35 Floral Inspired Spring Nail Designs

Spring is one of my favorite times because it brings longer sunny days, bright colors, and lovely blooming flowers everywhere.

With that in mind, I have picked 35 spring nail designs and ideas with flowers perfect for this season. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Spring nail designs with flowers

1. Almond Shaped Nails with Flowers

Almond shaped nails with spring blue flowers and a pink tip

These nails are a delightful mix of soft pink and sheer white, giving them a light, airy feel. The design is artistic with cute little flowers in shades of blue and purple with tiny green leaves.

The flowers are painted on a clear background, making them stand out like beautiful little stickers.

The pink color is applied in a gradient style, darker at the tips and fading into the clear base. They have an almond shape, which is trendy and adds a touch of elegance.

This nail design is like a breath of spring, fresh and lovely!

2. Cute Short Spring Nails

Short square spring nails with purple flowers

These nails are painted in a lovely, soft pink that gives off a gentle and calming vibe.

They are short and neatly shaped, which makes them look tidy and practical.

On a couple of the nails, there are beautiful tiny flowers with shades of pink that match the vibrant pink spots of the orchid they’re holding.

It’s a design that’s both simple and sophisticated, with a little burst of detailed art that really stands out.

This nail style is perfect for someone who loves a touch of nature and elegance in their look.

3. Pastel Long Nails with Flowers

Pastel long nails with lace like patterns and soft colored flowers

These nails are like a little piece of fairy tale magic.

They’re long and have a clear base that makes them look almost glass-like.

Adorned with delicate lace-like patterns and tiny, soft-colored flowers in pastel purples and whites, they remind you of a whimsical garden.

There are also small accents that sparkle like tiny diamonds, adding a touch of enchantment.

The way the flowers gently cascade down each nail gives a sense of a blossoming spring.

They’re elegant and magical, perfect for anyone who loves a bit of fantasy in their look.

4. Red Nails with Spring Flowers

Red toes and hands nails with colorful spring floral patterns

These nails have a bright and cheerful red color, vibrant and full of life.

Some of the nails feature a fun pattern with little floral designs, like a tiny garden party on a white background.

The flowers have various colors, including yellows, greens, and pinks, perfect for a playful spring time.

The nails are cut short for comfort and practicality, perfect for someone who loves to add a dash of color and joy to their look.

It’s a colorful nail design that’s great to add a pop of color to any outfit!

5. Light Pink Nails with Flowers

Soft pink nails with a rose design in one finger

These nails are a lovely soft pink shade, glossy and smooth, which gives them a fresh and feminine look.

One nail stands out with a delicate rose design, adding a charming and artistic touch.

This particular nail is white, providing a beautiful contrast against the pink, and making the rose detail pop.

The nails are trimmed short, keeping the style neat and practical, perfect for everyday wear.

It’s a simple yet elegant look that’s versatile for both casual and dressy occasions.

6. Floral Spring Nails Desing

Transparent square nails with tiny colorful flowers at the tips

These nails are fun and cheerful! They have a natural, transparent base that shows off the natural beauty of the nails.

At the tips, there’s a playful splash of colorful tiny flowers, like a little confetti party for the nails.

The flowers are in a bunch of bright colors like blue, green, yellow, and purple.

They’re short and have a gentle curve at the tips, making them a practical choice for everyday wear while still adding a pop of color and joy to the hands.

7. Spring Toe Nails Art

Toes nails with a colorful spring floral design

These toes are all dressed up for a tropical party!

Each nail is like a little canvas showcasing bright, playful flowers in sunny yellows and fiery oranges, just like the blooms you might find on a Hawaiian shirt.

The background is clean and white, making the flowers really stand out.

They’re perfect for flip-flop weather or just showing off while you are lounging poolside. Just looking at them, you can almost feel the warm sunny day.

8. Spring Square Nails with Colorful Flowers

Square nail desing with colorful spring flowers on a white base

These nails are like a burst of springtime on your fingertips!

They’re painted with a crisp white base and then sprinkled with a bunch of colorful flowers in shades of pink, purple, and yellow, kind of like a garden bloomed right on your nails.

