--> Ways To Fill Clear Christmas Ornaments (13 Easy Ideas)

Ways To Fill Clear Christmas Ornaments (13 Easy Ideas)

If you feel crafty and want easy ideas and ways to fill clear Christmas ornaments, like balls or baubles, follow these step-by-step tutorials to have them ready in time for the festive season.

For many, decorating is half the fun of the season, and what better way to decorate, than to DIY your own clear Christmas ornaments?

This is something that is so easy and fun to do that you can do it in your own kitchen with the kids.

Filling your own Christmas baubles is fun and so easy to personalize for everyone!

Ways to fill clear Christmas ornaments

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Ways To Fill Clear Christmas Ornaments

If you want to make baubles for the tree, make sure to remove all dust before you fill them. Before you start gather the supplies you need for each project.

There are 3 types of clear ornaments you can buy:

Below you will find 5 Christmas ornament ideas with clear balls.

How To Fill Christmas Baubles From The Top

Filling Christmas baubles from the top is more difficult to do because they have a narrow opening.

5  decorated DIY Christmas baubles
Ways to fill clear Christmas ornaments

Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to fill your bauble from the top without the risk of spilling the glitter all over your floor!

  • The most practical thing is using a small funnel which comes really handy if you are filling your baubles with a liquid.
  • You can also use a small spoon and pour slowly through the opening at an angle, making sure to keep your hand as close as possible to the opening.
  • Place some paper on either side of the opening and then sprinkle or pour glitter inside until it is full.

5 Ideas to Fill Christmas Baubles From The Top

1. With Glitter

One of the most fun ways to fill your own clear Christmas baubles is to use glitter! You can choose whatever color or colors to fill your ornament with.

You only need a small amount of glitter so one small bottle will go a very long way.

How do you get the glitter to stick inside an ornament?

To make the glitter stick to the inside of the ball it is necessary to use a liquid sealing agent like polyacrylic or mop n glow.

Some people also use hardwood floor polish or hairspray. Since I didn’t have any of those,

I used spray glue. Just spray inside the bauble, making sure it reaches everywhere.

In the image below I’m using a paper funnel that I made myself to fill the bauble with glitter.

A paper funnel inside a bauble and golden glitter

I have used gold mica powder and blue glitter to fill this bauble. If you have trouble reaching the top of the bauble with the spray glue (like I did), make a flexible brush with a straw and the head of a small paintbrush.

A straw and a paintbrush
A paintbrush inside a straw

Then pour the glitter inside the bauble using a funnel. You can mix the glitter together prior to pouring it inside the ball or do one glitter at a time.

Once you have finished pouring the glitter, close the opening with your hands and shake the bauble to coat the inside.

DIY Christmas bauble, golden and blue glitter

Using a liquid sealing agent like Polycrylic

To glitter the inside of a clear Christmas ornament, simply pour a tiny bit of the liquid agent directly into the ornament.

You can also pour a little into a container and then pour it into the ornament using a funnel.

Slowly swirl the liquid around being sure to coat all parts of the ornament.

Turn the ornament upside down and let all the excess drain out for a couple minutes.

Once the ornament is no longer dripping, it is time for the glitter.

The easiest way to do the glitter is to use a funnel or to fold a piece of cardstock in half and pour a little bit of glitter onto it.

Slowly dump the glitter into the bauble and rotate the ornament to completely coat the inside.

Once you have coated the inside with the glitter, dump the excess glitter back onto the cardstock.

A golden Christmas ribbon will complete the look.

DIY Christmas bauble embellished with gold glitter
How to make Christmas glitter balls

You can either use the same glitter again for another ornament or dump it back into the glitter container.

The cardstock will allow for extra easy cleanup of the glitter too so you don’t end up with a glittery floor!

2. With Faux Rose Petals

Very easy to do. Just push the fake rose petals inside the bauble with a paintbrush.

You can also add some greenery like fake leaves, pine, or a small piece of garland. Put the cap back and add a nice ribbon.

Filling a DIY Christmas bauble with faux rose petals
DIY Christmas bauble filled with faux rose petals

3. With Cake Sprinkles And Snow

Cover the bauble with masking or painter’s tape to make this Christmas bauble, leaving the top uncovered.

Spray the top area with silver spray paint or any other color you wish.

After the paint has dried, remove the tape.

Now fill in the ball with different types of cake sprinkles and add artificial snow.

Cake sprinkles, faux snow, a bauble, and silver spray paint
DIY Christmas bauble with confetti

4. With Epsom Salts

Baubles covered with Epsom salts look really pretty.

Besides a clear bauble, you will need Epsom salts and Mod Podge.

I have also added a handful of table salt and fake snow. I find that the Epsom salts adhere better to the glass if I mix it with table salt.

A bowl with salt, a clear bauble, and a paintbrush with Mod Podge

Using a small paintbrush, cover the bauble completely with Mod Podge.

Next, cover the ball with the salt mixture, lightly pressing with your hands to make sure it is completely covered.

