--> How To Make A Ribbon Wreath (Easy Christmas Design)

How To Make A Ribbon Wreath (Easy Christmas Design)

How to make a ribbon wreath (step-by-step tutorial with pictures).

Making a ribbon wreath is a creative and even festive way to decorate any doorway or wall. In this case, I have made a Christmas ribbon wreath using holiday-themed ribbons but you can customize the wreath for any season (like this DIY summer wreath) or holiday of the year.

I wouldn’t say it is a difficult DIY decor project but it requires a little bit of time and care.

If you want to lower the cost buy the supplies from a thrift store or use leftover ribbons from other projects.

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How to make a ribbon wreath

How To Make A Ribbon Wreath

This DIY ribbon wreath is very easy to do because it uses 3 ribbons at once. The fun part of this project is finding your preferred ribbon design and color scheme.

I was inspired to make this ribbon wreath by this video. He uses 4 ribbons but I decided to do it with 3 because the wire form I’m using is smaller.

Supplies you need

  • a wreath wire form (I’m using a 12″ wireframe)
  • 3 wired ribbons in various designs (2.5″ x 10m)
  • zip ties
  • scissors
DIY ribbon wreath supplies

Directions on how to make a ribbon wreath

The first thing is to put together the ends of the 3 ribbons and roll them up until there is only one big loop reel. Before rolling the ribbons, be sure to place them facing the side you want to display.

1. Bring together the ends

3 Christmas ribbons over wood surface

2. Keep rolling!

Christmas ribbon roll over wood
4 Christmas ribbon rolls over wood

3. This is how it should look once you finish rolling the loops

One big red Christmas ribbon roll

4. Now gather the ends of the ribbons and attach them to the wireframe using a zip tie. Make sure the sides of the ribbons are down like in the image below.

Wreath wireframe and red ribbon

5. Use a zip tie to attach the ribbon to the wireframe. The wireframe I’m using has 2 wires so I’m attaching the ribbon to the inside wire.

Attaching a ribbon to wreath wireframe with a zip tie

6. Using your hand, wrap the ribbon around to make a loop (like in the image below) and secure it again with a zip tie.

Measuring ribbon with hand
Securing ribbon to wireframe with a zip tie
Using a zip tie to attach ribbon to wireframe

7. Keep doing this all around the wireframe until it is covered in loops.

Ribbon loops on wireframe with zip ties
Ribbon loops attached to wireframe with zip ties

8. The remaining ribbon will form the wreath tail. Make a big loop and attach it to the wireframe with a zip tie.

Big loop made with red Christmas ribbon
Christmas ribbon attached to wireframe with a zip tie

9. Cut the lop in the middle and then cut the ends diagonally.

Ribbon ends cut in diagonal

10. Once you finish, turn around the wreath, secure all the zip ties, and cut the long ends.

back of wireframe with zip ties

11. Now separate the ribbon loops like in the image below. Separate and arrange the tails the way you like them.

Ribbon loops

The DIY ribbon wreath is finished and ready to hang.

Homemade ribbon wreath
DIY Christmas ribbon wreath
How to make Christmas wreaths with ribbon

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How To Make A Ribbon Wreath Conclusion

Making a ribbon wreath is a great way to make a decoration for the Christmas season and also a fun craft to do with the kids.

They are a simple yet beautiful way to make a Christmas gift for someone you love. You can use any colors or patterns that you think someone would enjoy.

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