There are even little polka dots scattered around to make the whole look extra cheerful.

It’s a super pretty, fun design that’s like carrying a bouquet with you wherever you go!

9. Spring Nail Designs with Flowers

Green, yellow and white short spring nails with daisy flowers

These nails are like a little piece of spring that has settled right on your fingertips.

They’ve got this happy, sunny yellow and a cool, grassy green going on.

Some are painted in a single vibrant color, while others have super cute daisy designs that make you think of lying in a field on a warm day.

There’s even a fresh white color that makes the perfect backdrop for those daisy accents.

They’re cheerful and playful, and just looking at them makes you want to go out and enjoy a beautiful spring day!

10. Fun Nail Colors for Springtime

Green, pink white and silver glitter nails with a spring flower desing on one of the nails

These nails are all about having fun and playing with colors.

They’ve got a mix-and-match vibe, with each nail rocking its own unique look.

There’s a cool mint green that’s super fresh, a glittery silver that’s like a disco ball, and a soft pink that’s totally sweet.

The white nail has this cute little flower with a friendly burst of color in the center, and some tiny dots sprinkled like candy.

The thumb is a sunny yellow, just to top off the whole party on your hand. It’s like each nail is saying, “Hey, let’s have a good time!”

11. French Tip Nails with Flowers

French manicure short nails with a soft pink color, flowers, and white tips

These nails are super elegant with a soft, neutral pink that’s easy on the eyes.

They’re done in a classic French manicure style with white tips that look clean and sophisticated.

But what makes them extra special are the couple of nails dressed up in a beautiful white lace pattern, sort of like delicate swirls you’d find on a fancy wedding dress.

It’s a touch of fancy without being over the top. They’re the kind of nails that would be perfect for a tea party or just feeling pretty and polished on a regular day.

12. Green Orange Nails with Flowers

Gren and orange square nails with spring flowers in two of them

These nails are like a little burst of the great outdoors!

They’ve got this bold, zesty orange, and a gentle, off-white or pale yellow.

Then there’s a nail with a creamy, dreamy green, and it’s all topped off with a cute flower design that looks like butterflies have just landed on them.

It’s a fun, playful mix that screams spring-summer garden vibes.

13. Simple Blue Pastel Nails

Pastel blue square nails with a spring floral desing in one of the nails

These nails are like a breath of fresh spring air!

They’re a soft pastel blue that reminds you of clear skies on a sunny day.

One nail has a cute surprise – a little splash of color with a sweet floral design, featuring tiny flowers in pink, yellow, and green, almost like a little garden started blooming right there.

The rest of the nails are painted in a solid pastel blue, which is super calming and pretty.

It’s a simple yet playful look.

14. Pale Pink Nails with Flowers

Long pale pink nails with purple and yellow blooms desing in 2 of the nails

These nails are super sweet and girly. They’ve got this lovely pastel pink color that’s soft and subtle, like cotton candy or a baby’s blanket.

There are delicate little purple and yellow blooms with green leaves that look like they’re dancing across the nails.

It’s a really cute and dainty design that’s perfect for when you want to feel a little extra pretty and playful. They’re just so charming, don’t you think?

15. Soft Lavender Spring Nails

Square lavender and beige color nails with floral patterns in 3 of the nails

These nails are totally spring-ready!

They’ve got a mix of soft lavender and a natural, sandy beige for colors.

There’s a touch of nature with one nail showing off a tiny, cute pink flower and a couple others sporting sprigs of green leaves.

It’s like a little whisper of a garden on your fingers, subtle but so lovely.

The look is gentle and calming, and just perfect for sunny spring days.

16. Pink Spring Nails with Glitter

Shimmer pink almond shape nails with pink flowers and pink glitter

The nails are shaped in a classic almond style, shimmering with a gorgeous pink that’s like fairy dust.

Some of the nails are a solid sparkly pink, while others have a softer, candy-pink base with pretty hot pink flowers.

The whole look is playful, and pretty, and just pops with personality.

It’s like each nail is a tiny celebration of all things fun and girly. An amazing glitter party for your hands.

