19 Wardrobe Color Palettes to Create Your Own

Imagine your closet like your favorite meal – everything just goes perfectly together.

That’s what wardrobe color palettes do; it’s picking colors that look awesome on you and make mixing and matching super easy.

Think of them as your go-to ingredients.

Color palette for wardobe and closet with a selection of clothes organized by colors of the season.

I got this idea to make getting dressed less of a headache and more fun.

It’s about grabbing anything from your closet and knowing it’ll look good together.

It is going to be a game changer.

Your closet will no longer be a jumbled mess but a collection of stuff you actually love to wear.

And it’s way easier to decide what to wear every morning when you have a color palette that works for you.

19 Closet Color Palettes to Simplify Your Morning Routine

The heart of crafting your wardrobe color palette lies in choosing colors that you not only love but already find yourself wearing often.

This approach ensures your wardrobe is filled with items that reflect your personal style and make you feel your best.

By focusing on these preferred colors, you’ll naturally curate a collection of clothes that work well together, making getting dressed a more streamlined and enjoyable experience.

You can also use these color schemes to decorate your home if you need inspiration and ideas.

Below there are a few wardrobe color palettes with hex codes to get inspiration from.

Warm Clothes Colors Palette

Woman wearing clothes in warm color palette. Mustard jumper, orange trousers with wardrobe color palettes

2. Cool Clothes Colors

Woman dressed in cool colors wearing a hat, jumper, jeans, and saunglasses

3. Cool Colors Palette

Two dresses in cool colors: green, blue, black, pink, maroon, grey and purple with a color palette

4. Spring Color Scheme

Woman dress with spring colors: pistachio,. pink, yellow,, and apricot with a color palette

5. Spring Clothes Palette

A collection of clothes with spring colors like vibrant pink, shades of green and blue with a spring color palette

6. Pastels Color Chart

A collection of closet clothes color palette in pastel shades with dresses, handbags, a hat, and sandals..

7. Summer Color Scheme

Woman with a long ruffle dress with vibrant summer colors, hat, and a color palette.

8. Green Shades Palette

A collection of hanging dresses in different shades of green with a green color palette

9. Blue Color Scheme

A collection of clothes in a closet in various shades of blue, with a blue color palette

10. Earthy Neutral Colors

A collection of clothes hanging from a rail in Earthy neutral shades with a color palette

11. Neutral Colors Clothes

A closet full of neutral color clothes and complements with a neutral color palette

12. Neutral Colors Closet For men

A collection of mens clothes, shoes, and jumpers in neutral colors with a neutral color palette

13. Neutral Color Palette

Women neutral clothes hanging from rail and a few shoes and handbags in neutral colors with a neutral hex code color  palette

14. Neutral Wardrobe Colors

A wardrobe full of clothes and complements in neutral colors with a neutral color palette.

15. Autunm Color Palette Neutral

A woman wearing autumn clothes with a hat, a scarf and a jumper with an autumn color palette

16. Fall Palette Autumn Colors

A women with a dress and a bouquet of flowers all in fall colors season with a fall color palette

17. Winter Color Palette in Neutrals

A woman wearing winter clothes: a hat, a scarf, a cardigan, a handbag, trousers, a bigger bag and boots with a neutral color palette

18. Winter Color Scheme

A woman wearing winter clothes like a hat, a scarf and a long jumper in blue and beige colors with a winter color palette

19. Winter Colors

A woman wearing winter clothes: A hat, A scarf, A jumper , a cvoat and sunglasses in beige and garnet colors with a winter color palette

Other color palettes you might find useful:

6 Tips to Help You Pick a Color Palette for Your Clothes

Do you have trouble finding the perfect color palette for your clothes? Finding your ideal color palette has many benefits and I hope the tips below can help you create the wardrobe you dream of.

1. Start With What You Love

Think about the colors you’re always drawn to, the ones that make you feel like a million bucks.

Whether it’s the calming blues of the ocean or vibrant reds that scream confidence, your palette should make you smile every time you open your closet.

2. Do You Know Your Neutrals?

Neutrals are like the vanilla ice cream of your wardrobe; they go with everything.

A great way to begin building your wardrobe is by picking neutral colors to serve as a foundation, making it easier to mix and match pieces.

Identify your go-to neutrals – maybe it’s classic black, cool grey, warm beige, or all of the above.

Gradually incorporate colors that suit your personality and lifestyle, using accessories like scarves and jewelry to add splashes of more vibrant color.

Neutral shades are your foundation, making everything else pop.

3. What About Your Skin Tone?

We’ve all got our own unique glow, so find colors that make yours shine.

If you’ve got a cool undertone, silver and blue-based colors will be your besties.

Warm undertone?

Golds and earthy colors will make you radiate.

Not sure? That’s what best friends are for – drag them into your quest for the perfect palette.

4. Seasonal Swaps

Like switching from hot coffee to iced in the summer, don’t be afraid to mix up your palette with the seasons.

Sprinkle in some pastels in spring or bold, rich colors in fall. It keeps things fresh and gives you an excuse to add new pieces now and then.

5. Downside Your Wardrobe

Having too many clothes in your wardrobe can make the task of picking your color palette more difficult, that is why I recommend downsizing your wardrobe and keeping only the clothes you love and wear.

Also, keeping your closet organized using these ideas will make it a breeze to find what you are looking for.

6. Test and Tweak

Grab a few pieces in potential palette colors and mix-match them.

If they work together as well as peanut butter and jelly, you’re onto a winner.

But if something sticks out like a sore thumb, it might not deserve a spot in your core palette.

Remember, building your wardrobe color palette is all about creating a collection of clothes that you’re excited to wear.

It’s your style, your rules.

So, have fun with it, and let your true colors shine!

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