--> How To Organize Christmas Decorations (12 Storage Ideas)

How To Organize Christmas Decorations (12 Storage Ideas)

Best ways to store and organize Christmas decorations

The Christmas season is a time of great celebration and family gatherings.

With Christmas comes many decorations; ornaments, strings of lights, tinsels, ribbons, stockings, and the list goes on.

But it also comes the need to keep them organized and safely stored until the next festive season.

Below you will find Christmas decoration organization ideas to keep them safely stored for the next holidays.

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Christmas baubles and lights organization ideas

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12 Ideas To Organize Christmas Decorations

Storing and organizing anything can seem dreadful from a glance, but fear not, this is a list of some of the best ways to store all those festive decorations.

1. Storing Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes. Reusing the box or packaging, they came in is an excellent start to storing these knick-knacks. However, these things can be ripped or thrown out with no second thought.

Depending on the number of ornaments or kinds you have, you may want separate small boxes for them. You can get a big jar or reuse any container around your house to store the ornaments. A cheap way to do this is by storing your Christmas tree ornaments in egg cartons.

Egg carton with Christmas tree ornaments

For ornaments that you don’t consider fragile any plastic or tin box will do.

Organizing Christmas decorations in boxes

Another way you can store Christmas tree ornaments is by using a box with dividers. You can make your own with a box and cardboard dividers similar to the image below.

I have used an unused shoebox and cardboard dividers I made with an Amazon delivery box.

DIY carboard dividers in box to organize Christmas tree ornaments

But if you don’t have the time to make your own, consider buying one. Find a storage box with handles and adjustable compartments, like the one below.

2. Fragile Decorations

When storing fragile items you need to take precautions. Take each item you deem fragile and wrap it in bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or tissue paper, or even get a teatowel for more oversized items.

Make sure each item is wrapped separately, all placed into a secure plastic box or container.

How to store fragile Christmas decorations using bubble wrap

Another way to keep your most fragile ornaments is by using a muffin tray inside a hard box.

Storing fragile Christmas ornaments

✅ These Cushion Bubble Pouches are perfect to wrap your most fragile decorations.

3. Storing Lights

It is easy to want to throw Christmas lights into a box or bag, not thinking about them till the next Christmas Season. However, the next season comes around, and you have to spend a great deal of time untangling those lights.

Easy fix? Grab a hanger, an empty wrapping paper cardboard roll, or any trash item that may be long or wide. Take the light string and start wrapping it around your chosen item.

Secure it by cutting a small opening into the item you picked and tucking the end wires into the slot on each side of the thing.

Or simply use tape to tape the ends down to secure them!

Now you can store them in a shoebox or any other strong container you have at home.

Christmas lights wrap around cardboard

You can wrap smaller lights with battery compartments around hangers. Don’t forget to remove the batteries before wrapping them and store them safely.

Christmas lights wrap around a hanger

If you want to have all your Christmas lights neatly organized, consider getting a Christmas lights storage box like the one below.

4. Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is perhaps your largest item, aside from those yard decorations you might have. It is good to keep the Christmas tree box, but those, like any cardboard box, can break down over time and leave your tree exposed.

Below there are 3 DIY Christmas tree storage ideas you might want to try:

Flatten your artificial tree as much as you can and then use belts to tie the tree.

Christmas tree with belt around for easy storage
Source: Pinterest.com

Another way to shrink the Christmas tree is by wrapping it with cling wrap.

Christmas tree wrapped with cling film
Source: Epbot.com

Wrap the tree with a trash bag or place it on a dry cleaning laundry bag or big shopping bag (Ikea style).

Christmas tree inside a reb bag

Getting a plastic storage box or a bag that is designed for Christmas tree storage is a good solution. If you choose the Christmas tree bag, look for tear-resistant and make sure it is the size required for your Christmas tree.

5. The Wreath

Not everyone has one but for the ones who do, there is an easy way to store these. A small, quick investment is a crush-proof wreath case or a wreath storage bag that will save your wreath from damages that may come to it.

The crush-proof case will keep those fragile twigs and dried berries from experiencing damage throughout the time it is stored.

If you want to go the DIY route, an easy way to store wreaths is by wrapping them in plastic and hanging them in a closet.

Christmas wreaths wrapped with cling film

Or remove the hooks from a hanger and hang the wreaths covered in a plastic garment bag. Then place the hooks with the wreaths on a rod.

Christmas wreath covered in a plastic garment bag

Want to make your own wreath? Learn how to make an easy Christmas wreath.

6. Christmas Garland

Garland is a classic Christmas decoration. Banisters, porch railings, mantelpieces, and frames are just a few of the places you can decorate with garland. However, storing garland is another story! It can get tangled and this leaves it vulnerable to getting ripped.

In order to keep strands of garland looking their best, there are some nifty tips on storing this popular Christmas decor item! Below are some helpful hints for organizing garland!

a) Use old wrapping tubing

Repurposing some old wrapping paper tubing is a great way to store garland. It can easily be wrapped around the tubing and secured using rubber bands. These tubes of garland can fit in closet corners or even a wrapping paper storage container.

b) Layer garland in a box

Layering garland in a plastic box or any other container should be done with care. A great way to do this without damaging the garland is to coil the garland carefully into a tight circle and fasten a clip around the meeting ends.

This keeps the coil shape and allows multiple stacks of
garland to be placed in a bin on top of each other without becoming tangled. The bin size can vary depending on how much garland someone has.

c) Use a hanger covered with a plastic or garment bag

Garment bags have many purposes and one of them can include storing garland! After coiling the garland in a similar fashion as the plastic bin storage method, the garland can be placed in a garment bag.

