Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas, tips and recommendations.

The farmhouse look has taken the world by storm. It’s especially popular during the holiday season when its laid-back and warm appeal adds to your home.

If you want to make your house cosy for Christmas think about adding few of these farmhouse decor ideas: galvanized buckets, neutral decorations, fresh pinecones, greenery, natural wreaths, wooden or vintage signs, burlap, chalkboards and other handmade, vintage and rustic decorations you can get your hands on.

Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas to inspire you
Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas

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How to Incorporate Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas Into Your Home


How exactly do you incorporate farmhouse xmas decorations into your home? Below you will find few decorating ideas that I hope will inspire you to get the look you are after this season.


1. Burlap Wrapped Garland

Garlands make great decorations for staircases and banners. They’re easy to make on your own although you can purchase pre-made ones easily as well. Using a variety of natural plants to make a holiday garland is always fun. One simple way to make this a farmhouse decoration is to wrap the garland with a simple burlap ribbon. Choose a thick one in a plain or monochrome color. You can also add a burlap bow if desired. Run it around the staircase, fireplace or middle of the table.

Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas
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Farmhoude Christmas decor ideas
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2. Add Wreaths to Doors and Windows

If you want to add decor to both the outside and inside of your home, then consider how a simple evergreen wreath with a bright red bow can add to the house. This is simple and can usually last for a few weeks around the holidays. For a simple overall look, add these wreaths to the main door and windows outside.

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✅ Beautiful rustic Christmas wreaths:


3. Update Bedding and Pillows

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of farmhouse to your home for Christmas is adding fun throw pillows in simple but classic patterns and styles. Look for pillows that are made of natural fabrics like linen and burlap. Even a cotton pillow can do the trick. Plaid patterns also evoke a farmhouse style. These are very popular and easy to find. Put away your normal decorative pillows and replace them temporarily with these options.

You can also update your bedrooms with throw pillows, blankets, and even the duvet or sheet sets. Once again, a simple plaid duvet and pillowcases are a great way to bring some farmhouse decor into the home. If you’re going to be hosting family or friends over the holiday, you can simply update your guest bedrooms for an easy option.

Farmhouse Christmas decor ideas
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✅ Beautiful Farmhouse Christmas pillows:


4. Add Galvanized Buckets & Tiered Trays

You’ve probably seen these fun buckets at a variety of houseware stores. The good news is that they’re functional and can be a great way to update the decor in your home around the holidays. You can use these buckets for a variety of purposes and they come in all shapes and sizes. Consider getting small buckets and writing on them with chalk to spell “merry” or some other holiday word. You can fill the buckets with trinkets, ornaments, or greenery and use it inside or outside the house for a rustic touch.

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Also, think about using the buckets as functional parts of the home. You can use the larger buckets to store blankets, toys, and more. Swap out some of your normal functional containers with these and you’ll make a simple statement. You could add a ribbon to the top of the buckets in a plain red or plaid pattern to make them look naturally festive.

Galvazided tiered trays are fun to use and you can place so many ornaments and related Christmas items on them. Your imagination is the limit. Don’t you just love them?

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✅ Farmhouse galvanized buckets and tiered tray:


5. Add Vintage Signs

If you are crafty consider making your own wooden vintage signs, some designs are really easy to make. You can even make your own with reclaimed wood. These signs are typically red or plain wood with stenciled letters in white. They may have a Christmas themed saying on them and can be found in a variety of sizes. Hang them around the house, in the festive season, for a simple but beautiful decor idea.

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Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas for your home
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✅ Christmas farmhouse signs:


6. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

A key element of farmhouse decor is simple and neutral colors. When you decorate the tree, consider choosing ornaments that are white, light brown, and have simple elements. One fun idea to do on your own is to wrap round ornaments with strips of white cotton, muslin, or burlap. You can use natural fabrics in neutral colors and use twine or hemp string to hang them on the tree. Add some pops of color with a few red ornaments or red bows and you’ll be all set.

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✅ Farmhouse Christmas tree ornaments:


7. Farmhouse Mantelpiece Decor Ideas

Like the tree, if you want your mantelpiece to have a farmhouse look this Christmas, go for a neutral color palette with pops of color (red stands out beautifully). Place green garland around the mantelpiece and place some scattered pine cones on top of it. Other items you can use to decorate the mantel include:

  • lanterns
  • wooden logs
  • metallic buckets filled with greenery or wooden elements
  • artificial snow
  • holiday chalkboard art
  • vases filled with ornaments or artificial flowers
  • a wreath placed on a distressed wood framework
  • DIY burlap stockings
  • diy decorations with a rustic touch
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✅ Farmhouse Christmas mantel decorations:

These simple farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas are easy to implement and can be customized to suit your home. Consider how to incorporate these ideas into your decor this upcoming season.

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