15 Ideas For Farmhouse Decor On A Budget

If you are looking for farmhouse decor on a budget, I have selected 15 items that will give your home an inexpensive farmhouse look.

Creating “Farmhouse Style” décor in your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This style is all about achieving a simple, clean, cozy, and welcoming space that is packed with vintage charm and clutter-free character.

Many décor items can be homemade, recycled or repurposed items, and salvaged pieces. It’s important to blend the old with the new in order to achieve balance.

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Inexpensive farmhouse decor ideas

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Start With The Basics

Start with a neutral palette.

Paint walls white or creamy beige to create a clean look that will be the perfect backdrop for the décor and accessories. Other colors that you can find in the farmhouse-style decor are shades of light blue and green.

Continue the clean clutter-free look by removing curtains from windows to open up the room’s space and bring in lots of natural light.

Wood floors are usually the norm for this style, but some textured rugs over other flooring types will work too.

Once you have your basics in place, it’s time to add the décor and accessories.

15 Farmhouse Decor Ideas On a Budget

Here are 15 ideas and budget-friendly decorative items to achieve the popular farmhouse style in your home. Most of the items featured, with a few exceptions, cost less than $30.00.

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1. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a common material found in this style of décor. Wood beams on the ceiling and baseboards can be used to achieve this rustic quality.

Faux wood grains can be achieved by using paint or stain to give surfaces the look of reclaimed wood without the high price tag.

Then create the distressed wood look by beating the wood pieces with hammers or other tools.

Use old wood doors, chipped painted shutters, salvaged columns, and other pieces to put the rustic warmth of wood in your rooms.

Old ladders can be used as shelves to hang quilts or towels, or as wall décor.

2. Shiplap

Decades ago, vertical wooden paneling could be found in just about every home.

Today, thanks to home makeover celebrities, like Joanna Gaines, horizontal paneling, commonly referred to as “shiplap,” is the popular new trend in adding farmhouse style to your walls.

Unlike the dingy, off-colored paneling of the fifties, sixties, and seventies, modern shiplap can brighten up any space in your home.

Farmhouse style typically features a white-washed version of shiplap.

If white isn’t your favorite, you can find shiplap in a wide range of colors.

Some shiplap products can be stained or painted for a custom look. It also comes in a variety of easy-to-install materials. There are even green options available.

Using this paneling can also help hide an ugly wall, with damage or stains that paint just won’t cover.

Best of all, shiplap adds a lot of texture to any space, giving your home a richer overall look.

If you have a project but can’t afford shiplap, a cheaper way to add it is using peel-and-stick wallpaper that resembles the real thing.

And for bigger projects, a cheaper alternative is using plywood strips. Check this post to see a DIY project using plywood strips.

3. Architectural Pieces

Architectural pieces give your home the vintage charm that is associated with the farmhouse style.

These can be simple pieces such as corbels hanging on a wall with a board on top to make a shelf or old windows placed on a wall as art.

Distress the pieces by sanding off some of the paint or brushing over it with a stiff dry brush with just a little paint on it.

Architectural pieces can be hung over doorways or windows to add character and interest to a bland space.

4. Use Metal Accents

Metal is used in different ways to enhance the eclectic look of this style of decorating.

Metal can be used in lighting such as a metal chandelier, metal candle holders, or an old metal birdcage from a thrift store.

The metal look can also be achieved by spray painting on plastic, glass, or wood items.

Using outdoor metal light fixtures over tables or as wall sconces can be an inexpensive source of lighting and can be found in any home improvement store. Rusted metal is preferred in this style of décor.

5. Group Decorative Items

Groupings of items help bring in charm to your home’s atmosphere.

Items you can put together include stone statuaries of animals from the garden, brightly colored bowls or vases you’ve painted, decorative candles, old books, pictures in distressed frames, wooden or rustic signs, etc.

You could group items on a corner on the floor, on top of a tray, on kitchen countertops, close to the fireplace, on a wooden stool or trunk, hung on the wall, or any place you can think of.

Think about items or collections that you have around the house and make sense to group together.

Grouping items together gives an uncluttered and cohesive look to your rooms.

Farmhouse decoration ideas on a budget
Farmhouse decor on a budget

6. Mason Jars

Chances are, you have old Mason jars lying around your house somewhere already. If not, you can find them almost anywhere, including grocery stores, craft stores, and even garage sales.

These cute jars come in different sizes and colors and can be used all over your home to add a farmhouse touch.

They make charming vases, especially for wildflowers, and can also be used in lieu of drinking glasses.

Add them to your home decor by setting out a group of Mason jars on your bar cart, or open shelves (see #14 for more about open shelves).

Try one as a pen and pencil holder on your desk, or put tealights in them to warm up your space.

You can even spray paint and distress Mason jars on your own for a look that is more your style.

7. Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements add color and bring nature into your spaces.

