25 Clever Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

If you are wondering how to organize your small bedroom and increase its storage space, check these 25 storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget to help you make the most out of your tiny space.

First, if you have too much stuff, think about how you could maximize the space in your room by getting rid of clutter and things you don’t use or want anymore.

The next step is to use clever space-saving hacks that will allow you to add more storage to your room.

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Storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget
Storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget

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Great Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms On A Budget

These space-saving hacks for small bedrooms come really handy if you want to increase storage space but can’t afford to spend much money.

1. Bed Risers

Bed risers are items that can be so overlooked when actually they can save you a lot of room while being inexpensive.

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They also give your bed the added feel of sleeping in the sky. It is a small difference that can change your bedroom a lot.

Simply stick one under all four legs of your bed, and boom! You will have more storage room right under your bed.

Bed risers come in all colors so you can mix and match them with the theme of your bedroom. They can also be adjustable and made from wood, metal, or heavy-duty plastic.

TIP: When choosing your bed raiser, make sure you know the exact weight it can support to prevent it from collapsing.

(Check this selection of top-rated bed risers)

2. Bedside Basket Organizer

This space-saving basket organizer can easily hang from your bedside to keep your most needed items within reach. Ideal to keep magazines, books, stationery items, tissues, remote controls, reading glasses, cell phones, headphones, tablets, and water bottles.

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This basket is a perfect addition to your bedroom if you want to increase storage space and reduce clutter.

3. Bedside Caddy Organizer

A bedside caddy is a great idea if your bedroom doesn’t have enough space for a bedside table. You can keep small items such as the TV remote control, cell phone, tablet, glasses, newspaper, magazines, books, or even a small bottle of water. It easily slips under the mattress and hangs there.

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These organizers will make a world of difference, and even if you have a nightstand, it will leave it less cluttered.

For a greater variety, check this selection of bedside organizers

4. Bedside Wall Shelves

Another perfect way to keep things in case you have no place in your bedroom for a bedside table. It is ideal to keep small items out of the way, especially items that you need to have within easy reach.

Check these bedside wall shelves on Amazon

These wall shelves can be installed in two easy ways, depending on your needs: tape mounting or screw mounting.

Another plus is that they are easy to clean, and the clear color will blend with the decor in your bedroom.

5. Install A Tray/Shelf For the Bed

Whether you have a nightstand or not, this tray is perfect for small bedrooms. It takes no floor space and is ideal to place items you usually keep on your nightstand.

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Keep all the things you might need at night or morning within easy reach with this bedside table.

6. Folding Wall Mounted Desk

This desk is an ideal solution for small bedrooms that need a space to study or work. The desk is practical because you can close it when it is not in use, saving you plenty of space.

It also has multiple compartments to keep books or smaller items. Use it as a cabinet when it is folded and as a computer table when it is unfolded.

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7. Hanging Floating Shelves

Shelves are a great way to keep a bedroom looking chic while also adding more storage to your room.

They are perfect if you have a tiny bedroom and don’t have space for a nightstand. Hanging shelves are easy to install and will save floor space.

You can display items like books, lamps, plants, ornaments, pictures, or other small objects.

See this cute floating shelf on Amazon

Add a hanging shelf to your bedroom and keep your space tidy!

8. Clothes Hanging Bar

This metal hanging bar is a smart solution for small spaces and is especially useful if there is no closet in your bedroom. It is easy to install and can go to any corner wall of the room.

It offers plenty of extra space for hanging items like clothes, shoes, belts, scarves, and even handbags.

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9. Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags

These space-saver bags come in different sizes and are ideal to keep all your seasonal clothes, blankets, duvets, pillows, etc.

They are easy to use, just place the items on the bags and seal them using the provided handheld pump or your vacuum cleaner.

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The waterproof bags are also useful when moving house or when traveling. Very handy if you are short of space!

10. The Ladder Hack

Blankets are a must for everyone, but when left lying around it can make your room look so drab and unorganized.

I love this ladder shelf from Amazon

Ladders are a cute way to organize not just blankets but all those fluffy throws, blankets, towels, handbags, scarves, and any other items you have lying around.

Fold the items and hang them across the steps of the ladder or place them inside the removable storage basket.

[If you want more choices, check this selection of ladders shelf storage]

Prop the ladder up in your bedroom against the wall. It will be so easy to find the items you want while keeping your room well organized.

11. Use Hooks

Add some adhesive hooks around your bedroom to hang things like coats, jackets, keys, or handbags. Hang them on the wall, inside/outside your closet, from your desk, from shelves, or by the door, so you always have them at hand when you are about to leave. So convenient!

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12. Storage Ottomans

Ottomans can look so elegant in your bedroom, but also give a great secret storage place. They can be bought or made with storage compartments inside the furniture.

Check this folding storage ottoman bench on Amazon

Ottomans are a great way to put away even more pesky clutter and leave your bedroom looking amazingly organized.