DIY Christmas bauble covered with Mod Podge
Covering DIY Christmas bauble with salt

Put the bauble top back and tie a festive ribbon around it.

DIY Christmas bauble covered with salt

5. With Faux Flowers

Fill the middle area of the bauble with fake snow. Pour also a few scattered faux berries. Insert a faux flower of your choice through the small bauble opening. Simple but cute!

DIY Christmas bauble with faux a flower and snow

How To Fill Baubles That Open In Half

Below you will find 3 ways to fill clear ornaments that snap in half.

3 DIY Christmas baubles filled with Christmas ornaments

1. Rustic Bauble

Open it in half and place small pinecones, faux berries, dry branches or flowers, and greenery to fill this bauble. Placing a wooden reindeer tag on top of the bauble will add a rustic touch.

Open in half DIY Christmas bauble decorated with rustic  miniatures

Hang it from a piece of natural twine string.

DIY Rustic Christmas bauble

2. With Wrapped Chocolates

Super easy to do. Just open the ball in half and fill them with wrapped chocolates. Put the two halves together and use a matching ribbon to hang the bauble.

DIY Christmas bauble filled with chocolate coins

3. With Christmas Trees and Faux Berries

Here is an easy and cute DIY Christmas bauble you can make in no time.

You need:


  • Since these baubles open in half is a little bit tricky to place the magic eraser piece.
  • First, create your Christmas scene by sticking the trees and berries on top of the magic eraser or styrofoam.
Decorating a DIY Christmas bauble
  • Next, cover part of each half of the bauble (lower middle) with Mod Podge or any other strong glue you have at home.
  • Cover the bottom of the foam you are using with glue too.
Adding Mod Podge to the bottom of a Christmas bauble
  • Lastly, stick the foam to the bauble holding it in place with your fingers until is well glued.
  • Add a handful of faux snow in each half of the ball.
  • Put the two halves together.
DIY Christmas bauble decorated with fake snow and trees

Tie a Christmas ribbon at the top.

DIY Christmas bauble hanging from a ribbon

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Ideas to Fill Christmas Baubles With A Middle Opening

There are many ways to decorate Christmas baubles.

Below you will find 5 ideas to decorate open Christmas baubles.

Copy the scene or create your own with the materials you have available.

Being creative is the key!

Start with the item itself once you have decided on what you want to put inside the ornament and what you want it to look like.

Use a small dot of super glue or hot glue and start adhering the items to the bottom of the ornament.

6 DIY Christmas baubles

For this type of Christmas bauble, you will need miniature Christmas ornaments.

1. Miniature Snow Man Ball Decor

For this one, I used a styrofoam star to insert the miniature Christmas trees and faux berries. Also, a strong glue to stick the snowman.

Add any decorations you have to create the Christmas scene you want.

DIY miniature Snow Man Ball Decor
Miniature Snow Man, Christmas trees Ball Decor
Miniature Snow Man Bauble Decor

2. Miniature Pinecones

To fill this bauble I have used miniature pinecones, some greenery, and faux berries. Easy and simple!

DIY Christmas bauble with miniature pinecones and berries

3. Miniature Father Christmas Bauble Decor

A miniature Father Christmas, faux Christmas trees, and artificial snow are all you need to fill in this clear bauble.

DIY Christmas bauble with papa Noel. fake snow and Christmas trees

4. DIY Christmas Bauble Rustic Decor

This bauble has a rustic look. All you need is a few pinecones, greenery, a miniature snowman, a bit of faux snow, and berries. A rustic reindeer tag and red ribbon finish the Christmas scene.

Rustic decorated DIY Christmas bauble

5. Use Paint

You can choose to paint the inside or the outside of your Christmas ball. On this occasion, I painted the bauble’s exterior red.

DIY Christmas bauble with faux candle hanging from a cabinet

You need:


  • Protect the surface you are going to work on.
  • Place a few Christmas stickers around the top of the bauble.
  • Cover the whole bauble with red spray paint. Make sure to do this step outside or in a well-ventilated area.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Remove the stickers. Use tweezers or the tip of a toothpick if necessary.
DIY red Christmas bauble
Decorating a DIY Christmas bauble

Place a faux tea light candle in the middle of the bauble and light it on. It looks beautiful at night.

DIY decorated Christmas bauble with a faux candle

Place a pretty ribbon around the top.

DIY Christmas Ideas You Might Like

Other Ideas To Fill Christmas Balls

If you are looking for other ways to fill clear Christmas baubles, have a look at the following decoration ideas:

  • candy
  • jelly beans
  • peppermints
  • fairy lights
  • m and ms
  • shredded paper
  • balled up tissue paper
  • small stationary items
  • small toys
  • pictures
  • beads
  • names
  • burlap
  • miniature plants
  • ribbons
  • cinnamon sticks
  • tinsel

Whichever method you choose to fill your clear Christmas baubles, the end result will be a personalized, beautiful ornament that you can be proud to hang on your tree or gift away!

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