10 Home Spring Cleaning Tips | Efficient Tasks to Deep Clean Your House

Spring cleaning tips and tricks for the entire house.

A clean home means pure and clean energy, and this type of energy is necessary to maintain happiness, health, and good vibes in your home.

Spring is the ideal time to ventilate the house and let it breathe after months of cold and heating. However, this means you need to do a more thorough cleaning, as the sunny days bring a good dose of energy and vitality.

Below I will leave you ten tips to make the best of home spring cleaning, optimizing your time.

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Spring cleaning tips that will help you deep clean your home
Spring cleaning tips that will help you deep clean your home

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How To Spring Clean Your Home Using These Tips


Planning is the main tool when tidying up the cleaning tasks and establishing a rhythm that allows you to carry out an action plan. Do not take cleaning as a marathon. Plan a schedule and stick to it as a workday. Planning the tasks and organizing the time will make you set limits and will be more bearable.

For instance, you can decide to do one chore a day or even one chore a week if you are short of time. The important thing is to keep moving towards your spring-cleaning goal.

While cleaning, is better to use Eco cleaners (like this one) or natural products as they do not pollute and are the most effective for cleaning. If you feel you have to resort to stronger detergents with chemical components, always use them following the manufacturer’s instructions. Now let’s see the tips that will help you.


1. Ventilate the Whole House

After several months of cold and closed, the first thing you need to do is air the house. Open the windows and let the light in to completely change the air of all the rooms.

If there are balconies, terraces or gardens, remove the accumulated external dirt so that it does not sneak into the house.

Try to choose the most suitable day, warm and windless. Try cross-ventilation by opening all the windows at the ends of the house, so that the air circulates unhindered and thoroughly cleans the atmosphere.


2. Remove All Accumulated Dirt

One of the problems deriving from having closed the house for the long winter period is the accumulation of dust and mites.

To counter it, vacuum the whole house. The vacuum cleaner is much more effective than the broom, which moves dust and dirt from one place to another, but does not eliminate them.

When it comes to removing accumulated dust and dirt, don’t forget to move the sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, and beds.

Don’t overlook the shelves and tall cabinets, the doors and windows, the fixtures, the knobs, the handles, and the switches.

These are one of the places where dirt and microbes accumulate.



3. De-clutter

Before proceeding with the cleaning, invest a few hours in separating the things you have not used for a long time, placing them in baskets designed to store, donate, or recycle and throw away.

You will discover that you will have accumulated a lot of stuff that you do not need. Eliminating them before cleaning will help you have a faster and deeper cleaning of the rooms.

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4. Divide Your House Into Zones

Cleaning one area at a time allows you not only to focus the concentration in a given environment but also to distribute time, effort, and energy appropriately.

If necessary, each area can be further divided into smaller areas. Aim at the quality of cleaning and not the number of glazed spaces and objects.


5. The Way You Clean Is Important


It is always more efficient to clean from the outside to the inside and from top to bottom.

Dedicate yourself to cleaning the spaces and outdoor elements like terraces, balconies, window sills, etc., and then proceed gradually towards the interior.

Also, remember to always clean from top to bottom. You can start with chandeliers, paintings, bookcases, shelves, and gradually up to the floor.

Following a direction facilitates your work and allows you to operate with more precision, avoiding the unpleasant event of dirtying already clean and perfumed areas.


6. Don’t Forget the Corners

Although it is one important step of spring cleaning, it is the one that is most easily forgotten, until the small insects that annoy you so much appear.

To prevent attracting insects, clean the corners where food and moisture may have accumulated in the winter.

If you have decided to use specific products or insecticides, always check the indications of the experts or the product labels.


7. Clean Linens, Sofas & Mattresses

The arrival of spring is the right time to refresh the upholstery and linen of your home. It is also the time to replace them with lighter and fresher fabrics.

Wash the comforters and blankets and store them in vacuum bags to save space.

Proceed by removing your sofas and armchairs covers, then washing everything.

Vacuum the mattress and turn it, so that it does not deform. Also, remember to clean the cushions and pillows, it is where the mites tend to accumulate.



8. Cleaning of Household Appliances

Among the most neglected during the year are household appliances. These are the breeding ground for bacteria.

It is, therefore, essential to dedicate part of the cleaning to the care of ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, kettles, and refrigerators.

Functionally organize your kitchen, keep it clean, clear, and tidy. It is an objective that you must pursue as it will facilitate your day to day and will make you more relaxed by having everything in order.

To eliminate any odors naturally, cut a lemon by half and place them on different shelves.


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9. Clear & Organize Your Closet

Put away your winter clothes and exchange them with the spring/summer ones. Take advantage of spring cleaning by organizing the closet and throw away or recycle everything you don’t need.

The trick is to do it in categories.

For example, you can start with clothes and things you are sure you want to keep and finish with the most personal objects that are the most difficult to part with.

Check this selection of closet organizers to help you keep your clothes tidy.


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10. Cleaning the Bathroom

Empty, clean, and throw away everything that is expired or no longer used in the bathroom to avoid accumulation. It will be easier for you to maintain and clean daily.

Clean every corner where molds may have accumulated. Finish by cleaning the tiles of the bathroom with hot soapy water.

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Spring Cleaning Tips Bottom Line

The cleaning, planning, and daily maintenance of your house will make facing spring cleaning only a matter of small details. Having fewer and organized things implies an easier life and more free time.

Enjoy your house, dress it in spring, with fresh flowers and natural fabrics. Now that the house is scented clean, you can enjoy the work you have done.


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