--> How To Decorate Plastic Plant Pots (Outdoor Or Indoors)

How To Decorate Plastic Plant Pots (Outdoor or Indoors)

If you want to know how to decorate plastic plant pots to make them look nice, the step-by-step tutorial below will give a few ideas to get you started.

Perhaps you have a few plain boring plastic flower pots in your home that don’t seem good enough for your plants?

It is time to give them a makeover! They will look perfect in your garden, on your window ledges, or even indoors.

I have done the same, so if you are looking for easy ways to decorate plastic plant pots, have a look at these 4 ideas to get you inspired.

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How to decorate plastic flower pots

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How to Decorate Plastic Plant Pots

With a few supplies and your imagination, you can transform dull flower plastic pots into beautiful crafts.

1. White Spray Paint And Twine Flower Pots (Rustic Farmhouse Style)

I had a few small plastic pots that look like the ones below.

painting plastic flower pots ideas

The first thing I did was paint them. For the first two plant pots, I used white spray paint. I give them a layer with Matte Finish Linen White Chalk Spray Paint.

A few tips before painting your plastic plant pots:

  • Make sure the pots are clean.
  • With some paints, the fumes are strong, so be sure you paint the pots outside.
  • Beware of wind and dust.
  • Shake the bottle really well and spray from a distance.
  • Avoid spraying too much to prevent the build-up of the paint and the dreaded drips.
  • A few thin layers are better than one thick layer.
how to paint plastic plant pots
How to paint plastic flower pots

The problem I found using chalk paint on plastic was that it started to flake off in some places.

But in the end, I decided to leave it like that because I very much liked the way it looked, like a vintage flowerpot.

If you don’t like the aged look, use a non-crack spray paint suitable for plastic.

To make something similar, tie around the plant pot with twine string and stick a few flowers of your choice on it.

rustic plastic flower pot decor
how to age plastic plant pots

Last, plant your preferred flowers and place them on a tray or saucers.

How to decorate plastic plant pots
How to age plastic plant pots

2. White Spray Paint And Ribbon Flower Pots

To recreate this look, spray the plant pots with non-crack spray paint suitable for plastic.

For decoration, use wooden buttons in the shape of a heart and pass them through a string. Lastly, tie around or glue a red satin ribbon.

diy plastic plant pot ribbon decor
plastic plant pot button decor

Plant the flowers of your choice and place the flower pots in saucers or a tray.

how to decorate plastic planter pots

3. Green Spray Paint With A Touch Of Golden

To recreate this look, spray the top of the pot with gold paint spray for plastic. Cover the rest of the pot with paper or an old cloth.

how to decorate flower plastic pot in gold

Once the paint is dry, cover the gold paint with paper and spray the rest with green spray paint (suitable for plastic).

decorating plastic plant pot in gold
paint golden plastic flower pot

When the paint dries, decorate the plant pots with Rhinestone flowers and gemstones for crafts.

what to do with old flower plastic pots

You can use an inexpensive wooden picture frame to make the saucer or tray. Paint it the color you want and let it dry. It’s that easy!

easy diy planter saucer
paint plant saucer

Lastly, plant your chosen flowers.

plastic pots decoration ideas
How to make plastic pots look better

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4. Blue Spray Paint And Yellow Ribbon

To recreate this look, spray paint your plant pots with blue spray paint for plastic.

If you want to give them a vintage appearance, lightly scrape the surface of the plastic pots with a piece of paper.

Do this step before the spray paint dries.

Another way to give a distressed look to plastic is by lightly sanding the surface once the paint is completely dry.

decorating flower pots ribbon

Tie around a yellow ribbon and stick a daisy flower head or any other craft flower you like on the yellow ribbon.

how to paint plastic flower pots

Make the plant pot saucer or tray the same way as with the green pots.

Finally, plant the flowers of your choice.

how to make plastic plant pots look nice
How to decorate plastic pots for plants
decorating plastic plant pots

Other DIY home decor tips and crafts you might enjoy:

Do you have any questions about how to decorate plastic plant pots? Or maybe you have some ideas on what to do with old plastic flower pots? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Can you please tell me how to put a ribbon around a clay pot so that the ribbon lays flat on the pot.. thank you.

    1. Hi Frank,

      For the ribbon to lay flat I would cut a few slits, depending on how wide is the ribbon, and then use glue or Mod-Podge to attach the ribbon to the clay pot. Not sure if this is what you mean but I hope it can help.
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