Tailwind Pinterest Review | Great Reasons To Use It

Want to increase visitors to your site? Read this tailwind pinterest review and step by step tutorial to learn how I use it to schedule pins on tailwind.

# Please note that this post contains affiliate links. It means that if you buy Tailwind through my link I will receive a small compensation. I use and love Tailwind and that’s why I recommended it. Read the disclosure policy for more information.

Tailwind is the ultimate tool to grow your social media and I truly believe that if you are not using Tailwind for your Pinterest marketing strategy you are missing out.

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Tailwind tutorial - Find out how I use Tailwind for my Pinterest strategy. Step by step tutorial to get more traffic to your blog.
Tailwind app review – Get more traffic to your blog

Before Tailwind existed we used to pin manually as it was the only way to do it back then. But, as your account grows (pins and boards) it becomes difficult to keep track of what images you have pinned and to what board.

It’s no impossible but realistically, who has the time for that? So when Tailwind was introduced many bloggers saw the value that it offered.

I debated whether I should get it because I didn’t want to invest in yet another “thing” that I didn’t know for sure it was going to help my blogging endeavors.

After reading many Tailwind reviews I gave up and decided to give it a try. I started with the free trial (100 scheduled pins) and decided to pay for the full year because I was getting good results.

In my case what works best is a combination of Tailwind and manual pinning.

Tailwind because it gives you the ability to reach more people even if they are in a different time zone.

Manual pinning because when I stop doing it for a few days my blog’s stats tend to go down.

Tribes, inside Tailwind, also play a great part in expanding your reach.

Now, let’s have a closer look at this Tailwind review and discover how it helps marketers and bloggers. 




Is tailwind worht it? Yes, it is!

Tailwind is a great analytics app that can help you manage and organize your visual web content on Pinterest.

Is a remarkable scheduling tool that includes many features.

Some of the features you can find inside Tailwind include Smart Scheduling, Content Discovery, Tribes, Analytics & Monitoring, Education, and Hashtag Suggestions, amongst others.

This platform has become so instrumental that close to 150,000 bloggers and agencies rely on it today to supercharge their visual marketing efforts.

It has made work easier for the users. We no longer have to pin our content blindly on Pinterest.

The app is smart.

It analyzes your pins and shows you how people interact with them.

In addition, it gives you an indication of your performing pins, the under-performing ones, and your best boards. This means that you can schedule your pins more logically.

You won’t spam anyone or fear not pinning sufficient content. Tailwind takes care of your content and allows you to be more productive.

Before discovering how Tailwind works I have collected some information about Pinterest. 


The Importance of Pinterest


Pinterest has over 100 million subscribers. This is a big market by any standards. Industry experts predict that in the next 12 months Pinterest will be a huge search engine business to rival the best in the field.

Towards this end, the company is improving its services to enhance the user’s experience. They reward anybody who can help them achieve this goal.

They use their Smart Feed Algorithms to identify and rank pins based on how credible they are. This is good news for bloggers who want to improve their marketing strategies.

Pinterest is keen to observe certain aspects of your content. The first is the quality of your pin, while the second is the individual boards and the third is the overall quality of your account.

They use the Smart Feed to rank your content and determine how to show it. If they deem your content ’pin-worthy’’, it will gain more exposure. Poor content is degraded and could be penalized.

Bloggers can reap massive benefits by signing up for the Tailwind App. However, before this happens, you need to come up with a workable Pinterest strategy. 


How I use Tailwind for Pinterest


Please note that this is the way I personally use Tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest. You don’t have to follow it if you don’t agree.

Another thing is that this tutorial is entirely focused on Tailwind for Pinterest. If you are looking for an Instagram tutorial check this video.

# Since this blog is still in its infancy I have used my skincare site as an example.

As bloggers, we can use Tailwind to make our content go viral on Pinterest.

First, make sure your pins, boards, and your entire account look professional and appealing.

Second, sign up for Tailwind.

When I first started with Tailwind I was confused with all the features you can find inside and what you use them for.