The garment bags come in all sizes and shapes, some with zippers even. When using this method, zippers should be watched out for as they could get caught on the edge
of the garland.

d) Use hooks

Another easy way to store Christmas garlands is by hanging them from hooks. You can stick the hooks on a wall or door, inside a cupboard, preferably in the same place you keep all your festive ornaments.


7. Bows and Ribbons

Bows and ribbons dress up any Christmas gift, Christmas tree, or even front porches for the larger bows and ribbons, with a little holiday cheer.

Bows and ribbons can be the type that is hung on doors, on porches, or for gifts. Storing gift ribbons is quite easy as they typically come wrapped around the inner cardboard that they are pulled off of.

Storing other Christmas bows and ribbons is easy as well!

What are some creative ways to store these beautiful Christmas accessories?

Below are some of the best ways to organize bows and ribbons!

a) Use a hanger

For ribbons used for gifts, consider using a hanger. The centers of the cardboard have holes, so they can be slid on a hanger for easy storage during Christmas use and after.

Hang the hangers from a rod for easy storage.

b) Use String

Alternatively, gift bows can be strung with ribbons as well to keep them contained. Running a ribbon or string through the center of no more than 4 or 5 spools of ribbon can be tied together nicely!

c) Use a flat storage bin

Bigger bows like the ones found on front doors or porch banisters fit perfectly in flat storage bins. These aren’t as deep as other plastic storage bins, however, they tend to be wider.

Bows can be layered nicely in a row in these types of bins without getting tangled among other decorations.

8. Christmas Cards

Storing all the gorgeous Christmas cards that are sent throughout the season can be easy as well!

One of the best ways to do this is a large manilla envelope or a large Ziploc bag. These two options can keep all the cards contained.

The envelope or bag can be written on as well to indicate the year!

A different option is to keep them in a box with compartments so you can organize the cards by year. This portable box seems perfect to store your Christmas cards.

9. Village Houses

Christmas village houses are a classic way to decorate for the holiday. They come in so many different choices like churches, houses, shop fronts, etc that they can turn a whole area into a small village itself!

Most of these are made of porcelain and can be easily cracked or chipped. Storing these houses properly is
absolutely critical to preserving their overall beauty! Below are some ideas for storing village houses.

a) Sturdy plastic storage bin

Plastic storage boxes are a perfect choice to keep your Christmas village houses and typically come in heavy-duty varieties so they are durable. There are special custom retail boxes that are made for village houses that come with sectioned-off areas in the storage box that protect the houses.

One slot fits one house and protects it from other houses in the box. While this is a great idea, using a regular heavy-duty storage box is possible.

Placing newspapers or old clothing between the rows of houses is helpful. A piece of sturdy cardboard can be placed on top to protect the tops of the houses too!

b) Under-the-bed storage

Ornament boxes are similar to plastic storage bins, however, they tend to be flatter and wider.

It is an ideal way to store village houses, so they don’t take up too much space!

This under-bed organizer with removable compartments is great to store village houses.

c) Another idea is to use shoe storage boxes. These are great to keep your Christmas village houses because they are sturdy, stackable, and clear, so you can see what’s inside.

10. Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are not only home decor items, but they’re also a big part of Christmas morning! They usually get hung by the fireplace for Santa to fill with treats.

But what happens to them after Christmas?

Storing stockings isn’t difficult, however, keeping them in good condition is important! They should ideally be kept in airtight containers and be kept wrinkle-free!

Below are some ways to store these iconic Christmas

a) Flat storage bins

Considering they are not too large in size, using a flat storage bin with a lockable lid is the best way to store stockings.

They stack neatly and lay flat meaning multiple stockings can be stored together to maximize space.

When storing them in flat bins, the use of newspaper or tissue paper from gift bags can be repurposed to layer between the stockings as an additional measure of storage.

b) Iron the stockings

If possible, ironing out the stockings before putting them in a bin or even a garment bag, is a good idea. This can keep them wrinkle-free while being stored away for a long period of time.

c) Fold them neatly

Folding stockings might seem unnecessary, but this keeps them organized better in the long run. Especially if someone uses them for Christmas decor and not just for Santa to fill!

Folding them in half after ironing them (if possible!) and layering them between the newspaper or tissue paper will keep them in great condition!

11. Carolers|Figurines Storage Box

What is the best way to store carolers or fragile figurines? To keep them protected, wrap them in bubble wrapping paper and then place them in a box like the one below.

12. Holiday Wrapping Supplies

A recommendation in storing your wrapping supplies, keep them separate from the rest of your decorations. The wrapping paper, scissors, tape, bows, bags, and whatever else you might have.

Before storing away your wrapping supplies, secure your wrapping paper! Tape the ends, and make sure it is placed in a way that it won’t rip while stored.

If you are not putting the wrapping paper in a secured box, make sure it is in an area away from potential water damage or pets finding it.

An easy way to organize all your gifts supplies is by using an over-the-door organizer. To store cardboard tubes of wrapping paper, cut through the inside pockets, leaving the bottom one intact.

Use the smaller pockets to keep the rest of your gift-wrapping supplies. Place it over a door or hang it from hooks.

Using an over the door pocket organizer to store wrapping gift supplies

Through the upcoming year, birthdays will pop up, and other holidays will come up. You may find yourself looking for some of these items. Instead of looking through all your Christmas decorations that you don’t need, you can keep a separate box labeled “gift wrapping supplies.”

Organizing Christmas Decorations

No matter what the Christmas item is, storing them properly is ideal for keeping the items in good condition! It’s a little work that can be fun and pay off greatly for the next holiday season!

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