--> How To Organize Baby Clothes Without A Closet (12 Brilliant Ways)

How To Organize Baby Clothes Without A Closet (12 Brilliant Ways)

Want to learn how to organize baby clothes without a closet?

I know most people keep clothes in a closet but how do you organize your baby’s clothes when you don’t have a closet in the nursery?

Baby clothes hanging, baby shoes and toys

One of my friends asked me recently this question, and I must confess I never thought about it.

Since I love organizing I got down to work and found some really brilliant solutions that I can’t wait to share with you.

12 Brilliant Baby Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Nursery - How to organize baby clothes without closet

I have gathered 12 awesome organizing hacks for baby clothes in case you don’t have a wardrobe.

Or maybe you want to display your baby’s clothes because they are ridiculously cute?


Why not?

Check these 12 DIY solutions for nurseries without closets.

1. Add a Rail Under the Shelves

You can use this hack for hanging baby clothes without a closet.

No closet baby organization clothes
Via Ebom.es

Adding a rail underneath your shelf is a great idea if your baby’s nursery is small or you want to save space.

Arranging the clothes by items and color, like in the image, makes it easier to find what you need at a glance. It also looks tidy and organized.

You could also add a few baskets at the bottom to keep shoes or even toys.

If you still need more space for your baby’s clothes or accessories make use of the top shelves.

2. Tip For Your Baby Drawer

This a cute idea to organize baby clothes in drawers.

Baby clothes drawer

Via ahorradoras.com

I love this idea! No more guessing where you put that item. Use cute stickers to quickly help you find what is inside each drawer.

Having colorful stickers in your baby’s drawer is also fun and will make the delights of your child as he/she grows up and learn to get the items themselves.

I found these decals for boys and these ones for girls on Amazon. They are cute and great fun for toddlers and small kids.

3. Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Another use for your hanging shoe organizer? Baby items, of course!

Over the door organizer baby clothes items
from witandwander.org

This is a brilliant idea to keep your small baby items handy. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep bibs, socks, bodysuits, blankets, or anything you think can go in there.

A transparent one will make it easier to find what you need. If you like this idea for your baby’s clothes check out this over-the-door organizer from Amazon.

4. Cute Corner Clothes Hanging Rod

This hanging road is really cute for your baby’s room.

Cute corner baby clothes hanging rod

Credit: @svenssonsusanne

Even if you have a closet adding this rod to any corner of the room will give you extra space and will make it look very trendy.

To get this look you could make your own DIY hanging rod.

Use some colorful ping-pong balls, make a hole from side to side, and pass a cord through all the balls. Finally, hang it underneath a shelf or on its own. Make sure the cord is strong enough to support the weight of the clothes.

5. Hide Clothes Behind Curtains

Don’t want your baby’s clothes exposed? Hide them behind a curtain like in the picture.

Cute baby nursery
Via Apartment Therapy

If your baby’s room doesn’t have a closet but you still want to be able to keep clothes organized but not displayed, this is a great idea.

You can transform an open cabinet into storage for clothes. Add a clothes rail and some curtains to conceal what’s inside. Now you only need to hang clothes.

6. DIY Baby Clothes Rack

Bret and Courtney designed and built this vertical DIY baby clothes rack for small spaces.

DIY baby clothes rack
from Gray House Studio

A great idea in case you don’t want to use a closet or there isn’t enough room for one. With this rack, you can hang baby clothes in cute wooden hangers, fold and keep the tiny clothes inside the baskets, keep baby items on the lower shelf, and add decorative elements to the top shelf.

7. Hang Clothes Around the Nursery

This pink baby nursery is soooo cute!

Pink Baby nursery
Via Archzine

You can take inspiration from this nursery if you need to organize baby clothes in a small room.

They have come up with clever ideas for hanging baby clothes in a limited space.

Let your imagination flow and place hooks around the room where you think it will look best.

Finally, place the clothes on stylish hangers or use a cord and pegs. Gorgeous!

8. Make a DIY Closet From A Bookcase

I know this post is about “how to organize baby clothes without a closet” but I thought this idea is a great way to create a DIY baby closet in no time.

Book care transformation into baby closet
Via Red Tricycle

Do you have a bookcase that you don’t use or need anymore? Then you can transform it into a closet for your baby in 5 easy steps.

1. Clean the bookcase. You could paint it in a different color if is too plain for your baby’s nursery.

2. Take off some of the shelves if you need more space. You could also add a shelf at the top to have more space for your baby items (like in the image).

3. Add a clothes rod and hang your baby’s clothes.

4. Arrange the rest of the items on the top shelves

5. Don’t forget to secure the new closet to the wall to prevent it from falling over.

9. Wooden Baby Clothes Rack

This clothing rack seems perfect for a small nursery or kids’ room.

Adorable baby nursery with baby items
Via Archzine

You can display your little one’s outfits in style with this wooden rack. Use it to hang your favorite baby or toddler items.

Perfect for dresses, trousers, and other essentials. You can also make use of the space at the bottom to store shoes or toys.

If you don’t have a closet, a clothes rack is a perfect addition to any child’s room.

10. Use a Bike & A Clothes Rack

I love the idea of giving the bike a new role in the kid’s room.

DIY baby nursery made with a bike and shelves
Via Ofdesign

In my humble opinion, this baby clothes organizer rack deserves the prize for originality. What a great way of recycling a bike!

You can recreate this look at home if you have a bike to spare and are good at DIY.

It has plenty of space to hang and display all the lovely garments of your child.

11. Hang Baby Clothes In The Wall

Love the idea of the industrial look for your baby’s nursery?

Trendy baby nursery brick wall
Via Archzine

You can easily get this look If you like the idea of hanging your baby’s clothes on the wall. Just run a cord/string from corner to corner, hang it on the wall, and add your kid’s clothes.

12. Use a Tree Branch to Hang Clothes

Add a rustic touch to your baby’s nursery with a wooden branch.

Baby nursery with wooden clothes hanging rod
Via Archzine

Using a tree branch to hang baby’s clothes is not only original but is also affordable.

You can get this look at home by getting a thick stick from the countryside or buying one from the store.

Hang two strings from the ceiling and wrap them around the wooden stick to create a cute clothes rack with a rustic touch.

It is a simple way to organize and display baby, toddler, or kid’s clothes.

Organization Tips and Ideas you Might Like

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Great ways to organize baby clothes with no closet

How to Organize Baby Clothes Without A Closet

In conclusion, when faced with the challenge of organizing baby clothes without a closet, there are plenty of creative storage solutions available to make the most of small spaces.

By implementing space-saving ideas and alternative storage options, you can efficiently store and organize your little one’s adorable outfits.

From utilizing hanging organizers to repurposing furniture and utilizing under-bed storage, there are various methods to consider.

With these handy tips, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to create a practical and organized baby clothes storage system, even without a traditional closet.

How do you organize baby clothes when you don’t have a closet? Any tips?

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