homemade aloe vera shampoo


  1. If you use the preservative, is this room temperature stable, and for how long?

    1. Yes, the preservative I use is stable at room temperature, but you should always check the guidelines of the preservative you are using (from the supplier).
      For this specific recipe and, using the right amount of preservative, I keep it for no longer than 3 months and I like to store it in the fridge because I always think is better preserved in cold.

  2. Nancy Fisher says:

    Sorry, one more question–can you clarify what ‘broad spectrum preservative’ you’re usung AND what quantity? Thanks!

    1. I’m using a preservative from a UK store called preservative eco plus used at 1.1%. If you are located somewhere else you could try Optiphen, which is usually used at 1% of the total volume of the formula.
      Hope this can be of help.

  3. Nancy Fisher says:

    Can you give the equivalent amount of aloe vera gel (in tablespoons/cups) for commercial gel.as opposed to using fresh aloe leaves? Thanks!

    1. Hi, you could use 2 or 3 tablespoons of store-bought aloe vera gel.

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