How To Declutter Toys Without Tears + Brilliant Organization Ideas & Tips

How to declutter and organize toys with these great tips.

Want an easy and simple way to declutter toys? I get it! You are a busy parent and don’t have time to mess around. There is never enough time in the day to make sure every single plaything is picked up and organized.

There are many ways to not only implement an organization process but guide children to help keep their things in order as well. This benefits not only busy families but helps develop a child’s ability to be independent!

It is important to address how to teach and guide a kid to follow, stay consistent, and keep everything in its place. This seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Examine the list below of key factors to try.

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How to declutter toys with these great ideas and tips
How to declutter and reduce toys

How to Declutter Toys: Tips on Purging Toys

How do I declutter my kids toys?

When decluttering, it is important to follow a “less is more” template. Less to clean up is not only time saving but also easier to keep track of.

I’m usually ruthless when decluttering my home but my son’s toys and gadgets are a different matter. I don’t like to get rid of them without his permission. That saves me plenty of arguments!

This study found out that kids are more focus and creative when they play with fewer toys. So, if you think your child has too many toys, now is a good time to dispose of some of them.

To help you sort out toys make 4 piles: broken, recycle, donate and keep


1. Throw away broken toys

This is an easy task. If a toy is broken, it can be thrown away. Place toys that are broken or missing some parts in the broken toys pile. Place them in a trash bag and throw them away as soon as you finish.


2. Recycle – Teach them to recycle

Instead of throwing away all the broken toys, check which ones can be recycled and place them in that pile. This will also teach kids the importance of recycling stuff. Done? Put them in the recycle bin.


3. Donation – Teach them to give

Teaching your kids to give or donate toys to less fortunate children should make it easier to get rid of toys they no longer play with. Talk to them about how it can change the lives of those kids that are not as lucky as them. I did this when my son was small and still works today.

Donation bag or box: Place in there all the toys that for different reasons (not being used or not age-appropriate) kids don’t play with anymore, but are still in good condition to give away. Keep the box by the door, so you don’t forget to take them to a charity shop next time you go out.


4. Keep the best

It is time to decide what toys are worth keeping. Different families will have different criteria but here are some ideas:

# Open ended toys (building blocks, lego, animal figurines,…)

Open-ended play materials allow children to make choices, express their creativity and support their independence. Open-ended materials by definition do not have a pre-determined use.


# Toys to play in family (board games, dance games, etc)

# Socio-emotional (cuddly toys like dolls or stuffed animals)

# Promote physical activity (balls, hoops, balance, etc)

Once you have decided what toys to keep, organize them in categories (soft toys, puzzles, lego, etc) and place them in transparent and labeled boxes so that your child knows what’s inside.

To keep the place tidy it is important that kids pick up their toys after they finish playing with them. Teach from an early age and they will do it automatically. Check below some tips on how to teach kids to clear their toys.


Picking Up Their Toys

Now is time for kids to get into the habit of picking up their toys.


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Children learn from copying their surroundings. While not all children may follow this golden rule, it is still worth trying. They look up to their parents and other family members and want to often be like them. In response, this process is simple. If the child sees toys consistently being organized, they will generally follow suit.


Rewarding Responsibility

It is important to remember that giving a reward after every single good deed is not always beneficial, as it can lead to other behaviors. Yet, simple rewards can be used as a means of incentive to pick up their toys.

For example, rewarding with favorite foods is an attractive choice, and sometimes that is alright, but perhaps another approach is even better.

What does your child like doing? Rewards come in many forms and rewarding with activities like going to the park or getting a new book is an option. Don’t limit rewards to just food, think outside the box!


Make a Game of Clean-Up Time

Instead of making the chore boring, it is possible to make it fun while also explaining the importance of cleaning up. The game is really up to the imagination. It can range from making it a race with a timer to pretending to put the toys to bed.

Either way, whatever choice is made, it becomes fun for you and your child, which provides vital bonding time as well. Once your child has a little system set up, introducing new organization ideas will be easier.

Seeing the space gained once everything is picked up will provide a feeling of calm to everyone.

But that is not the only important factor. The chore of cleaning up the toys serves as a safety precaution as well. No one will be tripping over anything and there will be plenty of walking space. This truly gives a sensation of accomplishment.

