How To Use Essential Oils To Scent A Room (10 Ways)

Use essential oils to make your room smell good without a diffuser

Discover below how to use essential oils to scent a room and your entire home with these 10 easy ways.

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Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants that have health and wellness properties. They are linked to reducing pain, inducing meditation, energy boosts, and stress relief.

Peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and chamomile are among the most popular for their organic properties.

If you’ve visited the spa, you’ve experienced the calming essence of essential oils as they are pushed through a diffuser, spreading their soothing attributes through the facility.

Why not get that feeling in your home?

How To Use Essential Oils To Scent A Room (11 Ways)

Adding a few drops of your favorite oil to a diffuser is the most common way to capture the benefits of essential oils and neutralize home odors.

As the diffuser heats up, it disperses vapor throughout the room allowing the oils compounds to seep into every nook and cranny, covering the room in a beautiful fragrance and bestowing its therapeutic properties onto anyone who enters.

Though this is the most common method of using essential oils, it certainly isn’t the only way. So if you are wondering how you can use essential oils without a diffuser, keep reading.

There are different ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in your household or vehicle without a diffuser.

Note: If you have pets, make sure that you are not using essential oils that are considered dangerous for them. For more information, check this article.

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1. A bowl of hot water

Take a bowl of boiled water and add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. You could also scatter fresh or dried flower petals or potpourri. In no time, the compounds will spread, allowing the oil to work its magic.

A bowl with water and rose petals
How to deodorize a room with essential oils

2. Homemade room spray (with essential oils)

This method is similar to the air fresheners we spray to rid foul odors or to add a refreshing smell to a room.

In a spray bottle, add one cup of distilled water. Then, add 10 to 20 drops of your preferred essential oil. Feel free to add more drops based on the strength of the oil. Shake well before each use.

Since oil and water don’t mix, add vodka or rubbing alcohol to help the ingredients blend together. Add about 3 tablespoons to the mixture and shake well.

Essential oils that leave a nice scent include lavender, jasmine, rose, geranium, lime, and sweet orange.

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How to use essential oils to scent a room

3. Reed diffuser

You can buy this in stores or you can make your own DIY reed essential oil diffuser with an empty small bottle or container.

You’ll need the following:

Mix jojoba oil, almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil with 50 drops of your favorite essential oil. Add the rubbing alcohol and mix it well. Transfer to a glass bottle and place the reeds inside. Label the bottle.

Diy reed diffuser recipe essential oils
DIY diffuser for gorgeous scents

4. A drawer sachet

Many people use sachets to keep laundry, gym bags, and closets smelling fresh. If you are handy, there is a cool way to make your own using essential oils.

You’ll need small bags made of silk, cotton, organza, linen, or hemp. You will also need rice, seeds, or dried flowers. And, of course, the essential oils.

Homamade scented sachets essential oils

To make them place the filling of your choice in a container and add from 15 to 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice.

Stir well or shake it up and transfer it to a small bag. Close the bag with a cord or a ribbon and hang or sit at least two small bags in your desired room or in your car.

Diy scented drawer bags

Alternatively, you could do this using a sachet or an envelope. Make small holes and place the chosen filling inside after it has been impregnated with essential oils.

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5. Tart Burner Warmer

Take a candle tart burner and place a couple of essential oil drops onto the wax. Place it in the dining room or living room to eliminate unpleasant smells.

6. Dried flowers

This method can be used at home or in your car. Simply take a bowl and add a splash of the essential oil of your choice.

Then, add dried flowers and evenly disperse them in a bowl. Cover the bowl and carefully shake it to mix the contents.

Potpourri and essential oils for a great home scent
Natural fragrance to eliminate house smell

Sit the bowl anywhere you’d like the fragrance to linger or you can take some of the dried flowers and tie them together with a piece of thread. Hang them over the rearview mirror in your car.

7. Clothespins and air vents (super-easy)

Take a few clothespins and add a few drops of essential oil. Wooden clothespins work best because the material absorbs the oils, locking them in for a longer period of time.