Although Tailwind has their own video tutorials explaining everything, I was still a tad confused (I know, I’m a slow learner).

I’m going to break this down and explain a little bit of what each feature is for.

After you sign up this is what you will find inside: 




On Publisher you will manage all your drafts. Here you will schedule your images to your Pinterest boards or groups.

Tailwind Publisher Feature



The fastest way to send images to your drafts is by installing the Tailwind browser extension. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Safari and

This is how the Tailwind icon looks on my browser’s toolbar (Google Chrome)

Tailwind App Browser Extension

With the Tailwind browser extension, you can quickly save any image you want to pin later. To do this hover over the image and save it for later (to your drafts) or schedule it right there.

# You can also schedule several images at once to save time. Just click and highlight all the images you want to schedule. Click on schedule and you will be taken to a page like this:

Scheduling Multiple Images

Choose whether you want to save the images for later (in drafts) or Schedule Now.

If you chose “Schedule Now” select a board or multiple boards to share your pins. It goes to the “Scheduled Pins” queue.

The same happens when you hit “Add to Queue Now”. Select a board-s and is added to the queue in “Scheduled Pins”


How to Convert Drafts Into Scheduled Pins


How do you schedule pins on tailwind?

This step will take time, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to go at a faster pace.

This screenshot is an example of images I have saved as drafts (from one of my sites).

Tailwind Drafts



Let’s look at how to schedule an image. To make this step faster we are going to use “board lists”. Board lists are another component we can find under “Publisher”.

First go to board lists.

Mine looks like this:

UPDATE: Don’t add more than 10 Pinterest groups to your lists as per the new Tailwind Pinterest guidelines. If you have more than 10 groups related to the same topic create several lists with a maximum of 10 groups on each.

What is the point of board lists?

If you belong to many Pinterest board groups or have plenty of your own, this feature will allow you to group all your related boards. This step will help you schedule one image to all the different groups on that board list with one click. It is a huge time saver!

How you group your boards is up to you. The way I do it is different.

As you can see, I have made a total of 38 list boards with all the groups related to Beauty. Why so many lists? To avoid spamming the group boards.

I know this step takes time and the more related group boards you have, the more lists you will end up with. But once in place, it makes it so much easier to schedule your posts.

How this works:

Create your first board in the order they show on the list.

Create the second board, but start the list with the second group board. Add the missing group at the bottom of the list.

Create the third board, but start the list with the third group board. Add the missing two board groups at the bottom of the list.

Follow this pattern until you go through all of your group boards.

This is how it looks:

# Other lists I have created:

A list with all the groups related to Health & Fitness.

I have also made lists for the medium, slow, and very slow groups, so I know I don’t have to schedule pins to these groups so often. I usually pin to slower group boards manually to avoid spamming them.

You could make a list with only your personal boards.

You can have as many lists as you want; just group them in a way that it makes sense to you. 




When you have your group board lists ready, it is time to use another Tailwind feature “Your Schedule”

This is how my Pinning Schedule for the week looks like:

Tailwind Smart Schedule

Here you will find your optimized time slots for every day of the week. Tailwind gathers data from your Pinterest analytics and picks the time slots where your audience are more likely to engage with your pins.

The number of time slots varies depending on how many images you are pinning per day. In the beginning, you will find fewer time slots but as you pin more, the time slots will increase.

If you want to increase or decrease the number of available time slots click the button where it says “Recreate Your Schedule”.

What the different time slot colors mean:

Green – These slots are optimized by Tailwind (times when your audience engage more with your pins)
Dotted Green – These are new time slots Tailwind suggests.
Grey – Grey time slots are the ones you have manually chosen. As you can see from the screenshot I don’t have any.

New Smart Schedule

The default for maximum time slots is 50 but it is recommended to pin between 15 and 25 pins per day, up to a maximum of 40. If you pin more, it will look spammy.

When you complete this step is time to go back to drafts. 




We are in DRAFTS where we are going to schedule some images for Pinterest.

How to Schedule Pins from Drafts

The group board lists I show you earlier show up here. You can distinguish them by the yellow color and the star.

