23 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas For A Cozy Feeling

Farmhouse Christmas decor ideas and DIY ornaments

The farmhouse style is warm, cozy, and magical, especially at Christmas.

If you are wondering how to incorporate this beautiful, rustic style into your Christmas decor, here are 23 items/ideas and the best ways to use them.

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

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23 Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

Hopefully, these ideas will help you incorporate some of the farmhouse items you already have into your Christmas decorations and maybe will inspire you on some items you want to add this year.

1. Evergreens

Evergreens are their most spectacular in winter. A true farmhouse family would use what they had available to them. Evergreens are plentiful, so beyond your tree, haul out the holly, ivy, and pine with abandon.

Bring the outside, in.

Hang evergreen garlands over doorways. Lay some on your mantle. Swag some on the staircase. Have fun putting some on a headboard or even on your table.

Whether you use real or artificial greenery, it’s essential for your farmhouse Christmas decor.

greenery farmhouse christmas decor ideas

If you need evergreen Christmas garlands check out this selection from Amazon.

2. Pinecones

Pinecones can be wired into garlands or simply arranged in bowls or jars.

If you want to elevate them, turn them into ornaments by gluing a few together into a pinecone star or snowflake.

Farmhouse Christmas decor ideas

3. Fruits and Nuts

Fall and winter bring with them an abundance of unique fruits. Imagine a bowl piled high with red apples on your dining table for the “farm hands” to grab, or an evergreen runner with apples, cranberries, and walnuts tucked throughout.

Apples, citrus, and berries can also be dehydrated in your oven and can be used as a potpourri or strung together with simple string to form a rustic garland.

A slice of dried orange or lemon can make a simple ornament for your tree.

Fruits and nuts farmhouse Christmas decor ideas

4. Baskets

While you may not be returning from a snowy trip to your chicken coup with a bounty of eggs for your farmhouse breakfast, you likely have some baskets tucked away. Bring them out of the closet and use them around your home.

If you’ve got one big enough, put your tree in it. Fill them with greenery, ornaments, pinecones, or blankets.

Natural baskets are perfect for your farmhouse decor, but if yours are too reminiscent of another holiday, paint them – white, brown, black, or even red or green can work.

Basket with ornaments for a farmhouse Christmas look

5. Mason Jars

Whether you pickle, make jam, use them as drinking vessels, or have been gifted flowers or soup in them, dig out the mason jars and put them to use.

These naturally charming vessels evoke a farmhouse feel – like they’ve just come up from the root cellar.

Use them to hold flameless votive candles, small Christmas ornaments, or as vases for holly and evergreen boughs. Mason jars look especially beautiful and sparkly when you add string lights.

Mason jar decorated with candle, berries and greenery

When shopping for Mason jars to fill in with ornaments, make sure they have a wide mouth, like these ones, so is easier to add whatever you choose.

6. Plaid and Burlap

Like the iconic trapper hat or the sacks of feed next to the silo, these fabrics evoke a farmhouse feeling, especially at Christmas. Incorporating plaid and burlap can be done in several ways.

How to decorate farmhouse style for Christmas

Get your Christmas stockings and banners in these fabrics.

Grab a remanent from the fabric store, rip it into strips, and turn it into ribbons for garlands, trees, or packages – no sewing required. Use fabrics to wrap gifts under the tree or as a tree skirt.

7. Galvanized Buckets

One way to use galvanized buckets in your Christmas decor is as a “tree skirt”.

It doesn’t matter if your tree is 9 feet or 9 inches, a galvanized bucket underneath it will immediately create that farmhouse look you are going for.

You can also find more shallow buckets and fill them with some rustic Christmas ornaments to make a great centerpiece or countertop decoration.

You can also use them as planters, to keep wood logs, as ice buckets, etc.

Your imagination is the limit! These trio of galvanized buckets are perfect for Christmas displays.

