1. Hi, When i mix commercial Aloe vera ( says 98 percent on circle green box) with some oils such as Almond , jojoba, it comes out a cream with good creamy color and soft. Once I tried with natural Aloe vera the result was not like that and did not mix as well.

    1. Hi,

      Since aloe vera (from plants) is naturally lumpy you will need to use a blender until it becomes smooth. Then, you can use a pantyhose to strain the gel. This way you will end up with a gel that is lump-free. Also, don’t forget to use an emulsifier.

  2. Julie Rose Paraia says:

    Whom can I get in touch for order

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your interest, but I don’t sell this stuff. The products are for personal use only, but you can make your own by following the instructions.

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