Now I just need to pick one or more lists where I want this particular pin to go. I’m going to pick my beauty Board List. This means that the pin will be scheduled to 34 boards at the click of a button. UPDATE: As per Tailwind and Pinterest new guidelines I only have board lists with up a maximum of 10 groups.

You can see the value that this feature represents!

Imagine being able to schedule your pins to several boards at the same time as opposed to doing it one by one.

This is going to save you so much time and headache. Trust me!

Scheduling Drafts

Now that image is scheduled to go to all those boards. Easy peasy!

If you see boards that are highlighted in yellow it means that you have already pinned from this post to those boards. Don’t worry about that. You are allowed to pin the same image multiple times. Even if it is a different image from the same URL you will still get that warning.

# Make sure to write a description using your most important keywords. You have the choice to schedule your pins to Twitter and Facebook too. As you can see I have chosen to post this image to my Facebook page using the same description. Add a few hashtags if it is a fresh image.

Pin Description

Please note that Pinterest has removed the choice to post to your Twitter account although in Tailwind still works for older accounts. If yours is new it won’t work.

# I haven’t talked about Tribes yet, but if you are part of tribes, this is the time to add the image. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Submitting to Tribes

As you can see I belong to 6 related Tribes. Check the ones you want to schedule your image. If you see a red triangle it means that you have already added that content to the tribe. Go ahead if the image you are using is different from the image you have already added.

Most Tribes won’t allow you to pin the same image twice so be careful and follow the Tribe’s rules.

Scroll down to learn more about Tribes.

# Time for INTERVAL

Interval is a clever feature designed to avoid spamming the groups with the same pin. Imagine what it would look like if I schedule this image to all those boards without using the interval feature. The same image will appear all over my Pinterest profile account and I will look like a spammer. Worst case scenario Pinterest will ban my account for it.

So, to avoid this, we have to use Interval. Check the screenshoot below:

Using Interval

As you can see I can pick a day and a time to schedule my first pin. After I choose the minimum time between each pin. I chose a 1-day interval, meaning that the image will be sent to a different board and at a different time every day. You can change the interval to suit your needs.

Next you have to pick the interval type you want:

# Open Time Slots will fill in available time slots coming to your schedule.

# Optimized will pin at optimized times that don’t form part of your existing schedule.

# Exact will schedule your pins at the exact interval you chose even if no slots are available.

I like to pick Optimized or Open Time Slots.

Now click “Set Interval”.

Before scheduling the image make sure that you have the correct URL.

Everything in order? Now hit “Schedule”. The image is added to the queue and scheduled at the interval you have chosen.

Repeat the same steps with other images you want to schedule. I pin up to 30 of my images per day, but you need to monitor what works best for you.

I usually schedule pins for a month so I don’t have to worry about pinning during all that time. I do still pin manually most days, but that is a personal choice.

What I do at this stage is to go to Tribes and start scheduling images. It is a good habit because Tribes is about sharing images from other members.

If you don’t want to use Interval you can send your pin straight to the queue. But remember to shuffle the queue to mix your pins. This is a good practice that will prevent you from spamming your follower’s home feed.

When you finish scheduling pins head over to “Scheduled Pins”. 




Here live all the pins that you have scheduled. The images go to a queue before publishing them.

The pins also appear displayed on the calendar grid.

Scheduled Pins

You can check your images before they are published. If you need to change something about a pin you can do it from here.

If you have used interval, your pins are locked (calendar grid), so if you need to change something, click the padlock image to unlock them.

11 Things you can perform from inside “Your Schedule”:

1. Drag any pin to a different time slot
2. Shuffle the queue
3. Pin any image NOW
4. Fill in time slots
5. Change custom time
6. Switch to auto-queue
7. Delete pins
8. Send pins back to draft
9. Add or remove time slots (it takes you to your smart schedule)
10. Upload new images (they go to your drafts)
11. Empty the queue




Under PUBLISHER you will find another Tailwind feature called “SmartLoop”

I have reached to support asking for this feature.

