French Country House Style Decoration Tips

Explore French country-style accessories and decorating tips to recreate this welcoming look at home

I love French country house style decor. It is beautiful, relaxed, and charming.

French country house-style decoration with flowers, a basket, and vintage vases
French country house style decor tips and accessories

What is French country style?

The French country décor mixes vintage and contemporary design ideas to achieve a classic and welcoming home.

The rustic style draws its inspiration from Provence’s lovely nature and landscapes. The lavender fields, hills, and bright sunshine.

While it incorporates different elements, the French Country Décor mainly leans towards a rustic, vintage, and lived-in look.

It is warm and casual.

This style will change your house into a lively home in an instant.

Now let’s have a look at essential French country interior design elements to create your perfect place

23 French Country Style Accessories & Tips | Give Your Home a “Provencal” Look

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French country decor tips and accessories
French country style accessories and decor ideas

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How to decorate your home in French country style?

Whether you are after French provincial decorating tips on a budget or can afford to splash a bit of cash, I have the tips and accessories you need.

To get the French style right is essential to pick accessories that complement your home’s look and furniture.

Pick accessories that can be placed strategically on walls, floors, rooms, and furniture to accentuate their laid-back appearance.

Now let’s have a look at specific French country decorating tips and decorative accents.

1. Hang abstract paintings on the wall, some black and white photography, or some vintage floral drawings. These lavender prints are absolutely beautiful.

2. Another way to recreate this look is by placing distressed vintage rugs over wooden floors.

3. A French country house is not complete without a fireplace. If you do not have a built-in fireplace create a faux one. Put some beams together and make it a wooden mantel. Complete the fireplace with some white spray paint or chalk paint.

Lay some ceramic vases, hand carvings, and or pottery over the fireplace to complete the homely lived-in look.

You can collect beautifully aged ceramics from antique shops, flea markets, or garage sales.

4. Chandeliers are a signature in French décor and a must-have accessory to add taste and style.

Rustic chandeliers with metal finishes are the perfect pick for a French country look. Add these magnificent pieces to the bedroom or the sitting room for a rustic and smart style.

If you love chandeliers check out the one below. It is beautiful, luxurious, and affordable.

White Distressed French Country Chandelier

5. Store some pots, used books, or tableware in an open armoire. You can also fit this wonderful French choice cabinet in the bedroom instead of a closed wardrobe.

6. Another accessory found in the Provence countryside homes is an oversized wall clock. Pick an aged-looking clock for a timeless addition to the kitchen, bedroom, or dining area.

French Country Oversized Wall Clock

7. A nice addition to country French decor is rustic metal and wrought iron. Hang rustic items in your kitchen or a wrought iron framed mirror in your living room to incorporate these metals into your decor. I love this rustic metal sign with a French quote.

8. A typical item of the Provence style is a bookshelf. Place a shelf along the wall next to the fireplace or in the room corner with a collection of books. A vintage bookshelf with carved details will complement this look perfectly.

9. Add a bouquet of dried or fresh flowers. Flowers over a basket or a vintage rustic vase will brighten up the place beautifully.

Farmhouse Rustic Iron Vase Container

French Farmhouse Decor Ideas: Furniture & Walls

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Adding French country style decor to your home. Tips, ideas and accessories for a French provincial look.
Get the French Provincial look with these tips and accessories

10. The keyword for rusty French décor furniture is, distressed. A distressed look adds a lived-in Provence air to the house. If you like this style you can find distressed furniture in stores or if you are into DIY you could transform old furniture to achieve a vintage look. This distressed end table with 2 shelves is beautiful and has good reviews.

11. Your goal for a sitting area is comfort and relaxation. Place mismatched sitting chairs or furniture and incorporate vintage armchairs and upholstered pieces.

12. Consider a large, dull-waxed dining table and curved chairs with a contemporary upholstered design to add to your décor. Upholstered adds luxury and class to the home.

# You could also opt for a large farmhouse-style dining table to get the rustic feeling.

13. For a French country bedroom, pick a bed with a large wrought iron headboard and throw in as many pillows as you want. Check out this selection of beautiful pillow covers with decorative French motifs.

14. Fit the bed with a large upholstered headboard or place a tufted ottoman, chair, or upholstered bench at the end of the bed to complete the French rustic look.

15. French country homes are adorned with stone walls or revealed brick walls. Distressed beams and timbers, woods that reveal their grain, and lightly finished window casing that shows natural nuts are a characteristic of this home décor.

16. Furniture and other architectural features should portray some age. Some unfinished looks and unique designs. Allow enough room for creativity.

French Country House Style Accessories: Colors and Fabrics

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French country decorating ideas

French country décor is characterized by simple neutral colors.

The varying country landscapes of the Provence and climate influence the choice of colors for a country French Décor.

The color palette favors neutral soft colors and colors from classic French fabrics.

17. Choose some soft yellows, warm pinks, grass green, dark hunter green, soft ocean tones, and earthy browns. Pick complementing colors for a relaxed French country home.

18. Go for neutral or pastel colors for the wall to complement a colorful interior.

19. Another way to achieve the rustic French look is by whitewashing the cabinets and some of the walls.

20. Add wallpapers with flower patterns or place floor rugs with beautiful distressed designs.

French Inspired Vintage Rug

21. Hang long drapes over the large framed windows. Let them flow and make a pool on the floor.

22. Choose linen fabric in cream and white colors for the bedding. The covers should have extra length to sweep the floor.

23. Accessorize with beautiful toile fabrics. Toile de Jouy, the traditional French country fabric, is a necessary addition to your décor.

Choose curtains charmingly decorated with rustic motifs or a toile pattern.

Get some linen fabrics or seat covers with toile designs and bring classic French into your house.

Maison d’ Hermine The Miller 100% Cotton Curtain

# If you are into farmhouse decor style check out these vintage farmhouse tips and must-have accessories.

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Other home decoration tips, ideas, and projects

French Country House Style Decor: Très Chic!

Turning your house into a French country house is easy if you know what to look for.

French style is versatile. Take advantage of old furniture, worn fabrics, or antiques you have in your home and make them count.

Throw in some vintage pieces and personalize a few items and you will always long to stay in your Provence “Maison”.

What are your favorite French country house style house style decor and tips?

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