--> How To Organize Linens Without A Linen Closet (9 Storage Ideas)

How to Organize Linens Without A Linen Closet (9 Storage Ideas)

If you are wondering how to organize linens without a linen closet, I have 9 great storage ideas that will help you keep them neat and tidy.

While it’s nice to have a linen closet as a dedicated space to store blankets, extra bedding, and towels, not every home has one.

However, before you complain about the lack of storage space for all of it, go through your linens and make sure that you aren’t keeping more than you actually need.

After decluttering your linens, you might be pleasantly surprised by how little extra space you need for them.

And if you don’t have a closet that can be used exclusively for your linens, there are many other options to store them attractively and conveniently.

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How to organize linens without a linen closet

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9 Linen Storage Ideas Without Closet

Don’t have a linen closet? Don’t worry, it is not absolutely necessary. Check these bed linen storage ideas to discover other ways to organize these items.

1. Repurposed Furniture

Wooden shelves with baskets storing linens
Linen storage with no closet

Perhaps the most obvious solution to a lack of closet space is to repurpose an armoire, a small dresser, or some other piece of furniture with drawers or shelves to store linens.

With built-in storage behind closed doors or drawers, all you need is a convenient corner to tuck it into.

Alternatively, you can even use an open bookcase for linen storage. The sheets and towels can be placed in decorative bins on the shelves to contain them a bit and to keep matching sets together.

If you’re really tidy and don’t mind everyone seeing your linens in all their glory, just fold them and you’re ready to go. Sheet sets can be folded neatly inside one of the pillowcases in the set to keep everything together and to make a prettier storage solution.

2. Use Baskets

Baskets can also be an attractive way to store extra linens. Larger baskets placed on the floor (either with or without a lid) can store larger towels, blankets, and sheets. I really like the look of this one.

Large basket linen storage

Extra blankets stored in a guest room can be an added gesture of hospitality as well.

Blankets rolled up in storing basket

For smaller items like washcloths or hand towels, you could put a basket on the vanity in your bathroom, or under the sink, if that’s a more convenient place.

If you’re using baskets, you might consider rolling your washcloths and towels instead of folding them, both to save space and for a more appealing look.

Wicker basket with rolled towels and washcloths

For a great choice of baskets to keep your linens, check this selection.

3. Decorative Ladder

Bathroom towels folded on a decorative ladder
How to store towels with no linen closet

A decorative ladder leaning against a wall can be a good option for larger items like blankets.

Simply drape your linens over the rungs for easy access. If they’re arranged attractively, this is also a really good method for showcasing special pieces like heirloom quilts that are meant to be seen and enjoyed.

Or if you have floor and wall space in your bathroom, this technique is also a nice way to store towels for easy access.

Although I now have a linen closet, I love the ladder idea so much that I bought this one to place my nice towels. This ladder is similar to the one I bought.

4. Storage Ottoman or Chest

If you have a chest or storage ottoman, it can easily be pressed into service for linen storage. Simply fold your pieces, place them inside, and close the lid to hide them from view.

The added bonus of this method is that most chests and ottomans can also be a place to sit, so it’s a nice multi-use solution when storage and seating are at a premium, or if you just need a place at the foot of your bed to put your socks and shoes on.

Foldable Storage Chest Ottoman

5. Storage Above Door Frames

Towel storage above a bathroom door
How to organize linens without a linen closet – Image credit: The 2 Seasons

For storing towels, extra blankets, or sheets, consider building shelves above your bathroom or bedroom door, a spot that generally doesn’t get much use. Fold or roll your linens directly on the shelf, or put them in decorative bins or baskets.

This hiding place puts them out of the way but is easily accessible when you need them. If you’re building shelves, just be sure they have adequate support in place for the weight you’ll be loading them up with.

If you are into DIY this is an easy project that will provide extra storage space.

6. Use an Étagère

Another good bathroom storage solution is an étagère. An étagère is a shelving unit that stands on the floor and fits over the back tank of a toilet.

They come in different styles and heights to match your space and decor.

A sensible place to put towels and washcloths, they can also store other bath items conveniently if storage space is an issue in your bathroom. For more bathroom space read items to declutter from your bathroom.

Adjustable 4 Tier Over Toilet Shelf Organizer

7. Underbed Storage

Sheets, blankets, extra pillows, and comforters can easily be placed under your bed with bespoke storage bins made for this purpose.

Because your bed is where you’ll be needing the bed linens, this can be a great solution even if you do have a linen closet that’s too small for all of your items.

And if you’re using the space under your bed for storage, you’re less likely to lose other items under there!

Underbed Storage Containers

Alternatively, if you have no space under your bed, you can fold your sheets very flat and keep them under your mattress instead. They may be a little harder to get to, but it’s a built-in storage area if you need it.

8. Use Your Closet

Linens stored in a closet
How to store extra linens

Setting aside space in a clothes closet is not always the ideal solution for a place to store extra linens, but if you’re short on space and want to keep everything under wraps, you might consider it.

Finding space in a clothes closet makes particular sense for storing bedding items that belong in a bedroom anyway. Using upper shelving that is less suitable for clothing might be the perfect place for extra bedding.

My wardrobe used to be my linen closet before I had one. The top of your closet can also be used to place linens.

To make extra space for bigger items like fluffy comforters or pillows, you can purchase vacuum storage bags to suck the air out of larger items and store them flatter, which would also work for storage under a bed or on top of your closet.

9. Consider Storage Behind Doors

Consider storage options on the back of a door to eke out a little more room for your linens, particularly for smaller items.

There are shelving units that can hang from the top of the door or be secured to the door itself, depending on what you need.

Over The Door Storage Organizer

Or a multi-level towel bar on the back of a door or a wall can also come in handy for storage. You could add either one to the door of an existing closet, or on the back of a bathroom or bedroom door depending on where you need space.

Wall Mounted Metal Rack

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Bottom Line

If just one of these options still won’t give you enough space for all of your linens, hopefully, a combination of a few of them will help you win the storage battle.

Try to map out just how much space you actually need before rushing out to purchase any new furniture or storage containers to save money and frustration.

Once you’ve found a solution that works for your home, enjoy your new linen storage!

What’s your favorite way to organize linens without a linen closet?

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