Galvanized bucket filled with Christmas decorations

8. Farmhouse Style Throw Pillows and Blankets

You can’t go wrong with buffalo plaid for your throw pillows and blankets.

The best thing about this pattern is that it so easily transitions from one season to the next.

Find some neutral buffalo plaid and burlap pillows and throws to add a little rustic touch to any area.

If you have Christmas-specific patterns, find a few focal points in your home to concentrate your holiday throws.

For example, a bench at your entryway, a corner of one couch, and a corner of a fireplace hearth are all great places to scatter some farmhouse Christmas spirit.

Check this selection of Farmhouse Style Christmas Pillow Covers.

9. Wooden Display Ladder

Remember those throw blankets we were talking about?

Here is another great place for them.

Find two or three coordinating throws and hang them from the rungs of the ladder. Another option is to display Christmas ornaments or gifts.

Wooden ladder with Christmas ornaments and gifts

If you have children, is a good idea to place the ladder behind another piece of furniture to avoid little ones scaling it.

Display ladders also make great space fillers.

If you start looking around your room and feel that one area is lacking the Christmas spirit, you can easily move your ladder to fill that gap.

10. Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

The big Christmas tree trend in the Farmhouse style is a flocked tree.

This is a tree that has some artificial “snow” on the branches to create that outdoor, rustic appearance.

The best part about a flocked tree is that it really makes your ornaments pop.

You can find flocked Christmas trees everywhere right now, or you could also try a DIY approach. Here are some great ideas.

And if you need decorations for your tree, have a look at these beautiful country-style ornaments made with burlap.

11. Rustic Wooden/Metal Signs

I love a painted wooden sign all year, but the Christmas-themed signs are beautiful. There are two spots that work well for signs that you want to show off.

The first is above or on your mantle. I love the rustic touch this farmhouse sign brings to the entire living room.

The other option for a larger sign is to place it on your front porch.

You can either lean it up against a wall or pillar surrounded by other decorations or place it in an old-fashioned rocking chair.

This will make a big impact as you walk into your home.

Christmas rustic sign and ornaments

12. Farmhouse Style Wreaths

Incorporating farmhouse wreaths into your Christmas decorations could not be more simple. You really can hang them anywhere you like them best.

If you are looking for inspiration, some great places are your front door, going up your banister, above your stove over the vent hood, or even lying flat on a table or counter filled with candles and ornaments.

This is a versatile decoration that can help bring the Christmas spirit to any space.

13. Wooden Ornaments

Bringing wooden ornaments into your Christmas decor is a fun and inexpensive way to add that rustic touch to your overall look.

They can be added to your traditional ornaments on your tree or displayed in a tray or bowl on your coffee table or end table.

You could also use them in a cylinder vase in your bathroom to give it a little touch of Christmas.

Christmas wooden ornaments farmhouse style

✅ These Christmas country-style wooden hanging ornaments are simply adorable.

14. Farmhouse Style Centerpieces

Decorating your dining room for Christmas is a fun way to use a space that is probably not one you use every day.

Pull out your favorite tablecloth and center the room with a beautiful farmhouse centerpiece.

If you already have a centerpiece but it is not “Christmas” per se, it’s so easy to add a few ornaments to the arrangement to incorporate it into your decorations without having to purchase a brand new centerpiece.

If you don’t have a formal dining room, these centerpieces are also beautiful on a coffee table or kitchen island.

This garland with grey pinecones will make a beautiful centerpiece on your dining table. Add some white string lights and red berries for a rustic charming look.

Rustic centerpiece Christmas decor ideas

15. Wooden Or Galvanized Tiered Tray

A beautiful farmhouse-style tiered tray can really be a vessel for every season. They go beautifully on a large kitchen island or a buffet in your dining room.

If you have one that you keep set up all year round, you can keep your same decor on it for Christmas.

Just add some garland or rustic picks to each tier and maybe some mini Christmas trees.

