1. Great post, thanks for sharing.
    I just thought I’d add that I used to work in an infectious diseases laboratory, and to clean the lab we would use a 5% bleach solution, then 70% alcohol to clean all surfaces effectively. Straight bleach is unnecessary and a diluted solution is all that’s required.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. brenda M. says:

    i love your tips! what do u use for scuffmarks on the flat painted walls in your home? My 6 out of 11 gbabies came here a month ago and I am seeing these fingerprints they left and I don’t know what cleaner solution for either to use. HELP! :0
    thank you!!!

    1. Hi. I know these type of marks are common in houses and more if you have small kids.

      To remove them the obvious way is to carefully wipe it with water and a cloth. If the marks are persistent try adding a bit of washing up liquid or vinegar to the water.

      Other ways you could try:

      Dampen a cloth with alcohol. Rub the wet wipe on the mark until it disappears. To be on the safe side, try first in a place where you can’t see it.

      If the scuff mark is light try first with any eraser you have at home. If the mark persists try using a magic eraser. This works most of the time for me.

      Good luck!

    2. You can also try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Those are really good!

      1. I’m with Raquel on the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads. My adult daughter told me about them one day, they were cleaning at work and said they were amazing. I was a bit skeptical. So yeah, when we were at Walmarts I bought some to be nice. I was cleaning walls, and she said, “Mom, why don’t you use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads?” I said, “Okay…” I AM NO LONGER SKEPTICAL. They don’t scratch, they remove hard to remove dirt. I’m not sure at Walmarts, but at Sam’s Club or BJs, they had big containers of them, maybe a dozen. Yeah, I bought it. This is not to say you go through them fast, but they are cheaper that way. I also don’t use them for everything.

        PS: I do not work for Mr. Clean.

    3. I also do not work for Mr. Clean. We have rental property and used flat paint in one of our rentals. Some children wrote all over the living room walls in pencil. I thought it would need to be repainted. Just a little soft rubbing with the damp clean eraser and it is gone. The scary part is that it looks like you ruined your wall until the dampness dries because flat paint takes up the water temporarily.

      1. We all seem to love magic erasers. Thanks for sharing!

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