17. Spring Glitter Nails with Vintage Flowers

Almond shaped nails with pink glitter and a vintage floral desing in some nails

These nails are a cool combo of girly and glam.

Some nails are adorned with pink glitter that sparkles like a disco ball, and others have a lovely floral pattern that looks like a vintage wallpaper or a piece of a romantic dress.

It’s a fun contrast, some nails are ready to party, and others are like a sweet stroll through a garden.

18. Pink Nails with 3d Flowers

3d flowers and leaves square nails in pale and hot pink

These nails are so pretty. Some of them have a soft, pale pink base that’s really gentle and soothing.

There is one nail with a hot pink base, vibrant and eye-catching.

But the wow factor? It’s all about those 3D flowers and leaves!

Some nails are adorned with green leaf-like patterns and little pink blossoms that look like they’ve been plucked from a mini flower bush, and they’re sticking out a bit, giving a super cool textured effect.

It’s a floral fantasy that’s both fancy and fresh, perfect for when you want your hands to be the star of the show.

19. Floral Pink Spring Nails

Bubblegum pink square nails with a floral spring pattern in some nails

These nails are super cute and trendy.

Most of them are painted a sweet bubblegum pink, bright and fun.

Then, for a bit of artsy flair, a few nails are done in white with tiny pink flowers and cool black squiggles and lines, almost like little doodles or delicate branches of a tree.

It’s a playful and modern look that’s perfect for jazzing up any outfit with a pop of color and a dash of creativity.

20. White Pink Spring Flowers Nail Art

White square nails with a colorful spring floral pattern

These nails are like a little springtime celebration.

They have a clean, crisp white base that makes them look super fresh.

And the floral artwork?

It’s absolutely charming, with rosy pink blooms and tiny purple flowers that look like they could be from an English garden.

Some fresh green leaves are painted on, giving the flowers a lovely pop of color.

This manicure is perfect for someone who loves a classic look with a touch of natural beauty.

21. Cute Stiletto Floral Nail Design

Stiletto nails with an orange and blue floral design

These nails are long and shaped like stilettos, super pointy and bold.

They’ve got this dreamy blue base that looks like the sky on a clear day, and they’re jazzed up with swirls of glitter and bursts of orange and yellow flowers.

There are even tiny silver stars scattered around, making it look like a magical sky.

The whole design is like a fairytale world, full of whimsy and enchantment.

22. Stiletto Nails with Pink Flowers

Stiletto nails with a floral design of pink rose petals

These nails are the epitome of floral elegance.

They’re sculpted into that edgy stiletto shape, long and pointed like a high-fashion accessory.

The nails have a transparent base, and it looks like delicate pink rose petals are just floating right on top of them, with little green leaves peeking through.

The roses are detailed and romantic, creating a look that’s both glamorous and sweet.

23. Fun Strawberry Nail Design

Short square nails with a strawberry design

These nails are totally sweet, literally!

They’ve got a juicy strawberry theme going on.

The bright pink base is dotted with tiny white spots to mimic the seeds, and at the base of each nail, there’s a little green leafy cap, just like a real strawberry.

It’s a playful and yummy look that’s perfect for spring or summer days or just when you’re in the mood for something fun and fruity.

24. Blue Nails with Flowers

Turquoise color nails with pink spring flowers in some of the nails

These nails with their vibrant turquoise color paired with the lively floral accent nails definitely give off a springtime vibe.

They capture the essence of spring with fresh, bold colors that echo the bright blooms and clear skies of the season.

They’re like a celebration of all the fun and freshness that comes with spring.

25. Blue Nails with Pink Flowers

Blue nails with flower designs in pink, green and yellow

These nails have got this super cool sky blue color that’s all about clear, sunny days.

The nails have these fun accent nails with bright, splashy flower designs in pink, green, and a bit of yellow, it’s like a little garden party right there on your fingers.

The colors are all about good vibes and would be just as perfect for a spring afternoon as they are for a hot summer day.

26. Blue Flowers Nail Art

Nails with a milky white base and blue floral patterns

These nails have a cool, crisp look.