# What is the point of SmartLoop?

# Tailwind support answer: SmartLoop works automatically, so you don’t have to continuously schedule your content to repeat. You’ll add content to a Loop, decide which boards you want the Loop to publish to, and set up any board rules or frequency rules you want.

I’m not using SmartLoop at the moment, so I can’t talk about it for personal experience, but overall is most recommended to schedule seasonal pins or older pins that you want to put in circulation again.




I love Tribes! They are one of my favorite things Tailwind offers. I get lots of shares from Tribe’s members.

What is Tailwind Tribes?

Tribes are groups inside Tailwind. They help your blog grow and expand its reach in a similar way to Pinterest groups.

Below is a screenshoot of one of the Tribes I belong to.

Inside Tailwind Tribes

How Tribes work?

1. Find related Tribes you want to be part of.
2. Apply.
3. Once you are approved read the Tribe’s rules and stick to them.
4. When scheduling pins add them to any related tribe you are part of.
5. Share images from members of those Tribes. Most rules dictate that for every pin you add you have to repin one from someone else.

Plus Plan members are allowed to join 5 Tribes and submit 30 times a month as a benefit of being a Tailwind member.

Plus Plan members can pay for Tribes PowerUps to increase these limits.

You are also allowed to create your own Tribes and invite people.

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Tailwind marketing strategy for Pinterest
Tailwind marketing strategy for Pinterest



The other part of Tailwind is insights. Below is a short explanation of what each of those features does.

# Use the free trial to get a taste of Tailwind

Tailwind Insights
Tailwind Insights

On Insights you check the performance of all the work you are doing in PUBLISHER.

Let’s break it down: 




Is all about the performance of your Pinterest profile.

What can you track on profile performance?

# The number of followers for your Pinterest account
# The number of pins
# the number of re-pins
# The number of comments

Other things you can check include the Virality Score, the Engagement Score, and the Engagement Rate.

These represent the health of your Pinterest account. Aim to boost them as much as you can. 




You can find here all your Pinterest boards.

Personal boards, secrets boards and group boards.

Tailwind will help you to rank each of the board’s performance. As such, you can tell which boards score well under both the Engagement Score and Virility Score. You need to target these boards if you are looking for quality traffic.

You can further enhance the performance of a board by re-pinning high performing pins on this board. It thus gets even more traction.

When tracking the performance of your group boards don’t forget to uncheck personal and secrets boards. 




This feature allows to check what pins are performing better.

It can help you organize your pins based on performance. You may then combine your top pins on one board, thus enhancing your Virality Score.

Please note that the next 3 features inside Pin Inspector are only available if you bought the Enterprise Plan.

  • Trending Pins – It tells you which pins went viral over a certain period of time.
  • Interest HeatMaps – It tells you what type of content performs better and gives you recommendations to refine your pinning strategy.
  • Peak Dates and Times – It tells you when you reach more people and the best times to pin. 



Here you can find what others are pinning from your site/blog.

Use this information to discover what type of pins have more success and create similar ones.

You will discover the number of pins, organic activity, referral traffic, and potential impressions.

As you can see there are plenty of Tailwind features to help up your Pinterest strategy.

Tailwind and Pinterest are a match made in heaven. I hope you are using both of them to take your blog/site to the next level.

Bloggers use Tailwind App on Pinterest for a variety of purposes, and with many benefits.

Using Pinterest for your marketing strategy?

Check these tips on how to use Pinterest to grow your blog


Other features you can find on Insights include your top pins, organic activity, and referral traffic.




Does tailwind cost money? Yes it does, but you can start with the free trial.

How long does tailwind free trial last? Tailwind free trial lets you schedule up to 100 pins to Pinterest. There is not really a specified time. As soon as you finish scheduling 100 pins you need to upgrade to a paid subscription if you want to keep using Tailwind.

I started with the free trial and then I upgraded to the PLUS plan.

How much is Tailwind per month?

# Basic account – If you chose to pay monthly it will cost you £15. With the basic account, you are allowed to schedule up to 400 pins a month.

