--> 9 Great Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas (+ Over Kitchen Sink)

9 Great Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas (+ Over Kitchen Sink)

Many people would agree that the kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to keep organized and the easiest to mess up!

Having clutter scattered around your kitchen sink will have the unsettling effect of making your entire kitchen look and feel like it’s in a constant state of disorder.

If this is your problem I’m sharing effective under kitchen sink organization ideas that I use to keep the under-sink cabinet neat and tidy.

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Under kitchen sink organization ideas before and after

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Best Under Kitchen Organization Ideas & Ways To Maximize The Space Under Your Sink

How do you organize cleaning supplies under the sink in those cabinets that seem to hold just about everything?

Well, the good news is that there is hope with these storage ideas and solutions.

1. Dispose and Sort

Woman with yellow gloves and cleaning supplies in her arms
Transform your sink cupboard into a functional space

The first step to a well-organized area under the sink is to take everything out of the cabinet, and yes, that means absolutely everything. Now look through it and determine exactly what is essential for you to keep.

Throw away old cleaning supplies that you no longer need, or simply don’t use and never will, along with any products that have expired.

The next time you go shopping select cleaning supplies that can be for multiple uses rather than for just one purpose.

You don’t need to have a different product for every kitchen chore that pops up. Now get on under there and give that area a thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

2. Remove the Packaging

House cleaning supplies over a wooden table
Save space under the sink kitchen cabinets by removing extra packaging

Remove as much packaging as you can to save space beneath the sink and make everything appear more organized. Take the packaging off of wiping cloths, sponges, and whatever other cleaning items you can.

You’ll be surprised at the difference doing this one simple thing will make. Not only will things be easier to store, but they’ll be ready to use whenever you need them.

3. Hooks

Organizing under kitchen sink with hooks to hold kitchen towels

Place stick-up command hooks on the sides or doors of the under-sink cabinet to hang small items such as dishcloths, brushes, gloves, etc, and keep them out of your way.

You can get hooks in various colors and have a little fun while you’re organizing.

4. Tension Rod

Organizing under kitchen sink cleaning supplies with a tension rod

Place an adjustable tension rod that stretches across from side to side of the cabinet, so you can different items like spray bottles, gloves, and cleaning cloths on the rod. Simple and effective.

You can make a quick DIY tension rod with a cord, but make sure the corners are secure, or they will come off.

5. Under Sink Organizer

Before you go and purchase your under-sink area organizer make sure you have enough room to place it.

Keep in mind the pipes under your sink and determine how much space you have for height and width.

Look for an organizer with adjustable shelves or small compartments so that you can keep your little things as well as your larger items organized.

Before and after under sink kitchen organization
Increase storage space under the kitchen sink cabinet

I really like my under-the-sink extendable organizer. You can appreciate the difference in the images.

If you are thinking to get this organizer or something similar, make sure to measure your cupboard to avoid disappointment. For more under-the-sink organizers, check this selection.

6. Organize With Baskets

4 baskets with cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink

One way to add extra storage is by using baskets. Consider using transparent baskets or bins to store similar items together. This will help you to find what you’re looking for more easily.

Trash bags, for example, can be stored in one basket, while dishwasher pods can go in another.

You might also want to keep a bin for cleaning supplies and another for paper towels or other similar items.

In addition, it’s important to make sure that you have easy access to all of the items in your cabinet.

If possible, keep the most frequently used items at the front of the cabinet so that you don’t have to search through everything every time you need something.

At the same time place your less used items at the back of the cabinet.

With a little bit of effort, you can turn your under-sink cabinet into an organized and useful space.

7. Repurpose an Old Spice Rack

Place an adjustable wall-mounted spice rack right inside the door of the cabinet to hold your smaller items such as sponges and scrub brushes that are easy to lose.

Perhaps, you even use a toothbrush to clean difficult places in and around the sink, just slip it right on in there and it won’t have to be lying around any longer.

8. Lazy Susan

A plastic lazy Susan will help organize your store cleaning supplies and keep them all within easy-reaching distance so that you won’t end up taking other items out to reach them.

Lazy Susan Spinning Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

9. Buy a Portable Cleaning Caddy

Blue portable caddy with cleaning supplies
Keep all your favorite cleaning products in one place

Put all of your cleaning supplies in a portable caddy underneath the sink. You can move your cleaning supplies throughout the house as needed, all at one time. If you want to try this idea, this portable cleaning caddy is like the one I’m using.

If you are after something smaller, this soft-grip handle portable cleaning tote has great reviews.

How to Organize Over The Sink Area In The Kitchen

I’m going to give you some ideas on how to organize the area around your kitchen sink so that it will be functional and won’t look like a hurricane has landed.

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Keep Most Used Items At Hand

Now we all know the importance of keeping all of the items you are going to use often in your kitchen easily available to you, so you don’t end up constantly wasting time looking for things.

1. Sink Caddy

Over-the-sink organizer with sponges, cleaning cloth, and yellow gloves
A great idea to keep the kitchen sink area tidy

The best way to do this is to organize your scrubbers, sponges, and soap by using a sink caddy.

This will prove to be an excellent time-saver that can fit in easily above the sink, be placed on a sink divider, or be attached to the sink with the use of suction cups.

They are compact sink caddies that will fit just perfectly into the sink and won’t be any trouble at all.

This is the caddy I’m using, but mine came with a soap dispenser. If you would like a sink caddy with a soap dispenser, check out this one.

2. Use a Drying Rack

Cream kitchen sink dish drying rack

This is great to help reduce the time you spend in the kitchen. Use an in-sink drying rack if possible, as the water drains directly into the sink. But, if you lack the space, a countertop rack is fine also.

Look for one that is either angled or has a spot through which the water can drain out into the sink.

They even make some compact styles that you will be able to store beneath the sink when they aren’t being used.

Just be careful not to fall into the habit of simply leaving the dishes in the drying rack until you need to use them. This will defeat the purpose.

A 2 tier drying rack is a great way to save space. And if you don’t have much space, an adjustable over-the-sink drying rack, like this one, is a brilliant idea.

3. Use an Adhesive Sponge Holder

It is a great way to keep your sponges from winding up just lying there at the bottom of the kitchen sink after you or other members of your household are finished using them.

Check this 2-in-1 kitchen sponge holder

An adhesive sponge holder is ideal for sinks with no space for a caddy. You can also use it for keeping your scrubbing brushes or cleaning cloths from cluttering up the area underneath the sink.

And if you are looking for a cheaper way to hold your kitchen sponges, magic erasers, and other sink stuff, a plastic container will do just fine.

You can also find cheap storage containers at the dollar store.

A plastic container holding 3 kitchen sink sponges

4. Tray Kitchen Organizer

Tray with a sponge, scourers, cleaning cloth, and a washing up liquid bottle

You can get a tray that fits perfectly in your sink space. Any tray would do but if you are looking for one this organizer silicon kitchen tray will keep all your smaller items like soaps, microfiber cloths, and sponges in one area.

It’s also a good thing if one of your bottles of dish soap develops a leak. You won’t have a messy counter to clean, but merely a tray.

Other organization tips you might like:

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas Final Thoughts

Organizing your kitchen sink and under-cabinet sink can seem like a daunting task at first.

You might find yourself just staring helplessly at the mess and then walking away with the job left undone because you haven’t a clue what to do or where to begin.

However, if you follow the suggestions offered above, you should actually end up enjoying this chore because of the simplicity of implementing these ideas and the amazing results you begin to see as you move along.

How to organize under the sink kitchen

What are your best under-kitchen sink organization ideas?

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