They’re mostly a soft, translucent white, giving off a clean and airy vibe.

Then at the tips, there’s this neat row of cute blue flowers with little white centers, almost like a mini garland of blooms.

It’s a simple but really sweet design, kind of like wearing a little piece of the sky on your fingertips.

They’d be perfect for a sunny spring day out or just to brighten up your mood on a cloudy one.

27. Stiletto Nails with White Green Flowers

Stiletto nails with green and white spring flowers

These nails are styled in a dramatic stiletto shape, long and sharply pointed.

The base is clear and each nail has bold white and light pink flowers with bright green leaves that seem to pop out in 3D.

Some golden accents add a touch of sparkle, making the whole design feel luxurious and fun.

These nails are perfect for someone who loves to make a statement with their style.

28. White Nails with Red Flowers

French manicure nails with a white tip and red and black floral pattern

These nails have a classic and elegant look with a twist of nature.

They’re a French manicure style with a white tip, but what really sets them apart are the beautiful red flowers and delicate branches painted on the clear part of the nail.

It’s like a subtle nod to springtime blooms against a crisp white background.

The red pops vividly against the nails, giving a lovely contrast that’s both stylish and a bit romantic.

They’re perfect for welcoming in the spring or for any occasion that calls for a touch of natural beauty.

29. Orange Flowers Nail Desing

Square nails on a white base decorated with spring orange flowers and green leaves

These nails have a fresh, translucent base, and each one is decorated with sunny orange flowers and cheerful green leaves.

The designs have a hand-painted look, full of charm and whimsy as if you’ve just picked a bouquet of wildflowers.

It’s a fun, bright style that’s perfect for celebrating the spring season or just brightening up your day with a touch of floral fancy.

30. Cute 3d Flowers Nail Art

3d Nails with a clear and white base and three dimensional pink and white flowers

These nails feature a clear base with vibrant green strokes and accents, and they’re adorned with adorable three-dimensional pink and white flowers that seem to bloom right off the nail.

Little golden sparkles add a touch of glitz, making the whole design pop with life and color.

They’re playful, eye-catching, and full of cheerful energy, just like a sunny day during spring.

31. Yellow Nails with Daisies

Yellow nails with a spring daisy flower desing

These nails are sunny and cheerful, with a bright yellow base that’s like a little bit of sunshine on each finger.

On top of the yellow, there are cute white daisies with golden centers that add a playful and sweet floral touch.

They’re simple yet so happy-looking, just perfect for bringing a little bit of that joyful spring or summer feeling to any day.

32. Yellow Nails with Sunflowers

Yellow square nails with a sunflower design on some of the nails

These nails are bright and fun, with a vivid yellow that’s like a splash of sunshine.

Some nails are all yellow, while others are a soft white with yellow petal designs and dark centers, reminiscent of sunflowers or daisies.

It’s a playful look that’s perfect for a spring or summer day out or just to add a pop of color to your style.

33. Floral Blue Spring Nails

Sky blue nails with a floral pattern in white and blue in some of the nails

These nails feature a lovely sky blue color, bright and cheerful.

Some nails are adorned with delicate white floral patterns and tiny dots that add a playful, artistic touch.

The blue and white combo gives off a cool, fresh vibe, perfect for a breezy spring day or just to brighten up the mood with a hint of the clear blue sky.

34. Clear Nails with Blue Flowers

Alomond shaped nails with a clear base dressed with blue flowers and tiny blue dots

These nails are sweet and dainty, with a clear, natural-looking base that lets the natural beauty of the nails shine through.

They’re dressed up with charming blue flowers and tiny blue dots, giving them a whimsical, almost storybook appearance.

It’s a lovely and understated look that’s perfect for spring, or anytime you want a touch of floral elegance.

35. Hot Pink Nails with Flowers

Hot pink nails with a spring white flower design in some of the nails

These nails are vibrant and full of life, painted in a hot pink that’s bold and playful.

A couple of nails have a twist with a transparent base and a delicate white flower design, giving a nod to spring blossoms.

It’s a look that’s both fun and feminine, with a pop of color that’s perfect for adding a bit of cheer to any day.

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