--> How To Clean Your House Before Christmas (7 Useful Steps)

How To Clean Your House Before Christmas (7 Useful Steps)

One of the best ways to have a stress-free holiday season is to have a clean and organized house before Christmas.

Holidays can be an overwhelming time of the year. Getting your house ready for all of the parties, guests, and holiday fun can be a daunting task.

The holidays will be here before you know it. Don’t put off those vital cleaning tasks for later. Getting them done as early as possible will help you to have a smooth and stress-free holiday.

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How to clean your home before Christmas

Whether you need a simple tidy, or you need full-scale deep cleaning, this is the step-by-step list of how you can tackle your cleaning needs this holiday season.

How To Clean Your House Before Christmas

Here’s a holiday cleaning list to help you get your house ready for the fun and festive holiday season. It is a good idea to tackle one room/area per day, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and feel tempted to give up before you start.

If you are wondering when should you start cleaning for Christmas, it will depend on how big your house is and how fast you are able to clean. In my case, I start one week before Christmas, but if your house is big you could start cleaning 10 days earlier.

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1. Garbage Bag Therapy

  • Before you begin any cleaning or organizing session, it is best to grab a trash bag and walk through your space.
  • Look for any bits of trash that have gotten left out like candy wrappers, half-full water bottles, and empty packages.
  • Anything that you can find on surfaces that can get quickly and easily tossed away needs to get tackled first.
  • Starting with the trash will immediately begin to clear up space and give you a little motivation as you see a cleaner area emerge.

2. Declutter Your Space

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to attack your clutter. New things will be coming in, and it is time for old things to go out.

Below are a few tips to help you declutter:

  • If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, is better to let it go.
  • If you don’t love it and don’t use it, remove it from your home. Regardless if it was a gift from a previous holiday like a birthday or Christmas, if it’s not something that you like, there’s no reason to hang on to it. If we keep everything that people give us, we will be drowning in clutter.
  • Start with your high-traffic areas, your entryway, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. Begin combing through the spaces for those things that you don’t need anymore.

You can either sell them for some extra money, throw them away, or donate them. Whichever option you choose, your space will thank you for it, and so will your holiday guests.

  • The remaining things need to get put in their home. If you have what is called homeless clutter, you must find a place for each of those items. Figure out where they most logically go and put them there.

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3. Doorknobs, Light Switches, and Walls

Most people overlook these areas while cleaning, but your guests will notice. Grubby fingerprints around light switches and doorknobs, as well as scuff marks on walls, all lend themselves to the appearance of uncleanliness.

  • Grab a magic eraser and tackle those walls, especially the lower areas, if you have young children.
  • Get a rag with some soap and water and wipe down the doorknobs and the light switches.
  • It’s also a good idea to use a disinfecting wipe on them after they’ve gotten cleaned.

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High Traffic Areas

Now it’s time to tackle those high-traffic areas like the entryway, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. These are the areas that see the most action, which means we want them to look top-notch. I’ll break down the cleaning routine for each room.

4. Entryway

That is the first space your guests will see when they enter your home, and therefore you want it to make a great first impression.

  • Make sure all of the coats and shoes get put away.
  • Remove any items that don’t belong in that space.
  • Dust any surfaces in that area.
  • Be sure to clean the floors.

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5. Living Room

  • Clear off the coffee table.
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces like tables, entertainment centers, skirtings, and plant stands.
  • Fluff your couch cushions and pillows. That helps the room look tidy and cozy.
  • Vacuum or sweep and mop, depending on your flooring.
  • Give the upholstery and carpet or rugs a spray of Febreeze. It always makes a home smell fresh and clean when someone walks in.

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6. Kitchen

  • Leave only the essentials out on the countertops. Give them a good wipe down, as well as your cabinets.
  • Pay extra attention to the cabinets nearest the stove where grease splatters.
  • Wash and put away all the dishes.
  • Always shine your sink. That alone helps a kitchen look clean.
  • Clean and organize the fridge to make room for Christmas foods and drinks.
  • Clean the microwave, dishwasher, and oven. Place non-stick oven liners or aluminum foil at the bottom of the oven to keep it clean.
  • Take out the trash. Sprinkle some baking soda or essential oil in the can before putting in a new liner.
  • If you want to make your house smell like Christmas, simmer some cinnamon sticks and orange peels in a pot of water for the sensational scent of the season.
  • Lastly, sweep and mop your floor.


7. Bathrooms

Many people believe the bathroom is the main room. If your bathroom is clean and tidy, people will automatically assume your entire home is clean and tidy, even if it isn’t.

Here are a few tips to clean your home before Christmas, especially when you have guests:

  • Take out the trash and replace the liner next.
  • Clean the mirrors and the shower screen.
  • Wipe down the countertops, faucet, and sink.

Of course, the most important and dreaded thing you need to clean in any bathroom is the toilet.

  • Give the outside a good cleaning while you have gel toilet bowl cleaner doing its job of coating the bowl on the inside.
  • Do use a gel cleaner with bleach, like the Clorox brand toilet cleaner. It is a miracle worker for getting your bowl sparkling white.
  • As a bonus, your gel toilet cleaner can also be used in the tub and shower if you have mold, mildew, or ring around the tub. It is THE cleaner for a sparkling bathroom. Just be sure to let it sit on the surface for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Once you’ve swept and mopped the floors, you could light a candle to give the room a pleasant aroma and a clean vibe.


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how to clean for christmas
How to clean your house before Christmas

Other Tips to Prepare Your House For Christmas

  • Give the windows and doors a good clean.
  • Wash curtains and throw pillow covers if needed.
  • Save time and clean all your cutlery before the festive season arrives.
  • And what about your glassware? Make sure your nice wine and champagne glasses are sparkling clean.
  • Declutter your dining table and clean the legs and chairs.
  • Make sure your festive table clothes are cleaned and ironed.
  • Don’t forget to declutter and dust your Christmas decorations, so they are ready to use when you need them. And if you need ideas to keep your decorations organized, read how to organize Christmas decorations.
  • Wrap all your Christmas gifts and store them in a safe place.
  • Don’t leave all your food preparation for the last day. Make what you can in advance and freeze it.


Gather up the garbage around the house and do a little decluttering and cleaning of the well-loved areas of your home.

Then you’ll be ready to welcome friends and family over for some Christmas holiday memories to cherish.

What tips do you have to clean your house for Christmas and have a stress-free holiday?

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