# Plus Account – The PLUS plan is a good investment because you get 4 months free.

So, if you pay annually it will cost you $9.99 instead of $15. The total amount you pay for a year is $120.00

If you are a blogger or a small business the Plus account is the perfect choice because it offers unlimited pinning and other benefits only available to Plus accounts.

# Enterprise account – For large brands and business. 




These are some of the key benefits you can get from incorporating Tailwind into your Pinterest strategy:

1. You save time

Most bloggers run busy schedules.

To help them manage their schedules better, the app has been built with easy to use shortcuts.

These include upload of bulk images, ability to pin on several boards at once, pin looping, drag-n-drop calendars, and hashtag lists.

2. Enables you to optimize

The app enables you to optimize your schedules when it will have the maximum impact. This would be when you can reach most of your audience.

3. Enables you to gauge your success

Tailwind enables you to see which pins are working and which are failing. You can then take appropriate action based on this.

4. You can schedule professionally

You can create several posts from anywhere in a few easy steps. This enhances efficiency in your work as all marketing content can be posted from just one tool.

5. Enables you to reach receptive audiences

When you share content your followers benefit because they are already interested in your topics.

6. Enables you to build powerful relationships

Tailwind is a powerful marketing asset that enables you to identify and link with like-minded individuals.

7. You can monitor trends

Following you, re-pinning your images or any type of engagement helps you to determine what works and what does not.

8. It is a Key Performance Indicator

You can rely on Tailwind to keep track of your pins, profiles, hashtags, etc.

9. It is simple

The app is easy to use. What’s more, it will show you the most important analytics. As such, you will be able to make timely decisions that will make good business sense.

Without a doubt, Tailwind has revolutionized the way bloggers go about their work. It has made it easy for them to identify good content that belongs to their niche.

Most bloggers agree that Tailwind’s browser tool has eased how they schedule their content. 


Tailwind Review – Last Thoughts


It seems like a lot when you first start using Tailwind, but it will become easier as you get used to.

The beauty of Tailwind is that it will work for you all day long, even when you are asleep. It is better than having a virtual assistant because you don’t have to teach anyone.

If you only pin manually your life after Tailwind will change drastically. You will have more time to focus on other aspects of your blog and your life.

In my opinion, is worth every penny but if you are still sitting on the fence go for the free trial (100 scheduled pins) like I did. I’m pretty sure you are going to be more than surprised by the results.

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Tailwind Review and tutorial for Pinterest success. On this tutorial you can learn how Tailwind can grow your social media, what are tribes and how I use it for my blog
Tailwind review and tutorial for Pinterest success

What do you think about Tailwind? Do you use it for your marketing strategy? Leave your comments below. Thanks!


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  1. This is epic!! Thanks so much for sharing

    Quick question… why did you create so many board lists with the same group boards? But had a different order?

    Also is it important to only pin to good quality boards or should you just pin to all the boards you can get on?

    I love tailwind! And this post has everything you need to get going


    1. Bianca

      Creating list boards in this way will prevent spamming the group boards. You don’t want to pin to the same board over and over.
      Of course, pinning to quality boards is better but don’t discard group boards until you are sure they perform poorly.

  2. Wow, what a great post! So much useful information, thank you! I think I may need to read it a few times before I delve into Tailwind 😉

    1. Bianca

      Yes, it is a lot to take in but so worth it.

  3. I’ve been researching Tailwind and this is by far the most helpful, informative post! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  4. Great post! I love how it’s very thorough and organized. This is definitely something I will start doing more of this week.

  5. Tailwind is an awesome tool, I personally use it and I love it, it brings in tons of traffic to my websites.

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  6. Gretchen S.

    I have been struggling so much with creating images for my blog and TailWind is exactly what I need right now. It seems like a good investment for a growing website to save time. You have to spend money in order to make money.

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      Yes, but be wise where you spend your money.

  7. I don’t know how I survived before getting a Pinterest managing system like Tailwind. I love that it takes just an hour of my time a week.

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