--> How To Organize Keys For Home & Car {and Where To Keep Them}

How To Organize Keys For Home & Car {and where to keep them}

If you are not sure how to organize keys check the ideas below to help you keep them tidy and handy.

There is nothing like being in a hurry to get somewhere and your keys are nowhere to be found. Yes, you had a “home” set up for them, but it’s just not working.

Let’s take some stress out of your life and help you get a hold of the crazy key situation. Taking a bit of time to organize when things are not crazy may save your sanity on a daily basis.

Organizing your car keys can be a tough but rewarding beneficial task.

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How to organize keys

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It seems like home keys and car keys would easily be put together on a simple keychain.

However, what if you don’t just have one door key for your house or other regularly accessed entries?

You might have keys for a separate garage entry, shed, or workplace.

In that case, you have to decide if you need the garage and shed entry on a regular basis.

If not, put them in a different place. And even if you don’t have a lot of keys, organizing them will save you from wasting time looking for them.

Start With Decluttering

If you have your car keys joined together with all the other ones you use such as your house keys, mailbox keys, office keys, etc., start by getting rid of the keys you don’t remember the purpose of or the ones you haven’t used for a very long time.

Take them off your stack or simply keep them someplace safe for later use.

Follow With Organizing

Now that you’ve successfully completed the process of decluttering, the next step requires proper organizing.

Proceed by placing your primary used keys or in this case, car keys first, followed by all the other keys. And that’s it – now you’ll be able to reach for your car keys as soon as possible.

Below you will find 12 ways you can use to organize your keys.

12 Ways to Organize & Keep Home Keys & Car Keys

1. Group Keys By Function

If you have several keys, create an organization system to keep them separated by use. It can be as simple as making two sets that include daily use and occasional use.

For those who want to dive deeper, keys can be separated specifically by houses, car, garage, shed, lockboxes, etc.

2. Tag Them

Once you have the functions, you can color-code them using tags or key toppers like these ones.

If you want to go the DIY route use nail polish to mark the keys. You could paint the top part of the keys in different colors to differentiate them. You could also use acrylic paint, washi tape, or colored thread. You can find the tutorial here.

3. Grouped Keys In a Keychain

If you have many keys, organizing them on a keychain can be tricky.

You certainly don’t want your car keychain to be so heavy that it damages your car, so only include vehicle and everyday house keys on that chain.

You can group other keys on their own keychain and store them in a place convenient for you. A great way to keep all your important keys is by using a key organizer. This one is lightweight and can hold up to 14 keys

Where should you keep them? Read ahead and you’ll see ideas about where to keep them for easy access.

4. Key Wallets

If you carry a purse or bag with you regularly or have extra deep pockets, a key wallet can help.

It consolidates keys where you can attach them, then zip them up in a wallet to access when needed.

This can also be helpful if you prefer to keep discount fob cards rather than try to digitize them with your phone.

Smartphone access to discount key fobs would truly be the best space saver for those pesky things!

Tri-fold Key Wallet

5. Bag Them

If you prefer to keep keys in a drawer, use simple plastic bags with labels to organize them by use. Alternatively, you can keep them in a drawer organizer like this one with multiple uses.

6. Key Organizer

Purchase a nice key organizer to mount. A simple web search or a trip to the store will give you plenty of choices to find the one that matches your style. I like this Wall Mount Mail Letter and Key Rack Holder Organizer from Amazon

7. Self Adhesive Mount Hooks

If you don’t want to put holes in the walls, mount hooks that are secured by sticky tape. It’s a good option for those who are renting or those who like to change things around every once in a while.

8. Wall Cork Strip

A cork strip is a simple way to create an industrial-looking key organizer. Place the cork strip where you need it, head to a dollar store, and purchase the little metal hooks that can screw into the corkboard. This one is a jewelry organizer that works great for keys too.

9. Magnetic Whiteboard

Use an inexpensive magnetic whiteboard. You can either mount it using nails or mount it with sticky strips and add magnetic hooks. This can also serve as a message station for the family.

10. Keep Keys Hidden

Do you have keys that you want to keep safe all the time? This secret book could be the answer.

It has a secret compartment inside that is perfect to keep the keys you don’t want on display. You can also keep important documents and valuables.

11. Use A Binder Key Holder

This solution is ideal for those who own a lot of keys and want to find an easy way to keep them organized. This clear vinyl key holder has 9 pockets per page with weatherproof flaps.

12. Over The Door Key Holder

This over-the-door holder can be used to hold your house and car keys, but you can also keep other items like hats, scarves, or even jewelry. It is really cute and super easy to install.

Where To Keep Them

Many prefer to keep the most used, like car and house keys close to the entryway or in the room that’s closest to the front door.

Some might like to keep them in the bedroom or other areas. Either way, once your keys are grouped, create an area that will keep them easily accessible.

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How to organize home keys


Now you’ve separated daily use keys from occasional use keys. You can also create different places in the home for these.

You’ve already decided where to keep your daily keys for easy access, now you can use the same tips from above to create a place for occasional use keys.

In addition to those explained above, you can simply buy magnetic hooks and keep occasional use keys on the side of your refrigerator. This way, they are easy to see when you need them.

Other organization hacks and tips you might find helpful:

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