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How to declutter and organize kids toys
How to declutter and organize kids toys

Toys Organization Ideas for Bedroom, Living Room & Playroom

We are going to organize the areas in the house where kids play often: bedroom, living room, and playroom. These are the areas where toys tend to pile up and take over.

Bedroom Toy Organization Ideas

The kid’s room might be the trickiest to declutter and organize as this is where kids also sleep and store things like clothing etc. Toys in this room often get mixed up under the bed, thrown on the floor, tossed in a dresser or closet, among other places.

To declutter kid’s room follow the steps above and then check these tips to organize it.

Under the Bed

Under the bed is a space that not many people may think about. It is easily accessible and really uses the most out of a space that might otherwise just have things kicked under it.

Image via

The best thing to store under here is coloring books, regular books, note pads, pens, etc. Inexpensive storage bins like the ones below are perfect for under the bed. Pens and crayons can be kept in pencil boxes within the bin.

Storage Organizer Set for Child/Kids Room

Closet Toy Storage Ideas

The closet is the place where toys get buried under shoes, lost in corners, etc. There are two great options for the closet.

1 – Hanging shoe organizer

This option has at least twelve pouches on it meant to hold shoes, but these can hold anything and easily can hang on the closet door, along the wall, or even hung on a sturdy hanger. They are great for small items like Hot Wheel cars, action men, soft toys, barbie clothes, or accessories.

2 – Another choice within the closet is a toy box

A toy box serves as a great tool for a variety of reasons. One, it can be combined with the shoe organizer. In this scenario, the toy box houses bigger items like baby dolls or stuffed animals and the organizer holds the items that accompany those toys. The toy box also serves another purpose. It is tucked away in the closet, leaving more space in the actual bedroom.

Unisex toy organizer for closets:

4 Foldable Foldable Storage Boxes

And in case you want something more girly:

Cute Storage Basket with Handles

3 – Hanging Shelf

Create extra organizing space with this hanging shelf. You can place clothes, but the shelf can also be used to organize toys within the closet. Sometimes we just need to use our imagination.

Hanging Closet Organizer

C. How to Declutter Toys with Drawers

Many times, things might be tossed in dresser drawers instead of clothing. To prevent this, consider a drawer just for toys. It will satisfy the need of throwing things in a drawer without it being mixed among clothing.

This is where the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” (below) action is best. Set the example by placing toys in the plastic drawers. The best part about this option is that there are many decorative plastic bins to help coordinate with your child’s room.

4 Baskets with Wheels For Toys

Check these articles to help you clean and declutter your home:


How To Organize Toys In Living Room (5 Ideas)

If your living room is cluttered with toys follow these easy steps to help you tidy up and organize this area.


1. Place boxes underneath the coffee table

How to declutter toys in the living room
Image from Pottery Barn Kids

2. Storage cubes

These storage cubes can be used for decorative purposes and to keep kid’s toys inside baskets or boxes. The toys are handy but easy to hide at the same time.

Image from

3. Storing toys underneath a bench is a great idea

You can achieve this look with a couple of benches and some cushions on top. Now put some storage baskets underneath and is ready to use.


4. Use an ottoman

Place toys inside an ottoman like this one. Pretty functional as you can keep plenty of toys inside, it is handy for kids and can be moved around.

Image from ROOMS

This idea can be replicated with a trunk or a bean bag like the one below.

Jumbo Ottoman for Soft Toys


5. Use the space under your furniture

We all have this space so why not make use of it? Placing baskets or boxes underneath sofas, tables or other types of furniture is a clever way of using this space.


Organize the Playroom or Toy Room

Playroom organization can take on the form of the ideas presented in the bedroom, but by taking it a step forward. Using plastic bins is crucial to help the child see where things can go.

Labeling the spots in the playroom is important because it’s often bigger than the bedroom. If the child can read, use words on the front of the bins with chalk and painters tape so that it can be interchangeable.

How to declutter toys in the playroom
Image via

Lovely playroom in pink. Everything is perfectly organized in baskets.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

If your child cannot read, using pictures like these ones will help identify the toys. Another option is up-cycling items like Pringle cans for things like Legos. They house the small pieces perfectly and the lids keep them in place if the can falls over.


How To Declutter Toys – Enjoy the New Space!

After implementing the system, enjoy the new space and lessons taught. It will be a peace of mind that things have a place and that your child or children are more independent!

How do you declutter toys? Want to share your tips?


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