How to Organize a Pantry with Deep Shelves (10 Brilliant Storage Ideas)

Need help organizing your deep pantry? Here you will find effective storage solutions and ideas to transform your messy pantry into a perfectly organized storeroom.

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Cheap ways to organize a pantry with deep shelves
Cheap ways to organize a pantry

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Is your pantry a mess?

I know mine was for a long time.

I can’t remember how many times I ended up running the whole pantry to the ground in order to find items to make a single meal.

And on top of that, if your pantry has deep shelves, like mine, it can give you a real hard time.

If you are in the same boat I have a few deep pantry organization ideas and tips to arrange items so your pantry looks tidy and well organized.

Let’s get started by de-cluttering your “pantrymonium” ????


How to Organize a Pantry with Deep Shelves | 10 Tips & Ideas to Arrange Finished Foods

Before you begin organizing your pantry is advisable to examine all your food items and follow the tips below.

1. Throw away all the expired food.
2. Toss away items that were open and now might be stale.
3. Dispose of items that you simply won’t use anymore.
4. Clean the shelves.
5. Group similar types of food together. For instance, you could group cans, sauces, cereals, dry food like pasta, rice and grains, different types of flours, nuts and seeds, dry fruits, preserves, baking stuff, condiments, spices, and dried herbs.
6. Now start layering your food items in the order that makes more sense to you.
7. Place items you use often at the front and the items you rarely used at the back.
8. Another way is by placing taller items (like cereals or spaghetti) at the back so they are hard to miss.
9. Keep foods that are going to expire earlier at the front.
10. Storage for risk and reduction:

Store dry foods at least six inches off the floor and at least 18 inches away from outer walls to reduce the chances of condensation brought on by temperature differences between the container and the surface against which it rests, as well as to facilitate cleaning and pest control activities. Source

To make organizing your storeroom a breeze take advantage of the clever items below.

These organizational ideas will work also with deep kitchen cupboards.


Deep Pantry Organization Ideas | 10 Smart Storage Solutions for Deep Shelves

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How to organize a pantry with deep shelves
Inexpensive pantry storage ideas to declutter and organize deep shelves

Keeping food in its original package is not practical if you want to have a well-organized pantry. Instead keep foods in airtight containers, which will prevent insects and other unwelcome visitors from making an entrance.

These are some of the inexpensive pantry storage ideas to help you keep your pantry the way you like it: tidy and organized.


1. Tiered Food Organizers

This has to be one of the best inventions to keep a pantry with deep shelves organized. Tiered organizers are the perfect solution because you can always see the items at the back.

Use a tiered food organizer in deep pantry

No more frustration looking for that specific item. Now you can see everything at glance. Look for one that is expandable so you can fit even more stuff. You can find this expandable shelf organizer at Amazon.

Expandable Shelf Organizer


2. Clear Jars

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Organizing a pantry with deep shelves is easy when you follow these organization tips and ideas.
How to organize a pantry with deep shelves

I use clear plastic or glass jars for so many things. You can use them for cereals, pasta, rice, tea, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, dry fruits, flour, or any other dry food.

Use clear jars in your pantry or kitchen cabinets

For deep shelves, you can get clear jars in different sizes and place the taller ones at the back.

Make sure you label them to differentiate items that might look similar. Don’t mistake your semolina with your cornmeal polenta. Yeah! it happened to me.

Another important thing I do is to write the expiry date on the label. This is easy with Chalkboard Reusable Labels. Write and wipe if you make a mistake.

Once you lock the food in airtight containers it remains fresher for longer. I love that everything is visible, saving me time when I want something in a hurry.

Another plus is that the jars keep off insects and pests that feed on cereal. I tend to go for pantry organization jars that are practical but have a pretty design too. They look great on your pantry and also on your countertops.


3. Extra Shelves

If you have enough room between your shelves placing an extra shelf will add more storage space to fit more food items. It is a great solution that can be re-purposed for any space and stuff.

Expandable Counter Cabinet Shelf


4. Dividers

Dividers make organizing your pantry much easier. The dividers are useful when you need to get the larger compartments scaled down to smaller portions. They work well when you have large deep shelves that are not defined. With more compartments, you can ensure that every item is grouped with similar food items.

