--> How To Make Wooden Signs With Stencils (2 Easy Designs)

How To Make Wooden Signs With Stencils (2 Easy Designs)

If you want to know how to make wooden signs with stencils, I have created 2 signs that I think are easy to make and perfect for beginners.

This is also my first time making wood signs, so if you are an expert or more experienced, you will probably find them too simple for your expertise.

How to make wooden signs with stencils

Follow the step-by-step instructions and have all the materials ready for whichever sign you decide to go for.

2 DIY Farmhouse Style Signs You Can Easily Make Yourself


  • 3 pieces of wood
  • repositionable spray adhesive
  • white spray paint (optional)
  • acrylic paint (your preferred color)
  • stencil letters
  • small makeup sponge (wedge)
  • cardboard or any other surface to work on

How To Make It

Glue, stencil, magic eraser, and acrylic paint

I wanted to buy the EAT boards I saw at Amazon but then I decided to challenge myself to create something similar and more affordable.

I went to a thrift store and bought these 3 small wooden cutting boards.

3 small wooden cutting boards

I decided to paint them white. I find it faster and easier when using spray paint. Spray the boards from a distance, once or twice, and let them dry completely.

It is better if you do it outdoors as the fumes can be quite strong.

Also, don’t forget to place something old, like a piece of cardboard, underneath.

Although this is a small project, it is recommended to wear a mask and disposable gloves when spray painting.

Spraying paint on 3 wooden cutting boards

Get your stencils ready and pick the colors you are going to use. I have used acrylic paints in different shades of blue.

To hold the stencil in place, spray a light layer of glue at the back of the stencil.

Spraying glue to the back of a stencil

Make sure the surface is clean and smooth before placing the stencil where you want it. In this case, in the middle of the wooden board.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, as you can reposition the stencil again. That’s why repositionable glue is so handy.

Wooden cutting board with a stencil on top

Place a small amount of acrylic paint on a container (plastic container, a lid, a small paper plate, etc).

Get a small amount of paint on the sponge and begin dabbing the paint onto the stencil.

Take a small amount of paint each time to prevent the paint from bleeding underneath the stencil. Don’t use the sponge as if you were using a paintbrush.

Painting over the stencil with blue paint
A wooden cutting board with an A stencil

Let the paint dry and give it a second or even a third layer if you think it is necessary.

Once you finish with the paint, it is time to remove the stencil. Slowly peel it off and hopefully, it will look good enough to use.

Don’t forget to wash off the adhesive from the stencils. The paint will easily come off with soap and water.

3 wooden cutting boards with the words "EAT"
How to make a wooden sign with words

I use the hole at the top to insert a piece of twine string and hang them from my kitchen cabinets.

You could also use command strips to hang the wooden boards.

3 wooden cutting boards hanging from kitchen cabinets
3 wooden cutting boards hanging from a kitchen cabinet
3 wooden cutting boards with the words EAT
How to make wooden signs with stencils

2. How To Make Wood Signs With Sayings (Palett Sign)

Another easy way to make DIY wood signs is with stencils and spray paint.


  • 3 pieces of wood
  • stencil sayings
  • wood dye (optional)
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • Mod Podge
  • repositionable spray adhesive
  • white spray paint (acrylic or chalk paint will be fine too)
  • painter’s tape or foil paper
  • Cardboard to cover the surface you will be working on

Step By Step Directions

I have used wood dye to make the color darker, but you can leave the wood as it is.

If you have chosen to dye the wood, use an old piece of clothing (like a t-shirt) or a piece of paper.

A piece of wood and wood dye
Staining the piece of wood

Once the wood dye is dry, use sandpaper all over the wood to give it a distressed look. I have done it with mine even though you can’t really appreciate it in the picture.

A stained piece of wood

Now spray a light layer of repositionable adhesive to the back of the stencil and place it on top of the wood.

Placing a stencil over the stained wood

A great tip to prevent paint from bleeding on wood is to seal the stencil with Mod Podge. Let it dry completely before moving to the next part.

Painting the stencil with Mod Podge

Make sure to cover the rest of the wood with painter’s tape or even foil paper.

Covering the piece of wood with painter's tape

I like to use spray paint because is faster but you can use acrylic or chalk paint if you wish.

If you are using spray paint make sure the area is well-ventilated as the smell can be quite strong.

I always spray outside, making sure to cover the area underneath to prevent the paint to spray everywhere.

Once the paint is dry is time to remove the tape and the stencil.

Removing the painter's tape from the piece of wood
A piece of wood with the word "grateful"

Since I have done 2 sayings on the same piece of wood, I need to cover the one I have just finished and all the wood areas I don’t want to paint.

I’m using foil paper to cover the big area and tape to cover the smaller areas.

Placing foil paper to cover part of the wood
Painting over the stencil on a piece of wood

Follow the same steps as before. Once the paint has dried, remove everything and you will have your DIY sign ready.

Finished wooden sign with the words grateful and blessed
A piece of wood with the words life is beautiful and thank you!
Making a wooden sign with the word welcome
Making a wooden sign with the word home sweet home

To join the 3 pieces of wood I used command strips and twine string (like in the image below). I find it holds the wooden signs strong and it is still hanging from the wall ?.

Joining 3 pieces of wood with command strips
DIY wooden sign hanging from a wall
How to make wood pallet signs
Homemade wooden sign hanging from a wall

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How To Make Wooden Signs With Stencils (Conclusion)

It is easy to make your own wood signs by using stencils. You can make the sign any size you want and make variations by changing the words, color, or fonts. It is a beautiful project for any occasion and it will be a beautiful addition to your house.

Making wooden signs is also a fun craft that can be personalized for gift ideas on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.

Other EASY DIY decor projects you can make at home:

If you have questions or comments about how to make wooden signs with stencils, please leave them below.

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