Clip the wooden clothespin onto the air vents in the desired room or the air vents in your car.

Pouring oil onto clothespins and air vents
Natural ways to scent a room

8. Incense with essential oils

DIY incense is an easy way to use essential oils to scent a room.

You’ll need the following:

  • blank incense sticks
  • essential oils
  • an oval or long-shaped surface
  • an eyedropper
  • a long glass or plastic container
Scent a room with diy incense and essential oils

To make it place the incense sticks flat on the surface. In a separate container, make a mixture of your favorite essential oils.

Go with one, two, or even 3 different essential oils.

Using the eyedropper, carefully, transfer twenty or more drops onto the incense stick, dispersing the oil evenly.

Once it’s done, take the incense and store it inside a long container for twenty-four hours or until it dries.

Now they are ready to use and add a lovely scent to your room.

9. Aromatic Candles

Homemade aromatherapy candles have grown in popularity with the widespread use of essential oils.

To fill two small glass containers you’ll need the following:

  • double boiler (or stovetop with boiling water)
  • essential oils (20 to 40 drops)
  • 60 gr soy wax pastilles or flakes
  • double-sized dots stickers (optional)
  • candlewick holder (optional)
  • two candle wicks
  • two small heat-resistant jars
Making DIY aromatic candles

Heat the soy flakes until they are melted over the double boiler.

Let it cool down for about 4 or 5 minutes before adding the essential oils you have chosen. Mix well.

Meanwhile, take one double-sized dot sticker and place it in the center of the jar. Now place the candle wick base on top of the sticker and keep it straight with the holder.

If you don’t have stickers or a wick holder you can secure the wicks by pouring some soy wax at the bottom of the container and inserting the wick with the help of a long piece of wood.

And to prevent the wick from moving to the sides, place a wooden stick or a pencil on top of the jar (see image).

Homemade aromatic candle
Scented candle

Slowly, pour the soy wax mixture into the jar. Once the candle has completely cooled, trim the wick down. Now it’s ready to use.

DIY aromatic candles

Important: Don’t forget to use heat-resistant containers for your candle-making experiments and never leave a burning candle unattended.

✅ If you want to start making your own candles check out this selection of candle kits to get you started.

10. Gel air fresheners

Yet another way to use essential oils for those who love crafting, gel air fresheners are just as easy to make as aromatherapy candles and they can be used in your vehicle.

You’ll need plain gelatin, 2 cups of cold water, one tablespoon of salt, essential oils, one tablespoon of vodka (optional), food colorant, and a food jar with screw-on tops.

How to make it:

Make the gelatin by boiling one cup of water. Once the water begins to boil add the gelatin sachet and stir until is well dissolved.

Add one spoonful of salt and the second cup of cold water. Keep stirring the mixture.

In a separate bowl mix the colorant with the essential oils of your choice and combine with the gelatine.

You can add a tablespoon of vodka to prolong the shelf life but this is, of course, optional.

Transfer to the container before it solidifies completely.

Leave the containers uncovered and allow them to stand for a few hours. Now the gel is ready to start working and neutralize bad odors in your home.

11. DIY Scented Cotton Balls

A cotton ball impregnated with essential oils is a great way to freshen up any room and eliminate unpleasant odors. Scented cotton balls are also a good alternative if you don’t want to use commercial air fresheners loaded with harmful chemicals.


  • cotton balls
  • your favorite essential oils
  • dish or a bowl

To make them just soak the cotton balls with your preferred essential oil.

For an uplifting feel pick citrus essential oils like lemon essential oil, orange, bergamot, lime, etc.

If you rather looking for a calming effect lavender oil, chamomile, or rose will do the trick.

Using Essential Oils to Scent A Room

Essential oils can add wellness and tranquility to your home and can be used for different purposes in the home. One of these is to make sure that your house smells nice. You can use them to get rid of bad smells and replace them with a clean scent.

Try one of these easy methods and incorporate the benefits of essential oils into your home today.

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How to use essential oils to add a fresh scent to your room? Any tips?

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