Acrylic 11″ Shelf Dividers


5. Rack Holders

Having a pantry with deep shelves allows me to keep things that don’t fit in my kitchen. I keep some pans, lids, and baking ware on the lower shelves. To keep them organized, and free up space, I use rack holders.

Organize a deep pantry with rack holders

It makes finding your stuff so much easier and they are also perfect for keeping kitchen cabinets clean and tidy. They come in different sizes and models. I love this one because it has adjustable compartments.

# If you don’t have enough space on your pantry why not placing a rack over the door? It will fit many items and your shelves won’t look cluttered. It is also ideal for small kitchens with limited storage space.

I like the one below. The transparent pockets make finding items very easy.

Clear Over the Door Hanging Pantry Organizer 


6. Store Plates Upright | Keep Corners Tidy

I have a designated area in my pantry to place cups, plates, and similar items because my kitchen is small and I don’t have enough cabinets. I find using holders keeps the area tidy and saves a lot of space.

I like to use upright plate holders because they save the most space. Another plus is that I don’t have to move plates around to find the one I want.

Check the plate holder below. It is very practical and is also good to store lids.

The 3 tier organizer is perfect to make use of corners in your pantry or cabinets. Works well to organize plates, lids, pans, cups, and bowls. A great space saver!


7. Stackable Storage Bins & Baskets

These are ideal when you have a lot of space between the shelves on your pantry. I like to use them to keep groceries or just snacks. Baskets are easy to roll out which makes them easier to handle.

To get the most out of this space use baskets/bins that you can stack on top of each other. It will surprise you how much you can get in there. It is the perfect storage solution for deep and large pantries.

Stackable Storage Baskets


8. Can Organizers & DIY Magazine Racks

We always have too many cans. Tins take a lot of space and if they are not well organized can make a pantry look really messy. To make it worst if you have deep shelves they get lost at the back, making it difficult to find what we want.

How to organize cans in kitchen

One of the best ways to organize cans in a pantry is to store them in a clear container or a tiered can food organizer. This tiered food organizer is perfect for deep selves.

Stackable Can Rack Organizer

# Another ingenious way to organize your canned jars is by using a magazine rack. They are great for ensuring that the jars are in one orderly place. You do not want the cans to keep rolling over each time you need something. Use any old magazine rack you have at home or get a cheap one.


9. Lazy Susan

Get a lazy Susan (a rotating plate) for the deep corners of your cabinets where it is hard to reach. It rotates to ensure that you can reach everything on that corner, even the smallest items. Nothing gets forgotten in the deep ends.

You can use it for what it was intended in the first place: in the middle of the table to share food with others. Or you can use it to store anything you want: crafts supplies, baking supplies, spices, sauces, bathroom stuff, cleaning stuff, etc.

Lazy Susan Turntable Cabinet Organizer


10. Labels for Pantry Items

Sticking a label in every container will make your life so much easier. If you are like me and you keep sending people to get you things from the pantry, they will sometimes, turn the whole place upside down to get what they need. This won’t happen if you use labels.

Reusable labels for pantry

For lockable shelves put the labels on the doors. Before someone opens the door they can locate the shelf with the snacks. This saves time as well as maintains order in the pantry.

The jars used for organizing need labels. I like the chalkboard reusable pantry labels below because they are cute and came with a chalk marker. To reuse them use a damp cloth to erase the writing.

Pen- Chalkboard Labels


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Tips to organize a deep pantry

Lets Get Organized!

These are simple but effective deep pantry cabinet organization ideas and storage solutions for deep shelves that you should use in your storeroom for an easier life.

Make a note of all the problems you run into with your pantry. Be clear in what you want to achieve and find the perfect solutions.

Remember that a well-organized pantry gives you peace of mind and makes finding your stuff a whole lot easier.

Messy storerooms can also invite unwelcoming guests like pests. And we don’t want that. So, let’s get organized!

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Deep pantry organization ideas
Deep pantry organization ideas

Got any tips for organizing a deep pantry? I would love to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Great tips to keep your pantry organized. My pantry is small so I have to come up with clever ideas to make the most of the space I have. I use tension rods to divide the shelves and cup holders attached below the shelves. Is a great space saver.

    1. Bianca

      Actually those tips are great to add to the pantry organization ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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