--> 100 Easy Things To Declutter From Your Home Right Now

100 Easy Things To Declutter From Your Home Right Now

This list of 100 things to declutter from your home will help you clear the clutter and make your space more relaxed and inviting.

The reason our homes look cluttered is that we buy things we don’t need, and we keep things just because “we might need them one day”.

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List of things to declutter

Where to start?

Choose the easiest (i.e. least cluttered) room.

For me, this is the master bedroom.

Then move to the next easiest room, then the next.

Your progress will inspire you to keep going.

How to Sort Your Stuff

Go one item at a time and make 5 piles (this is easier than it sounds)

  1. Belongs in a different room
  2. Keep in this room
  3. Give to charity
  4. Recycle
  5. Throw out

Sell or Give Away Items

Check out eBay or other online platforms.

Find organizations in your area that take donations.

Some of them will pick items up from your home (especially If you have big items like furniture).

What about gifts?

Just because it was a gift doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever.

For anything that you don’t use or doesn’t have sentimental value, use the one-year rule. If you haven’t used it in the past year, maybe is time to let it go.

If close family or friends were the gift-givers, you may need to revisit this, but it is still your decision.

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Things To Get Rid Of In Your Home

Clutter is anything that doesn’t belong in a space whether it belongs elsewhere in your home or it doesn’t belong in your home any longer.  



  1. Books you don’t love
  2. Jewelry that you no longer wear or is broken
  3. Clothes that are broken, don’t fit or you simply don’t like
  4. Old pajamas
  5. Worn-out slippers
  6. The footwear you don’t use or want
  7. Uncomfortable, old, or broken underwear
  8. Unpaired socks and gloves
  9. Ripped stockings
  10. Old fashioned shawls and scarfs
  11. Cracked belts
  12. Broken or old handbags and purses
  13. Hats you don’t wear
  14. Old or stained bed linen
  15. Old or stained duvets
  16. Dirty old pillows and throw cushions
  17. Old-fashioned decor items
  18. Broken or thick hangers (take too much space in the closet)

Kids’ bedroom

  1. Toys – anything that is broken, outgrown, or simply no longer used unless it has sentimental value.
  2. Clothes that no longer fit or are stained
  3. Decor items that are no longer age-appropriate
  4. Anything that is soiled or damaged by crayons or ink (it happens)
  5. Furniture that is no longer age-appropriate


  1. All expired food and drinks (don’t forget to check your spices)
  2. Old plastic containers and the ones without lid
  3. Expired vitamins, supplements, and diet products
  4. Recipe books you don’t use or plan to use
  5. Worn pots and pans
  6. Forgotten mugs, cups, and glasses
  7. Old baking ware
  8. Broken jars and canisters
  9. Appliances that you don’t use or have the intention to use
  10. Chipped plates, cups, or bowls (they can be safety hazards)
  11. Mismatched silverware
  12. Decor items that you don’t like
  13. Extra items on countertops that regularly get in your way
  14. Anything in a “junk drawer” that you don’t use
  15. Old sponges and cleaning cloths
  16. Ripped or old tea towels
  17. Cleaning supplies that you don’t use or are expired
  18. Anything stained, unused, or hidden in the cabinet under the sink.
  19. Old shopping bags
  20. Scissors and knives that don’t cut (Sharpen them or throw them)
  21. Receipts and tickets you don’t need
  22. Old mail
  23. Junk mail
  24. Old keys

Tip – Check current house keys and emergency keys that you have for other homes. Check to see if extra keys fit luggage or file cabinets. If you don’t know what they open, put them in a box for a year. If you still haven’t used them by then, toss them out.


  1. Old cosmetics and makeup
  2. Expired skin-care items
  3. Worn-out make-up bags
  4. Old hair care products
  5. Perfumes you don’t use
  6. Old nail polish bottles
  7. Out-of-date prescription and over-the-counter medication
  8. Old loofah sponges and exfoliating gloves
  9. Any bath or shower item that isn’t being used
  10. Ragged or faded towels
  11. Old bath mats (they are safety hazards because they slip)
  12. Any broken appliances
  13. Chipped or scratched mirrors
  14. Old toothbrushes
  15. Old razors
  16. Broken or old hair accessories
  17. Old or broken hair combs and hairbrushes
  18. Old sponges
  19. Cleaning supplies you don’t use
  20. Stained, unused, or hidden items we keep under the sink cabinet.
  21. Any appliances that you no longer use (e.g. electric hair rollers, curling irons, flat irons, electric razors, hair trimmers).

Dining Room | Living Room

  1. Decor items that you no longer like
  2. Special dishes that you don’t use. Have you actually used that gravy boat?
  3. Placemats that are stained or worn
  4. Tablecloths that are stained or worn
  5. Old candles — burn them or toss them
  6. Stained coasters
  7. Anything that doesn’t actually relate to dining with friends or family or how you use your dining room
  8. Any stained or broken furniture unless it can (and will) be cleaned, repaired, or neatly covered
  9. Broken blinds
  10. Old, worn-out curtains
  11. Old, worn-out cushions and throw blankets
  12. Artwork or figurines that you don’t love
  13. Any books that you don’t actually read
  14. Electronic devices you no longer use
  15. Electronic accessories and cords you no longer use. We have all had them, and they just confuse us and take up space.
  16. Old CDs or VHS tapes that you no longer use

Other Things You Might Want to Declutter

  1. Exercise equipment you never use
  2. Old chargers
  3. Broken tools
  4. Broken umbrellas
  5. Old batteries
  6. Plastic shopping bags (we have too many of those)
  7. Greeting cards
  8. Old newspapers, magazines, and catalogs
  9. Old manuals and products guarantees
  10. Empty bottles and boxes
  11. Stationery items you don’t need or use
  12. Family games or computer games you don’t play
  13. Plugin air fresheners
  14. Take away menus
  15. Old party decorations
  16. Old pet toys

Decluttering Paper

I recommend decluttering paper last.

For many of us, it can be the most overwhelming category to declutter.

By doing this last, you will already have a lovely, decluttered home in which to approach this task.

Start by recycling anything you can.

Designate a specific spot for incoming mail and keep all other paperwork in one room.

Keep all important records where you can find them.

Only keep tax records as long as your tax professional recommends.

Start keeping electronic files.

They take up less space and are easy to delete when they are out of date.

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