Use fresh cuttings from bushes or tree branches found in your yard, wild flowers from the garden, or dried plants.

These are free floral arrangements and they look great in a canning jar or water pitcher.

Old buckets, painted jars, pretty glassware, and old tins are economical choices for putting floral arrangements in.

8. Consider Using Baskets

Baskets are a favorite item used in the farmhouse style because they add texture and storage.

They are really practical and versatile as they can be used to store things such as throw pillows, blankets, toys, craft supplies, clothes, and other household items.

You can paint baskets to add color or paint them white to create a neutral pallet. They can be found at a bargain price at garage sales and thrift stores.

9. Throw Pillows

One of the simplest ways to add farmhouse decor on a budget to your home is with throw pillows. They can be used on chairs, sofas, and beds to instantly update the whole look of a room.

Look for fabrics in muted tones that resemble burlap and linen. Stripes and buffalo checks are appealing options for patterns with farmhouse flair.

If you change your decor with the season, I recommend purchasing some nice inserts and switching out decorative pillow covers periodically.

This will save you space, compared to pillows with covers that don’t zip off, so you only have to store the covers, while the inserts stay out all year round.

Pillow covers can also be used to cover the outdated, or worn-out, throw pillows you currently own. Check this selection of decorative farmhouse throw pillow covers.

10. Harvest Table

A harvest table is a common piece of furniture found in farm-style décor. The table is usually made from reclaimed or barn wood and is extra long to make a statement and accommodate a crowd for dinner.

A cheap alternative to a custom-made harvest table is to use an old door on top of two sawhorses. It’s rustic and adds character. If you are interested in the tutorial click here.

Cheap farmhouse decor ideas

11. Distressed Signs

Distressed signs are a must in this style of decorating. Old signs can be found in antique shops or salvage stores but they might be a little pricey.

You can make your own sign with a piece of plywood, stencil letters, and paint.

After the lettering is dry just sand off some of the paint for an antique or weathered look. Signs can be used in any room of the house to add character and interest.

They can be made of wood or metal and can be hung on the wall or simply leaned up against a wall or bookshelf.

12. Old Books & Albums

Old books and vintage photo albums are often used in this style of décor to add interest, and color, or provide height to items that are set on top of them.

They can be used in groupings along with other accessories, lined up on a bookshelf, or stacked up on a table, vintage suitcases, or a trunk.

Old books can often be found at any thrift store or garage sale for under a dollar a piece.

Use your own books to accessorize your home by making book covers with colorful fabric or interesting crafts or newspapers.

farmhouse budget decorating ideas

13. Open Shelves

Open shelves can do a lot for your space. They are often constructed out of basic materials, like metal piping and wood, for a DIY feel that is at the heart of the farmhouse style.

This style of shelving is commonly used in kitchens and for books.

The open design allows you to display pretty kitchen and dining items, which are normally hidden away in your cupboards.

Functional items like vases, bowls, plates, pretty glasses, teapots, and wooden cutting boards become beautiful trinkets. No need to spend extra money on decor!

Open shelves are great for plants, too, because their open sides allow light to reach more of the leaves.

Besides adding a farmhouse style, open shelving also creates the illusion of a bigger room.

For a variety of open shelving under $25.00 check this selection

14. Wooden Bench

The farmhouse style incorporates a lot of natural materials, with wood being at the top of the list. They look beautiful in any finish, whether raw, stained, or painted.

A wooden bench can function in many ways, and yours can be styled according to the purpose it serves around your home.

A popular place for a wooden bench in a home with a farmhouse style is at the dining table.

Mix one among your dining chairs for an eclectic look.

You can add comfort with throw pillows to a wooden bench with a back, or to a backless bench that is pushed up against a wall.

Use a wooden bench in your foyer, at the foot of a bed, or even as a coffee table. Let your wooden bench shine on its’ own, or belt on a cushion for more fun.

Reclaimed wooden benches further heighten a farmhouse aesthetic. Look for old church pews and piano benches at vintage markets for a one-of-a-kind piece, with character to spare.

15. Paintings & Portraits

Art is the finishing touch for decorating your home in the farmhouse style.

Paintings of farm animals, landscapes, old barns, or other old buildings add character and charm to your rooms.

If you have any old portraits or family photos printed in black and white, put them in old frames and hang them on a wall.

Alternatively, you can arrange a few frames on top of wooden or vintage furniture.

Botanical prints can be copied or torn from old books and framed to make art that brings nature into your inside spaces.

Other decorating tips and accessories you might like:


Farmhouse-style décor is popular because it is warm, welcoming, comfortable, and cozy.

You can achieve excellent results with your own efforts without busting your budget.

Try some DIY projects in your own home and get a farmhouse style you’ll love.

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Affordable farmhouse decor ideas

Do you have any suggestions to add to Farmhouse decor on a budget?

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