I usually have a small Christmas tree that goes next to my tiered tray to make it look more complete. It’s one of my favorite spots to decorate for Christmas.

16. Clothespins

Laundry may not be hanging outside in the winter, but clothespins provide both a decorative and practical use.

Clothespins can be used to hang your Christmas cards or other festive decorations on a piece of twine.

They can attach ornaments to the tree. You can also use them to hang garlands. Seeing the rustic mechanics adds a level of charm that’s perfect for farmhouse decor.

clothespins farmhouse christmas decorating ideas

These decorated wood clothespins are so cute and perfect to hang all your Christmas cards or small ornaments.

17. Lanterns with Candles

There is no right or wrong way to incorporate your lanterns into your Christmas decor.

Here are some ideas: If you have a real flame candle, you could attach a small sprig of greenery with some holly berries to the top of the lantern with a burlap ribbon. It is so easy and immediately ties your lanterns into the season.

If you have battery-operated candles, fill the bottom of the lantern with some Christmas greenery, artificial snow, cinnamon sticks, and/or holly berries.

It makes the lanterns really feel warm, cozy, and festive. This wooden flameless candle lantern is perfect for creating a warm and rustic ambiance.

You could also substitute the candles with festive ornaments like bubbles, small figurines, tiny Christmas trees, string lights, ribbons, pinecones, etc.

Rustic Chrismas lantern decor tips

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18. Wood

Yes, a pile of chopped wood can go a long way in completing your farmhouse story. Imagine a stacked pile of white birch logs in your entry or a basket of cedar logs by the fireplace or on your front porch.

Grocery and big box stores often have pre-cut wood that can be quickly unwrapped and placed in a festive place as if to say, a cozy fire is at the ready, even if you don’t have a fireplace.

Wood logs rustic Christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor ideas

19. Hot Cocoa/Coffee Bar

I love the idea of creating my own hot cocoa or coffee bar in the kitchen. A simple way to do it is with a galvanized or rustic-tiered tray.

Fill it with all your favorites and add a touch of Christmas farmhouse with greenery, vintage signs, chalkboards, string lights, festive mugs, pinecones, or Mason jars.

Go big if you have space and if you don’t, use any free space on your countertop.

20. Shop the Basement (or Attic, or Storage Unit)

Resourcefulness is a major part of living on a farm. Introducing unique objects can make a house feel like a home.

Metal buckets can become an interesting vase for ornaments or evergreens at the entry.

Maybe you have a pair of ice skates gathering dust. Empty frames, pitchers, and boxes, for example, can become unique additions to your farmhouse Christmas decor when grouped.

Help these forgotten items tell your holiday farmhouse story just by being what they are.

recycle items christmas farmhouse decor ideas

21. Create A Warm Glow

Modern Christmas lights offer a variety of colors, but nothing beats the classic white. Stick to a warm white, as opposed to a cool white.

As evening approaches, you want your home to glow. Use warm white lights amongst your evergreen. Safely use candles – real or battery operated – to light your home. It will create the feeling that anyone’s welcome.

warm lights christmas rustic decor ideas

22. Scents and Senses

Beyond the decorations you and your guests see, use scents to enhance the experience. Scented candles are great, but this can also be achieved by simmering some apple cider on the stovetop.

Throw in some spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. As the smell wafts through your home, you can’t help but get cozy.

farmhouse christmas scent spices

And lastly:

23. Celebrate Imperfection

One of the most wonderful things about Christmas farmhouse decor is the freedom it gives you.

The more rustic the better. If your evergreen garland is a bit thin, it will be perfect.

Are the edges of your ribbon a bit frayed?

All the better. If the paint is chipped, feature it.

Using what you’ve got, enhanced with nature’s evergreen bounty will give you that postcard-worthy farmhouse Christmas.

Other home decor tips and ideas to find inspiration

Do you have any farmhouse Christmas decor ideas you want to share?

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