[Here is a selection of storage ottomans for small spaces]

Whether you buy an ottoman bed, bench, box, or stool, use it to store seasonal clothes and other stuff you don’t have a place for.

13. Garment Racks

If you have too many clothes in your closet or you don’t have floor space for a closet, invest in a garment rack. The one below is particularly useful because it goes on the wall, saving you floor space.

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You can showcase your favorite articles of clothing or even change the clothes on the rack with the seasons.

[For other types of garment racks, check this ample selection]

Your bedroom will look stylish while also giving you somewhere to put the extra clothes.

14. Boot Hangers

Boot hangers keep the shape of your boots while organizing them away to save space. These hangers with hooks gently clip onto the top of your boots to keep them from losing their shape. They can also be stored in your closet nicely for more space.

Buy this vertical hanging boot rack on Amazon

15. Space-Saving Rolling Cart

This rolling cart can take the place of a nightstand or be useful to store items you have lying around your bedroom.

Get this utility rolling cart from Amazon

The wheels make it easy to move around, and you don’t need to worry about the cart sliding as it has lockable wheels with metal brakes. If you want more choices, check out this selection of utility rolling carts.

16. Pegboard Wall Shelves

If you need to make the most out of the space in your bedroom, this pegboard could be the perfect solution. Stick the pegboard to the wall with the self-adhesive tape and attach the shelves wherever you want them to be.

Buy these Plastic Pegboard Wall Shelves on Amazon

It is ideal to keep and display all the little objects and maintain your room tidy and organized.

17. Use The Back Of The Door For Storage Ideas

Are your shoes taking up too much room? I know my shoes take up a lot of space at the bottom of my closet, so I bought an over-the-door organizer to keep my shoes neat while also making it easy to select a pair for the day.

Check this Over the Door Organizer on Amazon

With this organizer, you can find the shoes you want in no time.

Check this selection of over-the-door organizers

18. Use Space Saving Hangers

These cascading hangers can save plenty of space in your closet.

To use it, hang your clothes horizontal, then unhook to vertically, and boom, your closet will have plenty more space available. A must-have if you need more room in your closet.

Buy these Space-Saving Hangers on Amazon

19. Clear Detachable Handbag Organizer

If your handbag collection is taking up too much room, get one of these horizontal organizers. You can hang them in your closet, behind a door, or on any rail or hooks, you have in your bedroom. And you can also use them to store other items besides handbags.

Check this Detachable Hanging Handbag Purse Organizer

Other handbag organizers you might like

20. Over the Door Clothes Rack

Maximize the space in your bedroom with this over-the-door hanging rack. This rack is well thought out and a great idea if you need more room to hang your clothes. I like that the rack is expandable as well as collapsible and that you can hang it inside your closet door or in any other bedroom door.

Buy this Over The Door Closet Valet from Amazon

21. Under The Bed Clothes Storage

Many people use under-the-bed storage bags to store big items like duvets and blankets and all the things we can’t keep in the closet.

These storage bags are made of durable material and have reinforced handles as well as a see-through window so you can locate at a glance the items you need.

Get these Under Bed Storage Containers on Amazon

For more choices, check this selection of under-the-bed storage bags

22. Mirror Storage

This stylish mirror with storage space has enough room to store a variety of small items. It comes with hooks, pegs, adjustable shelves, and even pockets to keep all your jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, or even toiletries.

It can be hung over the door or on a wall, so it is perfect to give you more storage space in the bedroom.

Buy this Mirror Jewellery Cabinet Organizer on Amazon

23. Daybed or Sofa Bed

If you really want to add floor space to your bedroom, think about investing in a sofa bed or a daybed. Both types of beds are good choices if you have limited space. Use it as a sitting area during the day and as a bed during the night. It is also a great choice for guest bedrooms.

Check this Daybed Twin Bed Frame on Amazon

You could also buy a daybed with added storage underneath.

23. Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are the perfect way to keep all your socks, underwear, and accessories perfectly separated but in the same place, easily found. Get these collapsible storage boxes to keep all your small items organized and out of sight.

See this Drawer Organizer with Dividers on Amazon

24. Large Cable Organizer Box

Do you have cables lying on your bedroom floor, taking too much space and looking messy? If so, the ideal solution is a cable organizer box like the one below. It comes with two boxes and 100 reusable wire ties to keep all your cables and cords perfectly neat and organized.

Buy this Cable Management Box Set from Amazon

25. Hanging Closet Organizer

If you need storage space in your bedroom, this organizer with shelves will provide extra hanging space in your closet. It could also be hung from any rod in your bedroom in case you don’t have a closet.

Rods provides extra hanging space for all your items.

Check this 4 Section Hanging Closet Organizer

Other organization and cleaning tips you might like:

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas On A Budget Bottom Line

It can be hard to keep a clean and organized room, but these small tips and tricks can keep you stress-free about the clutter and make life just a little bit easier.

I hope these hacks will save you time cleaning and will make your bedroom your new favorite place to hang out.

If you want to share your best small bedroom organization hacks and solutions leave a comment below.


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