wooden Toy Box

Are you stepping on Legos, tripping over action figures, or finding Barbie shoes in your vacuum cleaner? A  wooden toy box is the perfect project to bring rescue!

Empty toy wooden box for kids

By building your own toy box, you will be helping your child to keep their things organized after playing. Whether you make it super colorful or decorate it with your kid’s favorite characters, this toy box will come in really handy.

Most importantly, your child is going to love having something special that you made especially for them. Another upside to the wooden toy box is that when your child keeps their toys organized, your cleaning workload lessens drastically!

A dream come true for every parent!

5. Wooden Wall Letters

With the wooden wall letters, you will be adding both educational charm and personalization to your child’s room. In fact, to your surprise, you may find them reading and identifying letters earlier than expected.

DIY Wooden wall letters for children bedroom

To make things more interesting, paint the letters in their favorite colors or decorate them with their favorite prints or patterns.

Believe it or not, your child will just love having their name on display for all to see. This DIY wood craft is incredibly easy and a great way to customize the little one’s room.

6. EASY Wooden Growth Chart

A growth chart is a perfect project to help you keep track of your child’s overall development. So, why not keep one in their room?

diy wooden kids growth chart

A custom growth chart doesn’t have to be boring! f you paint it with colorful shades and designs, it will have a greater effect on the overall look and feel of the room

As your child grows over time, you can mark their height with colorful lines. This will create a crafty visual timeline of their growth. Also, it’ll be highly popular with your child because they will also get to track their own progress.

7. Wooden Wall Clock

 Tired of the usual and plain wall clocks? Why not create your own?

diy wooden wall clock kids bedroom

Yes, you heard it right!

The wooden wall clock is both useful and stylish, and it t blends in perfectly with any kind of decor.

Since you will be making your own, you have the power to design and build it to suit your child perfectly.

You could try a Rocket-shaped clock or an animal-themed one; the options are endless, and the possibilities for themes and designs vary greatly.

You could even try building and hanging a wooden wall clock modeled after their favorite character to help encourage them to learn the time and value it from a young age.

8. Wooden Animal Hooks

As we all know, children are pros at creating a mess. However, with the wooden animal hooks, you can convert their task of tidying things up into an enjoyable experience.

childrem wooden wall clothes hooks

Didn’t get the point?

Simply craft a set of wooden wall hooks into the shape of their favorite animals and make sure to paint them in colorful shades.

Hang them at kid-friendly heights and watch the magic happen. Having these special organization tools will have them hanging their bags and coats by themselves, without you having to tell them!

The best things about building wooden animal hooks are that they can perfectly blend in with any kind of decor, and they’re super easy to craft.

9. Wooden Photo Display

Baby nursery with toys and DIY wooden frame

Transform your children’s room into their personal gallery using a wooden photo display. A photo wall will help you to exhibit their proud smiles and most loved photographs in a sequence, adding warmth and nostalgia to their rooms.

Its photo wall is pretty simple to do so. All you need is some small wooden boards, clothespins, paint/stain, and some beautiful pictures of your children.

Paint the boards according to the room decor or use their favorite colors. Once dried, attach the clothespins to the wooden boards in a neat row. Here comes the most fun part: picking the images!

Make sure to include your little one while selecting the photographs and clipping them onto the clothespins. Finally, hang the wooden photo display on the wall.

10. Wood Furniture Hacks

If you are planning to give your children’s room a total makeover without breaking the bank, then wooden furniture hacks are the ultimate hack.

Sustainable kids bedroom made with wooden recycled stuff

Go on fun treasure hunts for those old and worn-out furniture pieces waiting for attention. If done properly, old furniture and decorative pieces can be transformed into something if you have outdated clutter or decor lying around, you can spruce them up with some cleaning and paint.

Girl in bedroom with recycled wooden furniture

Try refinishing those pieces so they can stand tall and shine as something new.  You can rehab and reuse almost anything, starting with chairs, dressers, and bookshelves shelves. You won’t have to make any extra space for them, since they already had a place to be in the room to begin with.

Wooden decorated bedroom with recycled materials

What are you waiting for?

Let your child’s inner artist and creativity be explored along with teaching them the value of upcycling and its benefits.

11. Customization With Paint

Customization with paint is one of the coolest and easiest things you will come across while working on updating your child’s room.

Painting wooden kids chair in blue

With paint, there are no boundaries or restrictions. Instead, you’re imagination makes the decisions, and there isn’t a limit to what you can do to make something extraordinary from an ordinary object.

Be it a toy chest, bookshelf, or small chair, you pick anything, and a quick splash of color makes it new again.

Be the Picasso in your own home. Use sure to include stencils, tape, stamps, or even handprints to add a personal touch.

Most importantly, when painting furniture and other rehabbed pieces, don’t forget to seal the item with a protective finish to keep the paint protected and bright for years to come.

After all, it is a valuable treasure that you and your child have created and is not something you want to become damaged easily.

12. Storage Units and Bin Organizers

Storage units?

Won’t those take up a lot of space in my kid’s room?

Child keeping toys in a wooden organizer

Maybe they will, but storage containers are a great way to cut down clutter and keep things organized.

A few bins can play quite a big role. If you are really worried about the space, you can always opt for smaller, less obvious alternative storage methods.

These alternative, clever storage options can range in size and price, as well as in where they can be used.

Children bedroom wooden DIY organizers

For example, you wouldn’t think of bed risers as a storage solution, but an extra six inches of under-bed space can make a huge difference in a room.

Mobile storage is great because it can be easily slid under the bed and placed out of sight once your children are finished playing.

There are tons of storage options to explore, so start your search now.

Once you start searching, go for the solutions that meet your requirement criteria and specific needs.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – the top twelve DIY wood crafts for your kid’s room!

Each of the above-mentioned DIY crafts is a great way to create a bond with your little one. They will get a lifelong lesson on the value of handmade things and how it feels to create something special with their own hands.

With projects like these, your children will start to appreciate things more, which is indeed one of the best beliefs to teach them. Finally, adding in some of these handy projects will also give them the right environment, further helping them to have the environment that they need most.

Happy Crafting!

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