--> Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Rustic Style (Step By Step Tutorial)

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Rustic Style (Step by Step Tutorial)

Easy DIY Christmas wreath you can use indoors or outdoors.

If you want to try your hand at making a Christmas wreath, it will be better to start with an easy design that incorporates just a few decorative elements.

This way you won’t feel overwhelmed and it will also be budget-friendly.

I have made the wreath below using ornaments I had from past Christmases and bought only the frame, ribbon, and wire.

If you are after a cheap Christmas wreath, it is a great idea to recycle your old or unused ornaments.

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Homemade rustic Christmas wreath

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With that said, I am going to jump right in and get you started on creating a simple wreath for your home.

How To Make Your Own Christmas Wreath From Scratch

This wreath is made using artificial garland, but you are free to use fresh greenery if that is what you want.

When making a fresh wreath, remember to choose materials that will hold together well throughout the winter season.


These are the items I have chosen to make a rustic wreath. You can use the same or change the decorative elements to suit your taste.

  • wreath frame (I have used a styrofoam ring for this one)
  • decorative ribbon (burlap is the ribbon design I chose for this project)
  • green garland
  • decorative faux red berries
  • small golden or red baubles
  • pinecones
  • Christmas wreath hanger
  • wire or hot glue gun
  • scissors
diy rustic wreath supplies
How to make a wreath with artificial garland

Simple Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 – Wrap The Garland

First, take your wreath ring and start wrapping it with the garland.

wrapping garland around wreath ring

When you reach the end of the form secure the garland in place with a sellotape or a pin.

diy garland Christmas wreath

Step 2 – Weave The Ribbon

Weave the ribbon in and out of the garland.

add ribbon to garland wreath

I like the ribbon to be loose, but you can make it tighter. I have tried both ways and loose is the way it looks better to me.

diy garland wreath ribbon

Now that you have weaved the ribbon, you need to start adding your trimmings.

STEP 3 – Add The Pine Cones

If you like the look of pine cones within your Christmas wreaths feel free to intertwine as many pine cones as you choose.

You can also find greenery with pine cones already attached to save you some time.

Take those decorative pine cones and add them in. I have attached the pine cones with wire, but you can use a hot glue gun.

Insert the wire between the pine cone scales and bring it around until the wire ends meet.

add pine cones to wreath

Twist the wire around the pine cone twice, and wrap it around the wreath frame, on top of the garland. Make sure the wire is tight, so the pine cones are not loose.

wrap pine cone wire around wreath
attach pine cone to diy christmas wreath

Step 4 – Add Faux Berries and Baubles

Once you have set out the pine cones, start adding in the rest of the decorative items.

Since the frame I have used for the wreath is made of styrofoam, it is easy to attach the berries. I just need to push the steams into the foam so that they stay in the chosen place.

To attach the golden baubles, insert a long piece of wire through the hook. Now do the same with the pine cones.

Wrap the wire around the wreath frame and twist it at the back, making sure it is tight enough.

If you are using a hot glue gun, dab an appropriate amount on the back of your items and place them in your chosen spot.

wire bauble christmas wreath

Keep adding the rest of your festive ornaments until you are satisfied with the look of your DIY Christmas wreath.

attach ornaments to wreath

Add a ribbon or hook to the back of your wreath and hang it on your favorite spot.

Homemade farmhouse christmas wreath

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5 Ideas To Display Your DIY Christmas Wreath

You’ve now completed your easy wreath for the wintery season ahead.

Now, It’s finding the right spot to hang up your crafty project for your friends, family, neighbors, etc. to get a glimpse of and admire.

A few ideas that come to my mind would be:

  1. Above a fireplace, where the family sits often and can enjoy your one-of-a-kind holiday decoration.
  2. Another idea would be your front door or windows for maximum exposure so that you can share your craftiness with any onlookers.
  3. You could also hang your wreath in the foyer of your home, to greet your guests as they enter.
  4. One quick tip is to strategically place your DIY piece in a place, such as a coat hook, to leave an impression when they go to leave your house.
  5. You could also place a wreath on the banister or beside the staircase to add decoration to a high-traffic area.
  6. Other places to hang your Christmas wreath are above a mirror or over the mirror, on the mantelpiece, on a table as a centerpiece, on interior doors, or in any empty space.

If you don’t want to put holes in the walls to hang your decorations, investing in damage-free techniques such as velcro and/or command strips/hooks is a great idea.

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